7 Most Valuable Mego Action Figures Straight Out of the 1970s

Break out your metal lunchboxes and thermoses because we’ve got some iconic Mego action figures that’ll send you right back to the 1970s.

Published April 18, 2024
Star Trek Mego vintage action figures

The Super Friends to Mego action figure pipeline was a super short one in the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, these tiny kids’ toys are massively popular with collectors today. So, grab your comic books and sci-fi films, because we’re rummaging through your toy boxes for the most valuable vintage Mego action figures on the market.

7 Most Valuable Vintage Mego Action Figures

The 1970s was the wild wild west of action figure production. Between Kenner and Mego, practically every media franchise was snatched up and shrunk down into shelf-sized toys for kids to buy. While most people know Kenner for its rare Star Wars merchandise, you’ve probably heard about Mego if you’re a big superhero fan.

For decades, the Mego Corporation cornered the market on pint-sized superhero action figures. But no matter where you fall on the DC vs. Marvel debate, everyone can agree that it’s worth keeping an eye out for these valuable Mego action figures.

Most Valuable Mego Action Figures Recent Sales Prices
Green Goblin (1975) $76,700
Batman (1973) $5,250
The Lizard (1976) $4,750
Batmobile (1981) $3,500
Romulan (1976) $2,999.99
Humanoid (1979) $2,600
Wonder Woman (1977) $2,500

Green Goblin (1975): $76,700

When you think of record-breaking auction sales, the big-name auction houses usually come to mind. But one incredibly rare Green Goblin Mego action figure blew expectations away at the lesser-known Hake’s Auctions in 2022.

This Green Goblin from Marvel’s Spiderman universe is an 8” Mego figure in near-mint condition. What makes it such a remarkable find is that this carded Green Goblin action figure was discontinued quickly after release, making it extremely hard to get ahold of. Considering this Green Goblin was the first and only one of its kind to be professionally graded so far, it’s no shocker that it sold for an attention-grabbing $76,700.

Batman (1973): $5,250

World's Greatest Super Heroes Batman

The record-breaking Green Goblin is a huge outlier in what most valuable Mego action figures go for at auction. Generally, they stick to the low four figures. The highest-selling (and most consistently bought) vintage Mego figurines are those that come from the World’s Greatest Super Heroes series.

This 1973 Batman is in near-mint condition and represents one of the big three DC superheroes. This Dark Knight has a massive fanbase who’s willing to shell out thousands for one figurine to add to their collection; or, in this 73 Batman action figure’s case, $5,250.

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The Lizard (1976): $4,750

World's Greatest Super Heroes The Lizard

Spiderman has been one of Marvel’s biggest-selling franchises for decades. Though the Spidey villain The Lizard doesn’t get the fanfare that characters like Doc Oc and Green Goblin do, he’s one of the best-selling vintage Mego action figures you can find.

While carded Mego action figures tend to draw in bigger bucks, boxed villains like the Lizard still fare well at auction. Sporting a prehistoric smile and a darling lab coat, one boxed Lizard figurine from 1976 sold for $4,750 through Heritage Auctions in 2022.

Batmobile (1981): $3,500

Vintage 1976 Original Wonder Woman 12 inch Action Figure New in Box

From his Batarangs to his utility belt, Batman isn’t the crime fighter we know and love without his gadgets. But the best one of all is the infamous Batmobile. Mego kicked off the 1980s in style by branching out from their typical action figure fare into the automobiles, playsets, and gadgets that defined the heroes’ journey.

An unboxed Batmobile (equipped with mini Batman and Robin) can go for a few thousand, like this one that sold for $3,500 in 2023.

Star Trek Romulan (1976): $2,999.99

In the Star Trek universe, Romulans are an illustrious and enigmatic alien race. Depending on your point in the timeline, they could be friend or foe. But one thing is for sure — Mego’s Romulan action figures are some of the rarest Star Trek Mego merch on the market.

One sealed Romulan action figure from 1976 sold for nearly $3,000 on eBay. And others of lesser quality still eke out over the $2,000 mark. This valuable Mego action figure is a must-have for toy and Star Trek collectors alike.

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The Black Hole Humanoid (1979): $2,600

Of all the popular Disney characters that could make this list, we’re almost 100% certain that a random humanoid didn’t cross your mind. The Black Hole is a long-forgotten sci-fi Disney film from 1979. And much like the silly sci-fi side characters that made those projects great (Robot for Lost in Space and Enik for Land of the Lost) The Black Hole had humanoids.

These chrome-covered bad boys look like something you’d find in a Doctor Who episode. And because of the little impact the movie had on pop culture, nabbing these figurines is especially hard. They were only released in two markets, making them even more difficult to land. Though you’ll find them listed for tens of thousands, they usually sell for around $2,000-$3,000. For example, one of these figures recently sold for $2,600 on eBay.

Wonder Woman (1977): $2,500

No better action figure rounds out our list than the Princess of Themyscira herself, Wonder Woman. Much like the other superheroes and villains on this list, Mego Wonder Woman action figures can draw quite a crowd at auction.

She’s one of DC’s big three heroes and has a huge fan base to boot. Depending on the condition and era, her Mego figures can sell for a few thousand dollars. One carded near-mint Wonder Woman from 1977 recently sold for $2,500 online.

Nerds Know Where the Money’s At

Whether you discovered Mego action figures because you’re a comic book fan or a toy collector, there’s one thing we’re sure of — you can sniff out a good deal when you see one. But if you’re new to the game, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these valuable Mego action figures in the wild.

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7 Most Valuable Mego Action Figures Straight Out of the 1970s