8 Most Expensive Birkin Bags That Put the Luxe in Luxury

These are the most expensive Birkin bags that won't only break the bank but will break your mind, too.

Published April 24, 2024
Taupe birkin bag in an urban-like dark background

Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, the Birkin has cemented itself as the bag to end all bags — as if Hermès needed any help in the sales department. Head to their website, and you’ll notice that they don’t list their prices. Which means you know they cost a lot. But the most expensive Birkin bags aren’t on their website, and they sell at auction for amounts that’ll make your eyes water.

8 Most Expensive Birkin Bags That Put the Glam in Glamour

Hermès is one of the more understated luxury fashion houses. Best known for their high-quality handbags, Hermès’s Birkins are by far the most notorious. Whether you prefer yours well-worn like Jane Birkin or keep yours pristine as can be (or, like us, have a few treasured screenshots of your favorites that you’ll never be able to afford), there are Birkins, and there are Birkins. For an already high-priced handbag, these expensive Birkins outdo them all.

Most Expensive Birkin Bags Estimated Values
Sac Bijous Birkin $2 million
Ginza Tanaka Birkin  $1.4 million
Faubourg Birkin $200,000+
Himalaya Birkin $200,000+
Exceptional Birkin $100,000-$200,00+
So Black Matte Birkin $100,000-$200,000+
Metallic Birkin $100,000+ 
Jane Birkin's Togo Birkin ~$150,000

Sac Bijou Birkin

Incredibly, the most expensive Birkin ever made isn’t actually a handbag but rather a bespoke jewelry piece crafted to look like a Birkin. Known as the Sac Bijou Birkin, this $2 million piece debuted in 2012. As if this mini Birkin-turned-bracelet made out of white diamonds and rose gold wasn’t spectacular enough, only three were ever made, making it extremely rare.  

Ginza Tanaka Birkin

It’s incredibly common in the fashion industry for brands to partner with special artisans and designers to create limited-edition pieces. The Ginza Tanaka Birkin is one such project. Another bejeweled Birkin, this silver handbag comes with a diamond-encrusted strap and an 8K pear-shaped centerpiece diamond. A massive diamond wasn’t enough; why not sprinkle another 2,000 diamonds on the outer layer while you’re at it?

Because of the precious gemstones decorating this Birkin, it comes in with a whopping $1.4 million price tag.

Faubourg Birkin

The Faubourg Birkin, aka the “White House Birkin,” is one of the most stylized Birkins in recent history. According to Christie's Auction, the Faubourg Birkin’s design was inspired by Hermès’s flagship store at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint- Honoré. Debuting in 2019 in two main colorways — navy and brown — this Birkin is the perfect type of rare archival piece that smashes auction expectations.

These easily sell for $200,000+ when they come up for sale. For example, one brown and white Faubourg sold for $302,400 in 2022.

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Himalaya Birkin

The Himalaya Birkin takes less of a departure from the standard designs than the Faubourg, but it still captures attention for its ombre effect. The sides of this crocodile leather bag fade into a stark white stripe that races up the center line.

The earliest 30cm and 35cm Himalaya Birkins were released in 2008, with the 25cm following up in 2012. Devised under Jean-Paul Gaultier’s leadership, this rare colorway and design is a constant hit at auction. These can sell for $200,000+. Recently, one 25cm white Himalaya Birkin sold for $267,936.48.

Fast Fact

According to Sotheby’s, Himalaya bags have annually increased in average auction value of 21% over the past few years.  

Exceptional Birkin

Hermès Exceptional Collection combines their jewelry and handbag ateliers in one divine project. These Birkins come with precious metals, gemstone-covered hardware, and luxurious crocodile leather. You don’t get only one diamond either; you get them embedded into the spindle plates, the lock and key, and so much more.

Thanks to the hardware alone, these colorful Birkins outpace some of the rare editions at auction. You can expect these to sell anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000, such as this supple rouge Exceptional Birkin that sold for $203,150 in 2011.

So Black Matte Birkin

Another expensive Birkin to come out of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s tenure is the all-black “So Black” Birkin. Released in 2010, this understated Birkin didn’t capture quite the same attention that others had around the same time. Yet, a matte black Birkin with all-black hardware isn’t without its fans.

As an extremely versatile bag to have in a collection, this Birkin has skyrocketed in value since its debut. Today, you can find them selling for $200,000 on the resale market. One recently sold through Christie’s for $207,530.38.

Metallic Birkin

When you picture a typical Birkin in your head, something like the Metallic Birkin probably comes to mind. With a distinct luster, this Birkin is flashier than some designs but more lowkey than many of its competitors.

Given that it’s a limited edition run from 2005, it’s no wonder that the bag has consistently gone for $100,000+ at auction. The silver and bronze metallic bags reek of noughties style, which is oh so in right now. Naturally, one silver Birkin sold for $139,230 in 2022.

Jane Birkin’s Birkin

You can’t have a list of the most expensive Birkins without including one from the woman behind the bag’s own collection. As a famous international model and actress of the 1960s, Jane Birkin captured hearts everywhere. In the 1980s, her career momentarily shifted to include working on a secret project with Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas.

Together they designed the functional and stylish Birkin, naming it after the woman who inspired its existence. Not many Jane Birkin Birkins come to auction, but when they do, they sell for six figures. In 2021, one of her 90s Togo Birkins came to a Bonhams auction and sold for $147,617.12.

Need to Know

Before Jane Birkin was jet-setting with her eponymous handbag, she was notorious for carrying around a simple wicker basket. And you can buy a Birkin-inspired wicker basket from Bangs Vintage for $184.

The Birkins to End All Birkins

There’s no doubt that Hermès’s Birkin is one of the most illustrious handbags of the 21st century. And these record-setting prices prove that the most expensive Hermès bags aren’t even that flashy. Who knew that the most valuable luxury archival bags would be so functional?

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8 Most Expensive Birkin Bags That Put the Luxe in Luxury