26 Most Expensive Purse Brands for Runway-Ready Style

Say hello to the most expensive purse brands you could buy, and learn what makes the bags stand out.

Updated November 10, 2023

In the past few years, Birkin madness has taken hold like no other bag trend before. Hermès and other expensive purse brands are so pricey that their security entourage will sweep you away from even window shopping.

But who's to stop you from admiring these luxury accessories? From massive totes to micro clutches, these are the exclusive fashion brands whose bags walk the runway every season.

Alexander McQueen


In 1992, Alexander McQueen left Givenchy and founded his own luxury label. If you love darker aesthetics, then you’ll love this fashion house's clothes and accessories. Even their Alexander McQueen "skull" signature icon embraces Goth chic. You can grab one of the bags from their collection for anywhere between $990 to $9,590.



Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga started his fashion house at the tail end of WWI. This European luxury fashion house catered to the Spanish aristocracy and royalty. Notable designers Oscar de la Renta and Hubert de Givenchy worked for Balenciaga before branching out on their own.

If you want something with a geometric twist but a staple color palette, then Balenciaga bags are for you. Get the look for anywhere between $825 to $22,800.

Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta was originally a leather goods company that launched at the start of the millennium and in a quarter of a century has cemented itself as one of the more lucrative Italian fashion brands. Within the Bottega Veneta collections, you’ll find standard leather bags positioned alongside uniquely textured, sculptural pieces.

Bottega bags are pretty pricey, maxing out at $42,500. But you can also get small clutches and bucket bags for around $1,200.



Thomas Burberry founded the eponymous brands in 1856, and you can see vestiges of this old-world aesthetic in their stately prints. When you think of Burberry, you probably think of the iconic tartan-check pattern. However, their bags are something to admire, too. Some of the house signatures include the Lola and Pocket bags. Their prices range from $1,050 to $4,999.



In 1884, Greek goldsmith Sotirios Voulgaris started the now-famous luxury Italian fashion house BVLGARI. In 2011, LVMH, aka the biggest fashion conglomerate in the world, purchased the company.

BVLGARI handbags are works of art, molding elegantly timeless designs with classic motifs. For example, the Serpenti Forever bags are a customer favorite, featuring the iconic serpentine chain and snakehead closure. Currently, BVLGARI prices range from $770 to a whopping $51,000 (for a 24K gold-treated crocodile skin clutch).



Céline is a French fashion brand that was launched in 1945 by a husband-and-wife duo. Like many luxury brands. Céline joined the LVMH group in 1996. As a mostly ready-to-wear brand, their bags are highly functional and stylish. You won't see much artistic experimentation in their designs. Grab a Céline handbag for anywhere between $740 to $8,100.

Fast Fact

Before Michael Kors had his own famous bag line, he was Céline's Creative Director.



Chanel is one of the most recognizable luxury fashion brands in the world. Famously started by Coco Chanel in 1910, the brand is best known for its tweed, camelia motifs, and quilted handbags.

They're a staple for just about anyone’s wardrobe, but their website is notoriously difficult to navigate. You can’t sort by prices, and many are only listed as "price upon request." However, you can expect the lower-end bags to range around $4,000-$5,000.



Gaby Aghion created the French brand Chloé in 1952 with a focus on ready-to-wear and high fashion. If you don't recognize the brand, you probably know the name of the most famous designer to work there — the highly controversial Karl Lagerfeld.

The brand moved into manufacturing handbags in the 2000s and continues to release new bags every year. Chloé handbags aren’t the priciest of luxury bags, starting out at $630 and going up to $6,450.



Coomi's not the household name other luxury brands are, but they're far from the underdog of the bag world. In fact, they’re one of the most expensive purse brands because of the animal leathers and skins they use.  

If you're looking for the height of understated luxury, look no further than a Coomi. Prices start at $28,000 for an ostrich bag and go up to $80,000 for an alligator clutch.

Darby Scott


In 1995, Darby Scott launched her own label with a handful of evening and cocktail dresses. A few years later, she added a collection of simple handbags made from exotic leathers. Despite the material expense, the starting prices are quite low at $1,250 per bag. However, they wouldn't be an expensive handbag brand if they didn’t feature bags around the $28,500 mark.



Christian Dior is a household name and completely revolutionized the femme silhouette with the New Look in 1947 — the very same year he opened his fashion house. Naturally, the all-encompassing brand has a collection of bags you can buy, some styles of which were preferred by the rich and famous. Dior bags can range in price, starting at $1,400 and climbing up to $12,500.  

Fast Fact

The famous Lady Dior bag deubted in 1995 when Princess Diana wore one to an art retrospective. 



In 1925, Adele and Edoardo Fendi founded their renowned label. Appreciated for its craftsmanship and elegant design, the Fendi brand is synonymous with high-quality, luxurious goods. In 2001, the LVMH Group became the majority shareholder of the design house, and its bags are frequently photographed on the arms of fashion-conscious celebrities. You can expect Fendi handbags to range in price from $1,190 to $34,000.



In 1952, Hubert de Givenchy founded the Givenchy label and frequently touted actress Audrey Hepburn as his muse. During an expanding time in women's fashion, Givenchy changed the game by introducing elegant separates. Today, Givenchy handbags are highly prized, such as the iconic Antigona bag. Prices can range from $620 to $19,200.



In 1921, Guccio Gucci founded the infamous Italian fashion house. As one of the oldest continuous fashion brands, Gucci was first known for its luxury, high-end luggage and equestrian equipment. However, today they've got a grip on youth culture and are one of the most popular brands with teens and twenty-somethings.

One of the most iconic Gucci handbag designs is the Jackie O. And because of its heritage, you can expect Gucci handbags to feature various equestrian symbols and shapes. Prices range from $850 to $42,000.



Founded in 1837, Hermès is a luxury, high-fashion French label and they're probably the bag brand you know best. Just take a peek at TikTok and you’ll see people waiting months just for an opportunity to shop in a Hermès store for a Kelly or Birkin. Novelty and special edition Birkins are some of the most expensive handbags ever sold, reaching well over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While it's difficult to get clear numbers because of their website, the lowest prices land somewhere in the $4,000s and the averages settle somewhere near $10-$40 thousand.

Lana Marks


Lana Marks embraced color whole-heartedly when she launched her animal-skin handbag company. People immediately responded to the hot pink alligator bag and the brand's popularity has only grown over time.

Now, Lana Marks boasts over 150 handbag designs and 100+ colors in various skins of alligator, ostrich, lizard, and crocodile. Snatch one of these bags for about $3,400 to $14,500.



Loewe is a viral brand with a name whose pronunciation stumps everyone. Yet, the understated fashion house is one of the originals, stretching back to 1846.

In terms of their Loewe handbags, you'll find a relatively simple color palette. But the curious shapes, such as the unique puzzle bag series, are where they stand out. If you want to add a Loewe to your collection, you'll end up shelling out anywhere from about $550 to $11,150.

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton and its famous LV monogram was first introduced in 1896 and hasn't lost steam since. In 1987, the brand became part of the LVMH/ Moët Hennessy conglomerate, securing its staying power for generations to come.

Some of the group's most famous bag designs have come from Louis Vuitton, such as the Speedy Bag. Despite the immediate brand recognition, the bags are moderately priced (at least in comparison to other brands on this list) at $375 to $9,060.



Roger Saul founded Mulberry, a UK-based label, in 1971 and cemented its brand recognition with a unique tree logo. Interestingly, the brand's first products weren’t bags or clothes but leather belts and buckles. They didn't even release a handbag until 1979. You can find these functional handbags priced between $450-$2,625.

Oscar de la Renta


Oscar de la Renta apprenticed under Cristobal Balenciaga and launched his own label of ready-to-wear fashion in 1965. During his time building his brand, he expanded his line of silk prints, and ruffle gowns and added a signature perfume.

You can tell one of Oscar de la Renta’s funky printed handbags, clutches, and mini bags right away thanks to their signature O logo/closure. Prices typically range from $1,190 to $8,590.



In 1913, Mario Prada launched a luxury label of leather goods to great success. But it wasn’t until the brand got a feminine touch when his granddaughter Miuccia Prada took over in the 70s and the label really took off! One of their most popular handbags is the Y2K classic Prada Bowler. Prada's prices range from $795 to $7,500.

Proenza Schouler


In 2002, designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez launched their first collection, Proenza Schouler, named after each of their mother’s maiden names. Known for quality detailing, the handbag line has a distinctively utilitarian flair. You can get a Proenza Schouler handbag for anywhere between $895 to $2,890.

Tom Ford


In 2004, Tom Ford, the designer star of Gucci and Director of YSL, left his position at Gucci to launch his own brand. His instinctive sense for tailoring and purposeful designs continues with the Tom Ford handbag line. Decidedly grittier than most bags on this list, you can get a Tom Ford for anywhere between $1,290 to $6,590.



In 1952, Mario Valentino launched the Valentino brand with a selection of footwear and other leather goods. His custom designs for Jackie O and other popular figures made the fabled V logo synonymous with wealth and celebrity.

Just a few of their iconic handbags include the 1975 line and the favorite Rockstud collection. Naturally, a brand this prominent would have steep prices, ranging from $750 to $6,500.  

Yves Saint Laurent aka Saint Laurent


In 1961, Yves Saint Laurent and business partner Piere Bergé launched YSL At the time, YSL infused the luxury fashion industry with cutting-edge designs that made the underground beatnik look popular. Other unique fashion looks included thigh-high boots, tight pants, and their iconic women's tuxedo suit.

You can see this same design sense in their handbags. Snatch up a YSL bag from the most recent collections for about $1,400 to $4,900.

Thom Browne


In 2003, Thom Browne launched his own brand, after gaining experience from working with Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. He has an eye for simple, but catchy design styles. People gravitate towards their subtle choices, especially the luxury handbags made from leather and other materials, such as printed canvas. Grab your own Thom Browne handbag for anywhere between $600 to $41,000.

Expensive Luxury Purse Brands to Salivate Over


Let’s face it – most of us can’t drop thousands of dollars on a single handbag. But browsing these luxury brands' beautiful styles can give you a sense of the cuts, colors, and textures you like the most, so if you do end up with extra cash, you know which handbag brand to spend it on. Or, when you’ve got some time on your hands, you can hunt down the perfect dupe.

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