12 Breezy Vacation Nail Ideas With Getaway Glam

All the world is your stage when you head out on your next vacay with one of these cute and fun manicure ideas decorating your fingertips.

Published July 2, 2024
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Getting ready to head out for some fun? As you pack your bags and check off your pre-vacay to-do list, don't forget your mani! We have adorable and fun vacation nail ideas that'll be perfect for your trip, whether you're headed to the beach, taking a staycation, or planning on lounging poolside with a drink. 

Red-y for Vacation Nails


Red is always a winner in our books, so naturally, it travels well. We love a classic red, like OPI's Big Apple Red, but a glittery red like OPI's Heart and Con-soul adds a fun flare that gives your vacay mani a sense of occasion. If you're headed to the beach, ILNP's Vaporwave is a pretty coral-red color that'll go perfectly with your reef-safe sunscreen, and it'll sizzle on hot summer nights. 

Blue Beach Vibes


If sand and surf are part of your vacation plans, you'll love this blue mani. With alternating shades of blue and a little glitter, too, it's perfect for sitting surfside sipping on a piña colada.

Get all the dreamy blue shades with this blue gel nail polish set from Beetles. For the perfect gel mani, you'll need the top coat and base coat and a curing lamp

A Splash of Sunshine


Let your nails light up the room, even on cloudy days. Perhaps your vacation manicure will even inspire the sun to come out and shine brightly on your playtime. We love this yellow gel nail polish set from GAOY, with two sunny shades plus some neutrals that'll go with anything. The gel makes the mani long-lasting, so it'll make it through your vacay intact. To set the gel polish, you'll need primer and top coat, plus a curing lamp

White Before Labor Day


Wearing white is a vacay mainstay, so naturally, a white mani will go with anything. It's a super-clean look that we love for shorter nails. A gel mani will last for a long time, so Beetles French White may be the perfect color (along with top coat and base coat and curing lamp to set the polish). If you're looking for something faster that's a little lower fuss, try Essie Expressie quick dry polish in Unapologetic Icon

Tropical Twist


Take pool blue and add a pink twist. It's an easy design with the right tools, and it'll add a fun tropical twist to your vacation manicure. 

What are the right tools?

Freedom of Choice


We love the freedom that comes with vacation, and your nail color can totally reflect that. So why not opt for a pop of different color on every nail? You'll be spoiled for choice with this 15-color polish set from Morovan... heck, you can even get your toes in on the game with only a few repeats. And if you want even more choices, plus glitter and gel polish, this 45-piece kit from Jewhiteny has 42 colors (some of them glittery) plus base and top coat. All you'll need is a curing lamp for a long-lasting mani that could outlast your vacation.

Sunset Strip


Looking forward to the sunsets? These pale pink nails give a subtle nod to vacay sunsets with a single stripe. Of course, you can do it on every nail if you're totally feeling it. We love a barely-there pink like Ailssa's gel polish in Lolita Pink to serve as the base. Then, create your sunset strip in sheer jelly polish colors like Born Pretty's Ice Jelly Hot Pink and Jelly Neon Yellow. Finish with a top coat, and don't forget the curing lamp to set the polish for the duration of your vacation. 

Sand and Seashells in the Seychelles


Heading to a tropical paradise? Get an easy-going vibe with these pretty neutral nails. It's super fast and easy with quick-drying Essie Expressie in Millennium Momentum

Ombre the Day Away


Heading out for a special night? You can slip these pink ombre press-on nails into your carry-on for a night where your nails shine like the setting sun. So pretty. 

A Naut to Remember


If your ideal vacation is a cruise, then these nautical nails will be totally on point. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like, but at the very least, you'll need a crisp white polish like Funny Bunny from OPI and a stunning blue like Mi Casa Es Blue Casa from OPI. Then, add embellishments with nail art brushes and adorable nautical nail decals

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Calling All Mermaids


Is this the real life? Or is this just fanta-sea? If you're headed out for a bit of mermaid spotting, why not set your nails up as bait? You're going to love our mermaid nail ideas. Looking for simple? Go for a shimmery all-over color, like OPI's Leonardo's Model Color, and then add mermaid nail decals for a super easy application. 

Helpful Hack

When working with nail decals, let your base coat dry until it's just slightly tacky. Use tweezers to place your decal, and then paint over with a glossy top coat. 

One Juicy Margarita, Please!


We can't talk about vacation without at least mentioning day drinking at an all-inclusive resort. While it's not the best part of vacay, it certainly is a great part of it! Try these sweet-and-sour nails on as you sip on those poolside drinks that keep magically appearing.

  1. Start with the perfect pink, like A Porcelain Doll from Beetles.
  2. Use nail art brushes to add tips in the perfect vibrant shades of yellow and green (you'll find them in this 6-color neon gel polish kit from Beetles).
  3. Add juicy details with these fruity nail decals
  4. Finish with a top coat and a curing lamp

Get All the Vacay Vibes


Whether you're headed to the beach, going on a cruise, or exploring one of the national parks, we have the perfect vacation nail ideas for you. So paint your fingers and toes and get out there and explore the world. 

12 Breezy Vacation Nail Ideas With Getaway Glam