How to Easily Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bag

Published May 22, 2020
Michael Kors black bag

Spotting a fake Michael Kors bag means noticing the counterfeit's lack of craftsmanship and paying attention to details. Other telltale signs are easily recognized once you know what to look for in the many parts that go into the construction of this designer handbag.

Real vs Fake Michael Kors Bag Construction Features

An authentic Michael Kors bag is made of Saffiano leather (crosshatch pattern) that is heavy and sturdy. The handbag side panel structure is firm and neatly tucked in.

  • The side panels are one piece of leather.
  • The thin rubber edging along the panel seam is one snug piece.
  • The weight of the real Michael Kors bag is much heavier than the imitation purse.

Fake Michael Kors Bag Counterfeit Flaws

Many fake bags use a pleather or other type of leather that is inferior to Saffiano leather. While the exterior is textured, it can easily fold, and some purses may have a crease on the front or back due to improper storage.

Side Panels in Michael Kors Fake Bag

Yellow bag by Michael Kors

The side panels in fake MK bags are often made of two pieces of material and show a middle seam. The sides of a fake MK purse don't stay straight and firm to hold good form; they easily bend from the leather or faux leather being too soft. The rubber edging is made with two pieces and easily separates from the edge. The edging material is often plastic instead of rubber.

Zipper Opening of Real vs Fake Michael Kors Bag

A sure way to tell if you've purchased an authentic Michael Kors handbag is to inspect the zipper opening. You will instantly be able to assess the authenticity of the bag.

Real Michael Kors Bag Zipper Opening

The purse zipper opening always features a substantial metal zipper with a zipper stop. A zipper stop prevents the zip from moving beyond the zipper teeth and coming off track. The zipper also has a metal Michael Kors emboss zipper tag or a round metal MK logo that features the name Michael Kors centered underneath the open MK letters (see below for possible MK logo design differences).

Fake Michael Kors Bag Zipper Opening

The majority of counterfeit Michael Kors bags have plastic zippers for the openings. These counterfeit purses also don't feature a zipper stop.

Examine Straps to Spot a Michael Kors Fake Bag

You can easily spot a fake Michael Kors bag by paying close attention to the straps. Compare the lengths and quality of the construction.

Straps on Real Michael Kors Bags

A real Michael Kors bag features an adjustable strap with well bored holes for buckle adjustments. The straps feature heavy sturdy metal buckles that typically feature the engraved Michael Kors logo on the side.

Straps on Fake Michael Kors Bags

Fake MK handbags feature a much longer shoulder strap than an authentic bag. The holes aren't punched the same distance from each other and there are a fewer number of holes than the real MK bag. The buckles are lightweight and don't feature the engraved logo.

Authentic MK Circle Logo

Red Michael Kors handbag

The MK circle logo is used as a metal logo tag for a zipper or the K part of the MK logo is connected to the vertical M letter, making it appear as though the angled lines of the K emerge from the M.

  • Sometimes you find the round metallic logo used for decoration hanging from the handle on the side of bag.
  • The encircled MK logo and other metal decorations are heavy.
  • The logo name Michael Kors is often engraved centered below the MK cutout letters within the circle
  • The metal MK logo and other metal decorations are finished in a brass or gold tone.
  • The MK logo is usually found printed on the handbag liner.

Different Real Michael Kors Bag Features

It can be confusing when you use strict rules about the MK metal logo and fabric liner. These are often different in new handbag designs. It's always best to check with the Michael Kors website when you question the authenticity of a MK bag. A few of these include:

  • Some more recent purse designs feature a fabric liner with the name Michael Kors in a crisscross pattern with a circled X separating the repetitious lines of the logo name.
  • Some of the new designs feature the MK circle logo dangler without the Michael Kors engraved underneath the MK logo letters, such as the Jet Set large Saffiano leather shoulder bag.
  • The Mae pebbled messenger bag features a MK circle logo with the name Michael on the left side and Kors on the right side of the encircled MK.

Handbag Lining Tips to Spot Michael Kors Fake Bags

The purse lining pattern found in an authentic Michael Kors bag features a circle with the MK logo that is printed consistently on the fabric liner. The circle and MK logo are same color.

Interior Bag Lining for Pockets for Real Michael Kors Handbags

MICHAEL Michael Kors, Voyager East West Tote

The pocket fabric of a Michael Kors handbag matches up with the back lining. This gives the lining a layered look since the fabric pattern is consistent. The lining for the purse is made of one piece of fabric. The pocket fabric layer is also one piece of fabric that is sewn to create the pockets and pouch. You will find the tops of the pockets in some MK bags trimmed in leather.

Fake Michael Kors Handbag Interior Lining Problems

A fake Michael Kors handbag features glaring inconsistencies with authentic bags. The encircled logos often face opposite and a mix of different directions.For example, the back lining and the pocket lining don't match. The fabric of one of these is often sewn upside down.

  • Most counterfeit MK purses use a darker fabric.
  • The circle and MK logo are usually different colors.
  • The liner fabrics often feature a heavy shading of the circle and the MK logo.
  • The pockets are usually crooked.
  • When the fabric is upright and in the same direction, the fabric doesn't evenly match the back of the purse lining.
  • The pocket fabric piece is often two pieces slapped together.

Interior Zipper Pocket Differences

Interior zipper pockets on real Michael Kors bags are usually plastic but are the same color as the lining. Fake MK bag zippers are usually a different color from the lining.

Lining Stitching

The stitching for the lining of a Michael Kors purse pocket always features double stitching. A signature triangle is stitched at the end of the sewn line. The stitching is always even.

Counterfeit Michael Kors Stitching

The stitching used in counterfeit purses is inferior to the stitching of real Michael Kors bags. The stitching is uneven and doesn't feature the triangle closure.

Identifying White and Gray Tags Inside Bag

Inside most MK bags, you'll find along the right side of the bag a pair of tags. The top tag is white and features the model number.

Gray Tag Information

The Gray tag will feature the words Made in followed by the country of origin. This country can be China, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, the Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, or Vietnam. The code directly below this information consists of two letters to identify the factory/plant where the purse was manufactured. This two-letter coding is followed by a hyphen and four numbers that give the date the bag was made, such as 4214, which means April 2, 2014.

Older Bags Have Leather Tags

You will find that older bags leather tags instead of cloth tags. The tags feature heat-stamped Michael Kors word logo.

Tips for Recognizing Michael Kors Fake Bags

A few tips can help you easily spot a fake designer bag from MK. You should consider all aspects and parts of a Michael Kors bag before deciding it is fake or authentic.

  • Feet on the bottom of the bag are flat and smooth
  • All MK hardware is made as one piece with the brand name engraved clearly and finished smooth.
  • All MK hardware is heavy and finished with a mirror polish with no chips, flakes or cracks.
  • The letters of the name Michael Kors are evenly spaced apart.
  • Square or rectangle hardware is smooth with rounded corners.
  • Purse handles are firm, don't fold upon themselves and have no wrinkles.
  • Strap hooks are easy to open with no resistance.

Easy Ways You Can Spot Fake Michael Kors Bags

There are a few Michael Kors handbag designs that confuse first-time buyers when focused on one specific counterfeit sign. It's important that you look for various Michael Kors bag features so you can verify you're purchasing a real Michael Kors purse.

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