Zodiac Nails: The Perfect Design for Each Star Sign

Your perfect mani is written in the stars. We have stylish inspo for nails that suit every sign of the zodiac.

Published June 20, 2024
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If you're looking for nail inspo, look to the stars. We have some fun designs for every sign of the zodiac. From the bold red of Aries to the ethereal mermaid design for Pisces, these nails will suit your sun sign personality to a T.

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Aries: Bold Red


Red is your color, Aries, but not just any red. Nope, we want something bold with a little bit of that Aries fire we all adore. That's why we love these bold red nails with a swipe of gold glitter. It's very you in the best way possible.

Get the look:

Taurus: Rose Gold


Taurus, you love the classics, but you also adore a touch of luxury. And what could be more classic and luxe than some pretty metallic rose gold nails? If you want to sneak in a bit of bling to jazz these up, who could blame you? We know you'll keep it classy, just like you always do.

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Gemini: Flirty Fun


Cancer: Sea Blue


Your emotional depths are oceanic, Cancer, and so are your nails. That's why we love a pretty blue for your mani and pedi... it reflects your watery depths while its softness shows your tenderness.

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Leo: Fit for Royalty


You know who you are, Leo, and so do we. You're the lion. You're charismatic and have a royal, regal bearing. And so should your nails. That's why we love a royal purple nail for you — because nothing else suits your station in life in quite the same way. And the added bling? Yeah. That's you, too.

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Virgo: Earth Tones


We get it, Virgo. You're super practical, and you don't want your nails to get in the way of that. We can totally respect that. But we think earth-toned nails will look fab on you. It reflects your nature-girl side while being practical and pretty, just like you.

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Libra: Soft & Feminine


Libra, we love the soft, sweet simplicity of this super airy nail with a modern edge. Remind you of anyone you know? (Hint: Look in the mirror!) The pink is a classic Libra color, but we've added a touch of modernity with a matte finish. And we love the simple line of jewels right up the middle of a single nail, which really nails your desire for balance and your taste for the finer things in life. It's a charming mani for a charming soul.

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Scorpio: Darkness Transformed


We know how much you love to lurk in the shadows, Scorpio. Well, not so much lurk as dive into the darkest depths of the human spirit for the purpose of transformation. And that's what these nails do, too. They transform black into something sparkling and beautiful, just like you do with your shadow work. These nails let you be the magician that you are, and we love that for you.

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Sagittarius: Multi-Colored Magic


Committing is hard, Sagittarius. As a fellow Sag, I totally get that. So why commit to one look when you can play the field? We love a multi-colored mani — whether you use the colors here or make up your own combo. Go wild! Oh — and maybe keep the nails relatively short so they don't get in the way of your many adventures.

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Capricorn: Sophisticated Gray


Capricorn, flashy isn't for you. You're looking to dress for success, even on your nails, which is why we love a sleek gray mani for you. It looks pretty while still being polished and profesh, just like you.

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Aquarius: Blast Off


We're not saying you're from outer space, Aquarius, but sometimes your ideas are out of this world. You're a progressive and creative thinker, one of a kind. And your nails should reflect that. Literally. We love a reflective, metallic nail for you, like the gold chrome mani shown above or a reflective silver chrome. Or use both and alternate fingers. It's totally up to you.

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Pisces: Mermaid


Truly, Pisces, you are the mermaid of the zodiac, so you can't go wrong if your nails reflect that. We're thinking the lightest of blue nails with some silver sparkle and adorable mermaid nail decals. 

Get the look:

Zodiac Nail Designs for Every Sun Sign


Match your zodiac personality with our stylish zodiac mani ideas. Whether you use the exact idea or choose it as a starting point,  you're totally nailing this whole astrology thing. 

Zodiac Nails: The Perfect Design for Each Star Sign