10 Elegant Coquette Nails for Understated & Whimsical Style

Coquette nails are giving us all the soft girl vibes, and we aren't mad about it. If it's all things cute, count us in!

Published February 26, 2024

Coquette nails are often inspired by whimsical and luxurious style aesthetics. The manicure trend focuses on all things dainty, cute, and girly. Though coquette nail designs are often understated and soft, they can still make a big fashion statement. Lean into your soft girl era with these sweet coquette nails.

Coquette Nails Call for Bows


Coquette nail designs include all things cute, feminine, romantic, and adorable. The one symbol that seems to encapsulate all those descriptors is the classic bow. It's flirty and sweet in all the best ways and works as a nail decal, accessory, or art on your coquette manicure. 

Fast Fact

Other symbols that communicate the coquette aesthetic are lace, pearls, ribbons, and flowers. 

Pretty Pink Nails Are Posh


If there's one color that dominates the coquette aesthetic, it's pink. From soft blush to bold bubblegum, this shade fits into the trend in all of its variations. If you love rocking pink nails, the coquette trend will effortlessly fit into your style. 

Try Ballerina-Inspired Nails


Ballerina slippers and that signature soft shade of pink fit right into the coquette nails trend. Try out ballerina-inspired nails to show off your elegant and feminine style. 

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Flowers Work on Coquette Nails


If you've been rocking florals for as long as you can remember, the coquette aesthetic is just catching up with you. Besides pink bows and ballerina motifs, coquette nails also embrace all the lovely florals you can imagine. 

Add flowers to one nail on each hand or go all in with a full floral manicure. Opt for small-scale prints, soft colors, and classic blooms to nail the coquette look.

Strawberries Sweeten the Coquette Trend


It doesn't get much sweeter (or cuter) than a strawberry. Add them to your nails for a trendy take on this girly aesthetic and watch as they draw everyone's eye to your lovely manicure. 

Quick Tip

You can also try cherries and watermelon for sweet and food-inspired coquette nails. 

We Heart This Coquette Design


Hearts aren't just for your Valentine's manicure. With the coquette nail trending, they work for your style all year long. Try adding small hearts for that soft and understated vibe the coquette aesthetic is known for. 

Give Dark Coquette Nails a Try


The coquette trend isn't just for the girls who love all things pink. The dark take on this style aesthetic is just as elegant and interesting as the softer version. Swap your traditional French tips for a black take on the look and add a girly bow detail for the perfect balance of girly and goth.

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Make Coquette Nails Pop With Pearls


It doesn't get much classier than pearls if you want an understated and timeless take on a current trend. Pearl details on your manicure tie in all the elegance the coquette aesthetic is known for. Add them to one nail or every finger to show everyone you have style that stands the test of time. 

Rich Red Deepens Coquette Nails


Soft pink is a great choice for coquette nails, but classic red nails never go out of style. Choose a deep shade of the timeless color to make a rich statement with your cute coquette manicure. A glossy top coat and a bow detail take your average red nail look and turn it into a trending style statement.

Try White on Your Coquette Nails


The coquette trend says you can wear white after Labor Day. If it's on your nails, that is. A pearly white acts as the perfect base for all your coquette nail details and gives you a subtle take on the trend. 

Helpful Hack

Blend pretty pink with soft white for an interesting nail look that fits the sweet aesthetic. 

Embrace Your Sweeter Side


Rocking the coquette trend is all about the ultra-girly take on fashion. Lean into your favorite adorable details and embrace your feminine side with this sweet trend that blends classic style elements with current soft girl looks. 

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10 Elegant Coquette Nails for Understated & Whimsical Style