25 Flirty Valentine's Nails to Show Off Your Sweet Style

These Valentine's Day nail ideas are true works of "heart." You're going to fall in love with these cute, elegant, and romantic nail looks.

Published February 5, 2024

Pink glitter and red polish were made for Valentine's nails. You'll get all the heart eyes, and a few compliments too, with a sweet Love Day manicure. We're betting these Valentine's Day nails will get your heart beating just a little faster. 

Bold Red Nails Are a Valentine's Day Classic


If you want the easiest and classiest option for your Valentine's Day manicure, a cherry-red nail will win hearts all season long. With a glossy top coat and a trendy almond shape, you'll have a nail look that lasts longer than your favorite box of chocolates. 

Break Hearts With Valentine's Nail Art

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If you want to add a little love to your usual manicure, just add simple Valentine's nail art. Grab heart nail wraps or add a few stripes to your red or white nails to create an effortless Valentine's nail look without the salon price or time commitment. 

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Conversation Heart Nails Are Too Cute

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Easter has Peeps and Christmas has candy canes. But conversation hearts dominate the Valentine's Day candy scene and you can make your stance on the controversial treat with cute conversation heart nails. We think this Valentine's nail look is "2 CUTE" to pass up. 

Get Their Attention With Neon Pink Nails

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Pink nails are always a fun choice, but they shine during the Valentine's season. Neon pink will capture the attention of any potential Valentine's date and looks as lovely with a matte finish as it does with a glossy top coat. 

Try Rich Burgundy Valentine's Nails

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If punchy pink isn't your style, deep and moody burgundy might be. This deep shade of red feels romantic and mysterious for the day of love.

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Pop Pink Hearts on Your Valentine's Nails

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If you plan to party in pink this Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with cute hearts on your nails. Add them in an ombre style or in sweet nail art details to show off your playful side. 

Chocolate Valentine's Nails Are Yummy

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Talk about a delicious nail look. If you look forward to that box of chocolates all year long, honor your favorite Valentine's treat with a chocolate-inspired manicure. 

Quick Tip

If flashy nail art isn't your thing, try chocolate ombre nails featuring various shades of brown and cream. 

Fuchsia Makes Pink Extra Fun


While everyone else is rocking bubble gum pink nails this Valentine's Day, you can stand out with striking fuchsia. A glossy coat of this pink and purple hybrid will carry you effortlessly into the spring nail season. 

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Soft Pink Nails Are Sweet


Bold Valentine's nails show off your confidence and passion, but a soft shade of pink feels sweet and elegant. Lean into the understated essence of this nail color with a short and rounded nail and a matte or satin top coat. 

Pair Pink Valentine's Nails With White

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With all the pink looks you could try for Valentine's Day, why not create a striking contrast with a bit of white? Pop your pink hearts against a coat of white or create a pattern with every other nail painted in each color. 

Pink Glitter Nails Make Your Valentine's Look Sparkle

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Go for a glittery manicure in the sweetest color. Pink glitter nails pop next to a mostly matte manicure. If you're really feeling the Valentine's Day spirit, ask for eye-catching glitter on each nail. 

Go Dark With Black Valentine's Nails

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Lean into the mystery of dark romance this Valentine's Day and stand out in a sea of pink and red. Black nails aren't just acceptable for your Love Day manicure, they make a stunning statement. If you want to balance the dark with a little playful style, add heart details or a pop of pink or red. 

Try Trendy Chrome With Red Nails

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It looks like the chrome nail trend is sticking around for a while and there's a fun way to incorporate it into your Valentine's Day nail look. A chrome top coat over vibrant red nails catches and reflects light in all the best ways. With a nail look this bold, you'll steal the show from all the flowers and chocolates. 

Baby Pink Nails Whisper Love

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Rocking glitter and shimmer top coats is extra fun on Valentine's Day and a base coat of baby pink amps up the girly vibes. If you're embracing your soft girl era, this is the manicure you need for the day dedicated to romance. 

Treat Yourself to Rose Gold Nails

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If we could dedicate one metal to Valentine's Day, it would be rose gold. Rock this metallic shade to coordinate with your jewelry or your glass of rose wine.  Give it extra sparkle with a chrome or glitter top coat.

Lavender Makes Purple Nails Lovely

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If you prefer to pass on pink for your Valentine's nails, you might opt for purple instead. Lavender is a trending color with all the sweet and soft vibes of a soft pink. This cool-toned shade works for the holiday and leaves you ready for spring after the 14th passes.

Shadow Hearts Dress Up Your Valentine's Nails

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For nail art enthusiasts who like to stay ahead of the trends, this is the latest take on heart-shaped nail art. Shadow hearts are a subtle way to rock the Valentine's Day symbol on nearly any manicure. A shimmering top coat just helps it stand out a bit more. 

Fast Fact

Shadow hearts are often created with a few shades darker than the base coat of your manicure to create a smooth and muted transition between colors and a natural-looking shadow effect. 

Pink & Red Are a Pretty Nail Pairing

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If you can't decide between the two most iconic Valentine's colors, just go with both. A pink and red nail look has endless possibilities, but a simple pairing of the colors on every other nail or an ombre pattern are classic ways to feature the shades. 

Red Dresses Up French Tips

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Classic French tips are still timeless for Valentine's Day, but this little upgrade cranks up the romance. Red French tips are still elegant and understated with just a touch of ruby detail for a nail look fit for a love story. 

White Makes Valentine Nails Simple

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Simple white nails are soft and elegant for Valentine's Day. They also create the ideal base for playful designs and seasonal nail art. If you want those red hearts to really pop, start with stark white nails. 

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Hot Pink Nails Feel Passionate

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They don't call it "hot pink" for nothing. This striking nail color captures attention and complements your Valentine's Day outfit with a powerful and passionate hue. 

Quick Tip

If you want to tone down the punch of hot pink nails, choose a matte top coat. 

Try Neutral Nails for Valentine's Day

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Neutrals have their place in every season, including among colorful Valentine's nail looks. Shades of soft beige, taupe, and brown can feel romantic and fun with small heart details and rounded tips. Pair these neutrals for a dynamic style that proves you don't need bold colors to make a fashion statement.

Bows Make Sweet Valentine's Nail Art

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The color of your nails can certainly make a statement, but the accessories also speak to your style. Enter your ballet-girl era with feminine bows on your nails to match the trendy velvet ones in your hair. 

Pearl Makes Pink Nails Prettier

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If we're being honest, pink has very little room for improvement. But if there's one thing that makes pink even prettier, it's a pearly top coat. This combination feels flirty and classy for your Valentine's Day nail look.

Heart French Tips Make Valentine's Nails Easy

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If you're considering red French tips, why not go the extra mile and make them heart French tips too? This delicate detail gives a subtle nod to the holiday without drawing too much attention. 

Need to Know

Easily create heart French tips by layering two semi-circles on the tips of your nails with the arches facing one another. 

These Nail Looks Might Steal Your Heart


With your Valentine's Day manicure ready to go, you don't even need a date to go out and show it off. Besides, who has time for a date when you're so busy taking compliments about your nails? That's right, you have everything you need to go out and celebrate the holiday of love. 

Need stylish nail looks for the rest of the month? Our February nail ideas have all the inspiration you need. 

25 Flirty Valentine's Nails to Show Off Your Sweet Style