8 Valentine's Candies We Fall for & 8 We Put in the Friend Zone

Some Valentine's Day candies will have a place in our hearts forever, and others will just have to understand it's us, not them.

Published January 17, 2024
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Forget about love, we're here for the Valentine's candy. We fall for the same delicious treats every year on V-day, even though we love to hate some of the classic candies. These are all the candies we can't wait to devour on Valentine's Day and some of the goodies we plan to regift. 

Valentine's Day Candies We Love to Receive

Whether it's a gift from our sweetheart or something we buy for ourselves, these are the Valentine's candies we crave each year. We don't plan on sharing, so you might want to get your own. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts

Cupid himself couldn't make a more perfect match than chocolate and peanut butter. When Reese's releases their peanut butter hearts every year around Valentine's we remember that true love does exist. Excuse us while we get lost in the chocolatey, creamy, peanut butter goodness. 

Valentine's Hershey Kisses

Hershey kisses are a holiday treat for all the major celebrations, but they get the red and pink upgrade for Valentine's Day. We're even game for some of the special flavors released for the day of love.

Dove Valentine's Chocolates

We could devour Dove chocolate any time of the year, but Valentine's Day makes us appreciate those wrapper messages even more. There are a few special blends for Valentine's Day, but the classic milk and dark chocolate bag is what we'll be gifting ourselves this year.

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Russel Stover Chocolate Boxes

Russel Stover's chocolate boxes are full of only the good stuff. There's no need to take tiny bites of each chocolate because we know we will love each and every morsel. If we had to pick a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, it would be this one.

Starburst FaveREDS

From the first sleeve of Starburst we ever had, we knew that the pink and red ones were the shining stars. Now we get to enjoy Starburst FaveREDS, featuring all the best red and pink flavors — cherry, strawberry, watermelon, and fruit punch. The citrus can take a hike because we're all about the sweet red flavors for V-Day.

Godiva Goldmark Chocolate Boxes 

We won't say no to a heart-shaped box of chocolate. But we would shout "yes" to a box of Godiva's Goldmark chocolates. In fact, we'll take any box of chocolates Godiva makes. 

SweetTarts Conversation Hearts

Heart-shaped candy

We'll get to the traditional conversation hearts later. Right now, we want to show some appreciation for the conversation hearts we actually want to eat.

They're the SweetTarts we've loved since childhood, and for Valentine's Day, they get an adorable heart-shaped upgrade. These are the conversation hearts we can't stop talking about. 

Need to Know

SweetTarts also makes Valentine's heart-shaped lollipops, and we wouldn't say "no" to those either. 

Valentine's Peanut M&Ms

We are not exaggerating when we say give us all the peanut M&Ms. The pink, red, and white ones that are released for Valentine's Day somehow taste even better than the originals, and we would love anyone who gave us a bulk-sized tub for the day of love. 

Valentine's Day Candies We'd Like to Break Up With

Some love stories don't have happy endings, and that's the case with these one-taste candy stands. We'd probably eat them if there was nothing else, but they will for sure be a last resort while we're chowing down on the love day haul. 

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Brach's Conversation Hearts

Let's start the list with a candy that many people love to hate. They're cute, and we want to like them, but Brach's conversation hearts are the Valentine's candy we stopped enjoying after third grade.

We aren't writing off all the people who love the confections. We're just saying there are two types of people in the world, and we're the type that doesn't enjoy the chalky texture of the XO heart. 

Cordial Cherries

We all know that one person who loves these chocolate-covered slimeballs. But we're going to have to pass. We like cherries, and we love chocolate, but cordial cherries aren't the chocolate-covered fruit we're hoping to receive on Valentine's Day. 

Chocolate Roses

box with chocolate roses

Don't get us wrong, the chocolate roses with the stems are cute. But they taste terrible. Unless you're going the extra mile to get the little ones from Cadbury, we'd rather have a bouquet of real roses

Mini Heart Boxes

In this case, size really does matter. We need options and plenty of chocolate filling, which isn't what we get with the tiny heart boxes. Two out of three of the chocolates usually have a fruit filling, and we want only the most decadent goodies for Valentine's Day. 

Lindor Strawberries & Cream White Chocolate Truffles

In theory, this Valentine's release from Lindor was a good idea. Strawberries and cream white chocolate truffles turned out not to be their best chocolate confection though. We love a bag of Lindor truffles, we just prefer the kind with real chocolate and less artificial fruit flavor.

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Valentine's Candy Corn (Cupid Corn)

Bowl of valentine candy corn

We argue about this every Halloween — we don't need the controversy on Valentine's Day, too. Whether they're orange and yellow or pink and red, candy corn just isn't topping our list of most-loved candies. But if you're a candy corn connoisseur, feel free to dig right into the seasonal cupid corn

Jelly Belly Gift Boxes

Hey, we're not saying all the jelly beans are bad. But any sort of assorted mix, including a Valentine's mix, is bound to have a few stinkers. We'll gladly pick out the cream soda and bubble gum flavors to get to the very cherry, but we'd much rather have a bag of our favorite Jelly Belly instead.

Quick Tip

If you know your sweetheart's favorite jelly bean flavor, order a whole pack so they can skip the searching. 

Candy Necklaces & Bracelets

What were the flavors on those candy necklaces anyway? These were fun to wear when we were kids and maybe even fun to eat. But these days, we'd rather skip the sticky wrists and enjoy some candy we don't have to wear. 

You Might Be Sweet on Other Candies

Hey, you might be a fan of those cherry cordials. Maybe your favorite Valentine's candy didn't even make the list. We all have our preferences, in candy and in love, and that's why we think you should enjoy Valentine's Day with whatever candy you love most. 

8 Valentine's Candies We Fall for & 8 We Put in the Friend Zone