Valentine's Day Trivia: 49 Facts to Stump Any Love Expert

For fun facts or a trivia night guide, these Valentine's Day questions and answers will test anyone's knowledge of all things love related.

Published January 24, 2024
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From the classroom to the dinner party, a dose of Valentine's Day trivia pairs well with your favorite chocolate. Stump your friends, family, and love interest with sweet Valentine's fun facts. Much like a box of chocolates, some of these V-Day questions might be tough to bite into. 

Valentine's Day Trivia Questions

Some of the easiest and most commonly known facts about Valentine's Day are a great way to kickstart your love day trivia. These questions take a look at common Valentine's Day knowledge and stats. 

  1.  145 million of these are exchanged every year on Valentine's Day.
  2. Valentine's Day is the second-largest day for sending cards. What's the first?
  3. Valentine's Day keeps restaurants pretty busy, but this spring holiday keeps them the busiest.
  4. What holiday for celebrating gal pals is celebrated on the day before Valentine's?
  5. Christmas and Valentine's Day are both popular days for this romantic gesture. 
  6. The United States sells roughly 189 million of what specific flower every Valentine's Day?
  7. What day is celebrated one month after Valentine's Day, on March 14th, to give reciprocal gifts to those who gave you Valentines? 
  8. What occupation is the biggest recipient of Valentine's Day cards every year?
  9. Roughly 9 million people buy Valentine's for this member of the family every year.

Valentine's Day Trivia Answers 

Glance at these answers to make sure your V-Day trivia knowledge is up to date. Are you surprised by any of the results?

  1. Cards
  2. Christmas
  3. Mother's Day 
  4. Galentines 
  5. Engagement proposal
  6. Roses 
  7. White Day
  8. Teachers
  9. Pets

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Valentine's Day History Questions

Valentine's Day has been around since the eighth century so there's a lot of history on the February holiday. Do you know all the historical facts about love day? 

  1. What popular card company launched its first Valentine's Day product in 1916?
  2. What was the original date for celebrating Valentine's Day in ancient Rome?
  3. What infamous king of England declared Valentine's Day an official holiday? 
  4. Valentine's Day celebrations in the Middle Ages involved pinning the name of your lover to this, giving true meaning to the old saying of where one wears their heart.
  5. According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of what goddess of love and beauty?
  6. In Greek mythology, Cupid's name is Eros, and he is the son of what goddess? 
  7. The heart was once believed to be the center of this human ability rather than the center of love.
  8. In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to do this to Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine's Day History Answers 

Were you able to recall some of those history lessons on Valentine's Day? 

  1. Hallmark 
  2. February 15th
  3. King Henry VIII
  4. Sleeve
  5. Venus
  6. Aphrodite 
  7. Memory
  8. Sign it

Valentine's Candy Trivia Questions

Candy is a huge part of Valentine's Day, and there's a tone of trivia to go along with the sweet stuff. Do you know everything there is to know about V-Day candy

  1. Valentine's Day isn't the most popular holiday for candy sales. What holiday is?
  2. 58% of candy purchased for Valentine's Day is of this variety.
  3. What popular Valentine's candy is responsible for nearly $8 billion of sales each year?
  4. Conversation hearts were invented by this type of medical professional searching for a better way to cut medical lozenges.
  5. What is the Valentine's version of candy corn called?
  6. What is the paper flag on Hershey Kisses called?
  7. What jelly bean color is the most popular among children?
  8. What three colors are found in the M&M's cupid mix?

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Valentine Candy Trivia Answers

Was your sweet tooth as helpful as you thought it would be? Check these answers to see how your candy knowledge measured up.

  1. Halloween
  2. Chocolate
  3. Conversation hearts
  4. Pharmacist 
  5. Cupid corn
  6. Plume
  7. Red 
  8. Red, white, and pink

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Love Questions for Valentine's Day

It's the day of love after all. Test your Valentine's Day knowledge with these love-centered trivia questions. 

  1. What physical expression of love increases the heart rate to 110 BPM?
  2. What two letters represent hugs and kisses when used at the end of a message?
  3. What finger on the left hand has a vein connected to the heart, called the vein of love?
  4. How many times, on average, do people fall in love before getting married?
  5. This cozy activity releases oxytocin and can ease physical pain.
  6. Red represents passionate love. What color represents innocent or young love?
  7. What sensation within the stomach is caused by a rush of adrenaline when you see the person you love? 

Love Answers for Valentine's Day

Were your answers a perfect match? Take a look to see if you know everything there is to know about love. 

  1. Kissing
  2. Xs & Os
  3. Fourth finger
  4. Seven
  5. Cuddling
  6. Pink
  7. Butterflies

Valentine's Day Trivia From Around the World

The United States isn't the only one celebrating Valentine's Day, but some countries approach the holiday differently. Do you know the answers to these international questions?

  1. What country calls Valentine's Day "Friends Day?"
  2. Ghana celebrates another holiday on February 14th, a national day dedicated to this V-Day treat.
  3. German couples skip the heart-shaped gifts on Valentine's Day and exchange gifts shaped like this farm animal. 
  4. What romantic company claims the origin of the first Valentine's Day card? 
  5. Brazil celebrates Dia dos Namorados, also referred to as _____ Day.
  6. Verona, Italy receives letters from people all over the world addressed to what fictional Shakespearean character? 

Valentine's Day Answers From Around the World

Did you prove yourself to be an international Valentine's expert? Or do you need a little more time to spend on your travels?

  1. Finland
  2. Chocolate (National Chocolate Day)
  3. Pigs
  4. France
  5. Lovers
  6. Juliet

Valentine's Day Pop Culture Questions

As with most holidays, Valentine's Day extends into the popular culture and has for a long time. Can you answer these cultural questions about love, Valentine's Day, and entertainment?

  1. Which of Shakespeare's plays mentions Valentine's?
  2. Shakespeare also inspired this popular Gwyneth Paltrow film.
  3. This heartbreaking episode of Friends aired the night before Valentine's Day in 1997, crushing the hopes of fans rooting for the central couple.
  4. Two seasons later, Friends fans saw this couple become official in the episode The One Where Everybody Finds Out.
  5. What 2010 star-studded movie release followed the journey of numerous couples trying to survive the day of love?
  6. What mockumentary sitcom popularized Galentine's Day with its overachieving main character? 
  7. This couple on New Girl finally got together on Valentine's Day. 
  8. This famous author of classic literature wrote countless love stories despite experiencing great loss in love in her own life.
  9. According to IMDB, what 1942 film is the most romantic movie of all time? 
  10. What lead singer of the rock band Matchbox Twenty was born on Valentine's Day in 1972?
  11. This popular video platform launched on Valentine's Day in 2005.

Valentine's Day Pop Culture Answers 

Did you get all the answers? Or do you need a little more time to brush up on reading and movies? 

  1. Hamlet
  2. Shakespeare in Love
  3. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break
  4. Chandler & Monica
  5. Valentine's Day
  6. Parks and Recreation 
  7. Schmidt & Cece
  8. Jane Austen
  9. Casablanca 
  10. Rob Thomas
  11. YouTube

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Sweeten Your Valentine's Day Trivia

If you're hosting the trivia festivities for Valentine's Day, make the event extra sweet with these hosting hacks. From the conference room to your dining table, these tips can help you make the occasion a more exciting experience for everyone. 

  • Split up any couples present at your gathering for some passionate competition.
  • Give out small candies for each correct answer, like Hershey Kisses or conversation hearts, to help you keep score and encourage participation.
  • Make paper hearts for each piece of trivia and write the question on one half of the heart with the answer on the other. Split each heart in two and challenge teams to put them all back together. 
  • For an adult gathering, use Valentine's Day cocktails to make this a fun drinking game.
  • Let participants choose their question category Jeopardy style. 
  • Add Valentine's Day decor to your trivia space to create a holiday ambiance. 
  • For a large gathering, host the trivia like a true game show with a mic and a stunning holiday ensemble. 
  • Assign half of your group questions and tape the answers to the chairs of the other half. Send the question group out to find their perfect match. 

Have Fun This Valentine's Day

Much like love, trivia isn't about being right all the time. It's about having fun and walking away with a little more knowledge and, hopefully, some more candy than you had before. 

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Valentine's Day Trivia: 49 Facts to Stump Any Love Expert