45 Mother's Day Trivia Questions & Answers to Celebrate Mom

How much do you know about Mother's Day and moms in general? Take our Mother's Day trivia quiz to find out.

Published May 1, 2024
Mother's day

We love our moms, and we love honoring them on Mother's Day. But how much do you know about this holiday, and about moms in general? Try your hand at our Mother's Day trivia questions and answers and see who knows the most about Mom.

Trivia Questions About Mother’s Day

Mother's Day has been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. But what do you really know about it? These questions about Mother's Day will test your knowledge. 

What Sunday in May is Mother’s Day always celebrated on?

The second Sunday 

About 122 million of these are made every Mother’s Day. What are they?

Phone calls to mom

What is the Mother’s Day flower?


What percentage of all flowers purchased throughout the year are bought for Mother’s Day?


Who is the Greek Goddess of Motherhood?


Which day is busier for restaurants: Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day

What’s the name of the woman who, during the Civil War, created “Mother’s Friendship Day,” the precursor to Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis

When was Mother’s Day signed into law?


Which president signed Mother’s Day into law?

Woodrow Wilson

What is the significance of red and white carnations on Mother’s Day?

Red carnations mean your mother is alive. White means she isn’t.

What is the most popular Mother’s Day gift?

Greeting cards

What is UK’s version of Mother’s Day called?

Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day is the third largest card-sending holiday in the US. What are #1 and 2?

Christmas and Valentine’s Day

What industry counts Mother’s Day as their busiest weekend?


What is the name of the ancient Roman festival that is believed to have been a precursor to Mother’s Day?


This country celebrates Mother’s Day by tying mom up. What country is it?


Trivia Questions and Answers About Mothers

We know you love your moms. But what do you really know about them? Try your hand at our trivia questions about moms and see if you know more than Mom does. 

Approximately how many mothers are there worldwide?

More than 2 billion

How many diapers does a mom change before her baby turns 2?

About 7,300

Why do so many languages have a word for mom that starts with an M?

It’s one of the first sounds a baby can vocalize.

What is the longest a human female has ever been pregnant?

375 days

How old is the oldest woman to give birth?


What animal is pregnant the longest?

Elephants - nearly two years

How many babies are born every second around the world?


What happens to a baby’s heart when their mom smiles at them?

Their heartbeat synchronizes with their mom’s. 

According to Salary.com, approximately how much should a stay-at-home mom make if she was compensated for all she does?

About $163,000

What is Mother Earth’s name?


On average, how old are first-time moms worldwide?


What is the average age of first-time mothers in the US?


What is the average age of first-time mums in the UK?


What country has the oldest first-time mothers on average?

Hong Kong (32.8)

How much did the largest baby ever born weigh?

22 pounds (!!!)

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Famous Moms Questions & Answers

Whether from pop culture or history, these famous moms are notable. Try our trivia questions and answers about well-known moms. 

Who played Forrest Gump’s mom?

Sally Field

This famous mom is the first Black woman to have successfully sued a white man in court. What’s her name?

Sojourner Truth

This famous mom was India’s first female Prime Minister. What’s her name?

Indira Gandhi

What was Superman’s mom’s name?

Martha Kent

In American Pie, what was Stifler’s mom’s first name?


These two moms were both the wife and the mother of US Presidents. Who were they?

Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush

Long before Mother Jones became a labor organizer, what happened to her four children?

They died of yellow fever.

In Greek mythology, who was the mother of Hercules?


What’s the name of Kate Hudson’s mom?

Goldie Hawn

What was Peg Bundy always asking her hubby Al to rub?

Her tushie

This famous mom helped hundreds of enslaved people reach freedom using the Underground Railroad and served as a Union spy during the Civil War. Who is it?

Harriet Tubman

Long before she became America’s favorite career girl, Mary Tyler Moore played mom to a son on The Dick Van Dyke Show. What was her son’s name on the show?


Who was actress Carrie Fisher's mother?

Debbie Reynolds

What is Malcolm’s mom’s name on Malcolm in the Middle?


Crown Mom the Queen of Mother's Day Trivia

Okay — so even if Mom didn't win, maybe crown her the queen anyway? That's right. It's her day once a year, so let her have this one, yeah?

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45 Mother's Day Trivia Questions & Answers to Celebrate Mom