60+ Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions for Superfans

Think you know everything there is to know about Grey's Anatomy? Try our trivia & see what you remember from the past 19 seasons.

Published March 13, 2024
Cast of "Grey's Anatomy" in the press room at The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards. Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA. 01-09-07

Whether you're an OG watcher or you've recently binged all 19 seasons on Netflix (that's gonna be a lonnnng binge), there's a LOT to remember about Grey's Anatomy. But we suspect that Grey's superfans know their stuff. We've tried to add some stumpers anyway. So put on your scrubs and test your knowledge with our Grey's Anatomy trivia questions. 

Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions About Guest Stars

A lot of famous people have made their way through Grey Sloan over the years. How many of these star turns do you remember?

Who played Izzie Stevens's doomed love, Denny Duquette?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

What famous actress guest starred as a paramedic endangered by an unexploded bomb embedded in a patient?
Christina Ricci 

What famous singer-songwriter guest starred as Haley May, a girl misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia?
Demi Lovato

Which Emmy Award-winning actress played young Ellis Grey?
Sarah Paulson

Why did My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Nia Vardalos come to Seattle Grace?
She needed a liver transplant.

What hunky guest star played Finn, a veterinarian that Meredith dated while she was trying to decide whether she wanted him or Derek?
Chris O’Donnell 

Which star of Hamilton played a character whose father offered him $10,000 to give him his kidney?
Leslie Odom Junior

Scott Foley guest starred as Henry, a patient with Von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome who needed surgery but didn't have insurance. Which doctor married him so he could get the care he needed?
Dr. Teddy Altman

What Scandal actor played Thatcher Grey, Meredith's and Lexie’s father?
Jeff Perry

Roseanne and Big Bang Theory actress Sara Gilbert played Kim Allen. What was it she asked Dr. Owen Hunt to do for her?
She wanted him to help her with physician-assisted suicide.

Trivia Questions About All the Doctor Drama

Bombs! Ferry boat accidents! Plane crashes! Shooters! It seems going to work at Grey Sloan Memorial meant drama. From disasters to job stress to bed hopping, how much of the Grey's drama do you recall? 

Which doc had one of her fallopian tubes burst due to an ectopic pregnancy?
Dr. Cristina Yang

Who operated on Dr. Derek Shepherd after he was shot in the chest during a hospital shooting?
Dr. Cristina Yang

Who did Alex Karev leave his wife Jo for?

Who did Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed sue for negligence after she left a sponge inside him during surgery?
Dr. Callie Torres

Why was Dr. Miranda Bailey declared unfit to perform surgery?
She had developed OCD.

How premature was Callie’s daughter, Sofia?
16 weeks

Which doctors were in the plane crash on the way to Boise?
Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Lexie, Cristina, and Mark

What was Dr. Miranda Bailey contaminated with that contributed to the death of three patients after surgery?

Why did Dr. Owen Hunt suffer from PTSD?
He lost his entire platoon when he was in the army in Iraq.

What caused disturbances to Dr. Richard Webber’s vision, hampering his ability to perform surgery?
A tumor that pressed against his optic nerve

Maggie’s mother Diane’s rash turned out to be something much more serious. What was it?
Inflammatory breast cancer

Who was the John Doe who arrived at Seattle Grace disfigured after jumping in front of a bus to save a woman?
Dr. George O’Malley

Dr. Callie Torres was married to Dr. George O’Malley and Dr. Arizona Robinson. But who was the father of her baby?
Dr. Mark Sloan

Trivia Questions About Grey's Anatomy Deaths

Over 19 seasons, hundreds have died at Grey Sloan, and we've picked out a few that were very notable. How many do you remember?

How did Ellis Grey die?
She had a heart attack.

Which doctor’s mother died from the hiccups?
Dr. Lexie Grey’s

After Denny’s death, what song was playing as a dressed-to-the-nines Izzie lay next to his body on the bed and cried?
“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

Trivia Questions About the Docs

So many doctors, so little time. It's hard to even count how many docs have walked through the halls of Grey Sloane. But that means there's lots of trivia about them, too. What details do you recall?

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 27: Cast of "Grey's Anatomy" at the TV Guide Emmy After Party August 27, 2006 in Social, Hollywood, CA.

Which doc described herself as “a little dark and twisty’?
Dr. Meredith Grey

What unflattering nickname did the interns call Meredith Grey?

Who did the other interns call “Chest Peckwell”?
Jason Meyers

Dr. Arizona Robinson wasn’t named after the state. What was she named after?
Battleship USS Arizona

Who broke the record for the longest surgery at Grey Sloan and how long was it?
Meredith Grey - 24 hours

What was the name of Jackson Avery’s famous grandfather, who had a prestigious award named after him?
Dr. Harper Avery

Which doctor was a virgin until she was 28?
Dr. April Koepner

What did Mark Sloan call the pairing of him and Jackson Avery, and what was their tagline?
The Plastics Posse, “Kicking surgical ass and taking names.”

Who moved in with Meredith after she bought her house back from Alex?
Maggie and Amelia

Who convinced Dr. Teddy Altman to come work at Seattle Grace Mercy West?
Dr. Owen Hunt

What did George and Lexie call their apartment?
The Crapartment

Which Grey’s Anatomy doc converted from atheist to believer?
Jackson Avery

Which Seattle Grace surgeon believed their scrub caps were lucky and was nervous to perform surgery without them?
Dr. Preston Burke

Who was April Koepner’s attending on her first day at Seattle Grace Mercy West?
Dr. Derek Shepherd

What was Dr. Derek Shepherd known to say at the start of surgery?
“It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”

What sport caused Dr. Simone Griffith to tear her ACL more than once when she was in college?
Figure skating

What is Meredith Grey’s drink of choice?

What is Callie Torres’s given name?

What was printed on Derek’s favorite surgical cap?
Ferry boats

Random Trivia Questions About the Show & Hospital

There's been a lot of change at Grey Sloan over the years. How many of these questions can you answer about the show and the hospital?

How many names did the hospital have on Grey’s Anatomy and what were they?
Three — Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Who was Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital named after?
Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan

Who bought Seattle Grace Mercy West when it went bankrupt?
The Harper Avery Foundation and the “Grey Sloan Seven” - Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Jackson, Arizona, Callie, and Richard. 

Which TV show was the first Grey’s Anatomy spinoff featuring Addison Montgomery?
Private Practice

What was the name of the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode?
“Song Beneath the Song”

What was the premise behind the musical episode?
After sustaining a head injury in an automobile accident, Callie hallucinated it.

Which of the OG Grey’s Anatomy docs wasn’t in the pilot script and had to be digitally added or reshot after the pilot was shot?
Alex Karev

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Tough Trivia Questions for Grey's Anatomy Super Fans

Are you a super-duper fan? Have a mind like a steel trap? Test your mettle with our tough trivia questions.

LOS ANGELES - NOV 4: Ellen Pompeo at the "Grey's Anatomy" 300th Episode Event at Tao on November 4, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Which Grey’s Anatomy doc has a “freckle that looks like Indiana”?
Dr. Amelia Shepherd

Which surgeon uses the word “va jay jay” instead of the anatomically correct term?
Dr. Miranda Bailey

What room number was Meredith in when she had COVID?

What type of animal did April name after Jackson?
A pig

Why won’t Jackson Avery eat leftovers?
He thinks it’s depressing to eat food out of Tupperware.

What town in Washington State was Izzie Stevens from?

What is Richard Webber’s favorite OR at Grey Sloan?
OR 2

Which doc used to wait tables at Joe’s Crab Shack?
Atticus “Link” Lincoln

Which doc was dropped off at a fire station as an infant?
Dr. Jo Wilson

Which Grey’s Anatomy doc’s “plan b” was to become a shoe salesman?
Dr. Nick Marsh

Fall in Love With Grey's Anatomy All Over Again

For 19 seasons, Grey's Anatomy has brought all the drama. From the early days with the OG interns and budding friendships to the present, there's so much trivia to remember that we've barely scratched the surface. But if you're like us and you haven't watched old episodes in a while, don't be surprised if these trivia questions have you heading to Netflix for a rewatch. 

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60+ Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions for Superfans