50 2000s Trivia Questions That Are Off the Chain

These 2000s trivia questions are the blast from the past you didn’t know you needed.

Published March 6, 2024
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie arrives to the 2003 TCA Summer Press Tour

Believe it or not, the 2000s was a long time ago. Although, the number of low-rise jeans, mini sunglasses, and cargo pants we see on the streets make it feel like just yesterday. Join us in taking a look back at some iconic moments from the first decade of the millennium with these 2000s trivia questions.

50 Totally Fetch 2000s Trivia Questions

While fetch still hasn’t happened, these 2000s trivia questions have. See just how up-to-snuff your 00s knowledge is with this trivia that runs the gamut.

2000s Reality TV Trivia

Looking back on the 2000s, the reality TV that came out of it was shocking, to say the least. Revisit some of the most jaw-dropping moments in the early days of reality TV with these trivia questions.

What color did one of the Project Runway contestants claim was red in a now often memed moment?

Blood orange

What is Paris Hilton’s catchphrase that was captured many times on The Simple Life?

That’s hot

Which NBC show forced contestants into dangerous challenges that made the audience’s skin crawl?

Fear Factor

In the show Jersey Shore, GTL was an acronym for what?

Gym, tan, laundry

Which season of America’s Next Top Model did Tyra break her composure and yell, “We were rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you!”?

Season 4

Which 2000s prank show was so popular that it entered our pop culture lexicon?


Which MTV reality show brought you behind the scenes of celebrities' lavish homes?

MTV’s Cribs

Ryan Seacrest hosted the first season of American Idol with which other person?

Brian Dunkleman

The Kardashians have which famous family to thank for helping them get their own TV show?

The Osbournes

Which A&E reality TV show followed the adventures of an infamous mafia family?

Growing Up Gotti

What Saw actress hosted MTV’s horror-themed reality show Scream Queens?

Shawnee Smith

Which reality competition show was the first to gift its winner $1 million?


2000s Movie Trivia

Like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, we’re breaking free from our containment to bring you these nostalgic 2000s movie trivia questions.

As discussed in Miss Congeniality, what makes April 25th the perfect date?

“It’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.”

In National Treasure, what 18th-century letters do they have to reference to decode a cipher?

The Silence Dogood letters

Which supernatural romance film franchise underwent a huge renaissance in the early 2020s?


The iconic “Blue Steel” look comes from which 2000s comedy?


When asked about getting into Harvard, Legally Blonde’s main character, Elle Woods, has what to say?

“What, like it’s hard?”

Which original Japanese horror film was later remade in 2002 starring Naomi Watts?


What song catapulted to stardom thanks to it playing through the opening sequence in Shrek?

“All Star” by Smashmouth

Whose voice appears in the first High School Musical movie instead of Zac Efron's?

Drew Seeley

What pirate code does Elizabeth Swann invoke when she’s taken aboard the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?  


Thanks to Napoleon Dynamite’s massive popularity, shirts with what saying flew off the shelves?

Vote for Pedro

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2000s Tech Trivia

The turn of the 21st century is when the technology age really started to dawn. So many advancements were made in such a short period. But we can’t forget these long-lost tech relics, and answering these trivia questions will prove whether you can.           

Which tiny iPod model was marketed for runners and people on the go?

The iPod Shuffle

Before the iPhone, what fruit-inspired brand had the most popular smartphone in the industry?


Which online map service did we use to rely on before GPS devices were handy?


What T-Mobile phone did every teen desperately want in 2006?

The Sidekick

If you were lucky, you could occupy long car rides with what entertaining device?

A portable DVD player

What device allowed you to never miss your favorite TV shows ever again?


What 2007 device were people convinced would kill the print industry?

Amazon Kindle

What plugin did practically every online game need in the 2000s?

Adobe Flash Player

2000s Music Trivia

These artists made an indelible mark on the millennium, and we’re honoring their contributions with these rockin’ 2000s music trivia questions.

What year did Beyonce break from the group Destiny’s Child to launch her solo career?


In 2004, The Killers debuted what song that’s become a cultural touchstone for millennials everywhere?

“Mr. Brightside”

Taylor Swift’s first single “Tim McGraw” was released in what year?


Who interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards?

Kanye West

What music sub-genre defined the 2000s with bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore?


Teens in the 2000s voted for their favorite music videos to appear on what popular music program?

TRL (Total Request Live)

Who was caught lip-syncing on SNL in 2004?

Ashlee Simpson

Missy Elliot won her first Grammy award in 2004 for what song?

“Get Ur Freak On”

Which female musical artists came together in a supergroup moment to sing "Lady Marmalade"?

Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, & P!nk

What is the python’s name that Brittany Spears performed with during the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards?


What was the first single that Lady Gaga ever released?

“Just Dance”

2000s Pop Culture Trivia

From old-school social media to hard-earned skills you never use anymore, these are some 2000s pop culture trivia questions that’ll make you feel old.

What playful action did people like to do to each other on Facebook?


The dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards led to the creation of what frequently used tool?

Google Images

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nickname while he was the Governor of California?

The Governator

In 2004, lifestyle professional Martha Stewart was convicted and sent to prison for what crime?

Insider trading

What fictional language do the Sims speak?


Every teen and young adult mastered what digital language on their phones?

T-9 texting

When you needed help with something on Microsoft’s programs, who did you ask?


What file-sharing program were you more likely to download viruses from than genuine mp3s?


What foundation had a chokehold on young adults in the 2000s?

Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

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This Trivia Will Make You Feel Old

Shockingly, it’s almost been a quarter of a century since the year 2000 rang its bell. And while we’re grateful for the progress we’ve made since then, we can’t help but look back on the memorable moments that made it all happen. Why not get a head start on your 25th-anniversary celebrations with this 2000s trivia?

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50 2000s Trivia Questions That Are Off the Chain