100+ The Office Trivia Questions: A Dunder Mifflin Deep Dive

Did you spend nine seasons watching The Office & maybe stream it a few times too? Our deep dive into Dunder Mifflin will test your superfan status.

Published April 12, 2024
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It may have been over a dozen years since The Office went off the air, but it lives on in our hearts (and in binge-watches on streaming platforms). We want to believe that the characters carry on, living their best lives and making some mighty funny (and possibly cringe) workplaces wherever they land. If The Office lives on in your heart, too, then try our The Office trivia questions... 100+ deep-dive questions that'll remind you of just how funny the show was. 

Trivia Questions and Answers About Michael Scott

Love him or hate him, Michael Scott was a fascinating TV character. With a sad backstory and a cringe-worthy work career and life, he was the manager nobody wanted to have at work. 

What is the name of the main character in Michael’s movie script, Threat Level Midnight?

Michael Scarn

Why did Michael Scott say Prison Mike went to prison?

Theft, robbery, kidnapping the president’s son for ransom (even though he “never got caught, neither").

What was the name of the offensive racist Asian stereotype character Michael created?


What does Date Mike wear to show he’s a happening guy?

A sports coat, an unbuttoned shirt, and a Kangol hat worn backward

List one or both of Date Mike’s dating catchphrases.

“Nice to meet me.” and, “Hi. I’m date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

What is Michael’s middle name?


What character from the UK version of The Office is Michael Scott based on?

David Brent

What’s the name of Michael’s millionaire character who farts popcorn?

Orville Tootenbacher

What is Michael’s half-sister’s name?

Marnie Cooper

Who was originally cast in the role of Michael Scott?

Bob Odenkirk

What grade did Michael Scott repeat in school?

Second grade

Who was Michael’s best friend in grade school?

The lunch lady

What’s the name of the show Michael appeared on when he was a child that he claimed he was a main character but was actually just a child invited on one show?

Fundle Bundle

Why did child Michael say he wanted to have 100 kids?

So he could have 100 friends

What character did Steve Carell’s wife play on The Office?

Carol Stills

What was the name of the company where Michael took a second job in the phone room to help him get out of debt?

Lipophedrine Diet Pill Company

What’s the name of the episode where Todd Packer leaves Michael a “gift” in his office?

“The Carpet”

Where did Michael move to when he left Scranton?

Boulder, Colorado

Who does Michael think is “the best actor around”?

Meryl Streep

What brand of women’s suit did Michael accidentally wear to the office?


Dwight Schrute Questions & Answers

Played brilliantly by Rainn Wilson, Dwight was the unintentionally hilarious character you loved to hate. Did he take himself a bit too seriously? Absolutely. But were the results entertaining? Also yes. 

What were the names of Dwight’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather?

Dwight Schrute, Dwight Shrute, Dwide Schrude (Amish)

What does Dwight say he asks himself before he does something, and if the answer is yes, he doesn’t do it?

Would an idiot do that?

What year was Dwight born?


Which Office castmate was originally brought in to read for Dwight?

John Krasinski

What persona did Dwight adopt in order to interview for the open manager position after Deangelo died?

Jacques Souveiner

What are the names of Dwight’s siblings?

Jeb and Fannie

What is Dwight’s counterpart in the UK version of The Office called?

Gareth Keenan

What role did Rainn Wilson originally audition for in The Office?

Michael Scott

What did Dwight keep strapped to the underside of his desk?

Throwing stars

Why did Dwight step down as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy?

He helped Michael cheat on a drug test.

What type of karate does Dwight do?

Goju Ryu karate

What car does Dwight drive throughout the series until the final episode?

1987 Pontiac Trans Am

What does Dwight claim he has because he resorbed his twin in utero?

The strength of a grown man and a little baby.

How much did Dwight weigh at birth?

13 pounds, 5 ounces

Where does Dwight’s 103-year-old maternal grandfather live?


Why was Dwight shunned by his family from the ages of 4 to 6?

He forgot to save the oil from a can of tuna.

What word did Dwight misspell in his grade school spelling bee to lose the whole thing to Raj Patel?


What made-up character did Dwight play in his 7th-grade production of Oklahoma!?

Mutey the Mailman

What version of German does Dwight claim he speaks?

“Pre-industrial and mostly religious”

What TV judge does Dwight admire?

Judge Judy

Jim & Pam Trivia Questions and Answers

Jim and Pam's story arc on The Office had a lot of 'shippers. And it's true that it was sweet and romantic, but it also brought lots of laughs. 

What is Andy’s nickname for Jim?

Big Tuna

What actress plays Katy, Jim’s love interest in an early season?

Amy Adams

What is the highest position Jim ever holds at Dunder Mifflin?

Regional Manager

What are the names of Jim’s brothers?

Tom and Pete

What is Jim’s favorite food?

Soft-shell crab

What is Jim’s AIM screen name?


On what episode do Jim and Pam first kiss?

"The Dundies"

In “Back from Vacation” in season 3, why does Dwight think Pam is crying?

He thinks she’s “PMSing pretty bad.”

What does Pam do in “Beach Games” that finally gives her the courage to speak up to Jim?

She walks on hot coals.

When Jim creates an avatar for himself in Dwight’s "Second Life" game, what is the avatar’s job?

He’s a sports writer in Philadelphia.

Who blows up Jim’s original plan to propose to Pam?


Which two actresses played Pam’s mom Helene?

Linda Purl and Shannon Cochran

How long had Pam and Roy been dating and engaged when The Office started?

Dating for 8 years and engaged for 3

How soon after they started dating did Jim buy a ring for Pam?

One week

What’s the name of the temp Pam trained to replace her during her second maternity leave?


What is Pam’s AIM screen name?


What restaurant chain is Pam banned from?


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The Co-Workers Trivia Questions & Answers

It seems like every employee who came through Dunder Mifflin Scranton was super funny — even the humorless ones.

What was Andy’s position in the Stamford branch?

Regional Director in Charge of Sales

What did Andy’s parents name him when he was born?

Walter, Jr. (which they later took away when he was six and gave to his more deserving baby brother)

What was the name of Andy’s a capella group?

Here Comes Treble

What is Angela’s middle name?


What TV show does Angela claim to hate because it’s “terribly loud”?

Will & Grace

Who is Angela’s ideal of male beauty?

Boris Becker

In Season 9, what is New Dwight’s actual name?

Clark Green

What is Creed’s job at Dunder Mifflin?

Quality Assurance Manager

Which character did Michael want to “see all the racists brought together” to take to lunch?


How old did Erin say she was before she could eat “hard foods”?


How many horror movies does Gabe claim to own?

Over 200

What’s the name of Jan’s candle company?

Serenity by Jan

In “Traveling Salesmen”, who does Karen go on a sales call with?


What award did Michael give Kelly at the Dundies?

The Spicy Curry award

What’s the name of Kevin’s band?


What is Meredith’s delinquent son’s name?


What actor’s older brother did Nellie claim to have a one-night stand with?

Hugh Grant

What did Jim say was Oscar’s nickname at the office?


What do Pete and Clark do to keep Andy happy and feeling flattered?

They clap when he says or does something.

What did Michael say was Phyllis’s nickname in high school?

Easy Rider

What is Robert California’s real name?

Bob Kazamakis

What did Roy plan to give Pam for Valentine’s Day?

The “best sex of your life”

Where did Ryan go to college for his undergrad degree?

Penn State

What special day at the office is the only day that Stanley likes going to work?

Pretzel day

Where does Toby run off to when he quits Dunder Mifflin?

Costa Rica

Dunder Mifflin Trivia Questions and Answers

The Office and Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

Dunder Mifflin was started in 1949. How much do you know about America's favorite paper company?

What’s the name of Ryan’s social media company?


What is Dunder Mifflin’s stock symbol?


What was Dunder Mifflin's original product?

Metal brackets

Outside of the company headquarters in NY, how many branches does Dunder Mifflin have when the series starts?


Who bought Dunder Mifflin when it went bankrupt?


What’s the name of Dunder Mifflin’s IT guy in the early seasons?


How many employees transferred from Stamford to Scranton?


What position at Corporate was Ryan hired to?

VP of Northeastern Sales

Who was the temporary receptionist when Pam went to art school?


What branch was Holly transferred to from Scranton?


Name all the jobs Kevin Malone held at Dunder Mifflin.

Accountant, Regional Manager, Receptionist

What’s the name of Sabre’s IT guy?


What was Todd Packer’s job?

Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman

What song did everyone in the office dance with Darryl to on his last day?

“Boogie Wonderland”

The Office UK Questions and Answers

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the UK series that inspired the American version. What do you know about The Office UK?

What town in the UK is the office located in?


What’s the name of the paper company in the UK version of The Office?


What did it say in Tim’s note to Dawn that ultimately brought them together?

Never give up.

What episode of the US version of The Office featured David Brent in the cold open?

“The Seminar”

How many Golden Globes did The Office UK win?


What’s the theme song of The Office UK?

"Handbags and Glad Rags"

The Office Trivia for Superfans

Think you're a superfan of The Office? If you can answer most of these trivia questions correctly, you most certainly qualify. And if you can't? It might be time for another binge-watch.

100+ The Office Trivia Questions: A Dunder Mifflin Deep Dive