70 Buzz-worthy Spring Trivia Questions You Won't Bee-lieve the Answers To

A peony for your thoughts — we'd like to see if this spring trivia will stump you! Celebrate the season with some sunny spring questions & answers.

Published February 14, 2024
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Spring trivia is a spectacular way to hop into the beginning of the new season! Spring is filled with so many wonderful things — more sunshine, refreshing rainstorms, beautifully blooming flowers, bunnies and butterflies, and so much more. This gives you plenty of material for spring trivia questions and answers.

So go ahead and test your knowledge at this bright and beautiful time of year. It's sure to sprout some happiness and even some learning opportunities!

Simple & Surprising Spring Trivia Facts 

March, April, and May are the months of the spring season. Do you know their symbols? How about the oddities associated with their calendar days? This spring trivia will put you to the test! 

What is the official birth flower of March?


What are the birthstones of March?

Aquamarine and bloodstone

Finish this statement: March comes in like a lion and out like a...


What are the official birth flowers of April? 

Sweet peas and daisies

What is the birthstone of April?


Finish this statement: April showers bring...

May flowers

What are the official birth flowers of May?

Lily of the valley and hawthorn

What is the birthstone of May?


What are the three zodiac signs of spring?

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini

What Roman god is March named after?

Mars, the Roman god of war

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Every year, what two months finish on the same day of the week?

March and June

February, November, and what spring month always starts on the same day of the week?


If all three of these months start on a Sunday, what superstitious day will occur in each month?

Friday the 13th 

In a leap year, January, July, and what spring month will all start on the same day of the week?


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Sensational Spring Trivia Questions About New Beginnings

Woman smelling flowers while arranging it at home

Do you know what astronomical event is associated with the start of spring? How about the different moons and weather of the season? These stellar spring trivia questions will help you find out.

If you don't live on the Equator, what are the two times in the year when the sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west?

The spring equinox and the fall equinox

What does "vernal" mean?


What does "equinox" mean?

Equal day and night

One of the full moons of the spring months is called the flower moon. Which month can you see it?


If someone has ombrophobia, what common springtime weather phenomena are they afraid of?


According to weather folklore, if it thunders on All Fool’s Day, what will it bring?

Good crops of corn and hay

What begins at the North Pole on the spring equinox?

Six months of uninterrupted daylight

What is the full moon called in March?

The worm moon

What day do Americans mistakenly believe is the start of spring?

March 1st

When does the season of spring officially begin?

The end of the third week in March

In the springtime, rain will sometimes be in the forecast, and while it does fall from the clouds, it doesn't hit the ground. What is this type of rain shower called?

Virga showers

What is the first spring month in the Southern Hemisphere?


What color is associated with the April full moon?


What do you call the smell of rain that is typically associated with springtime?


Spring Trivia Questions About the Season's Flora & Fauna

Butterflies and bees as well as bunnies, chicks, and ducks are just a few of the curious creatures of the spring season, and of course, flowers are the mainstay of every spring view. The question is, how much do you actually know about these plants, animals, and insects? Will you buzz through these spring trivia questions or flutter and fall? Let's find out!

What country uses the blooming of cherry blossoms to determine the start of spring?


How many eyes do bees have?


How many eyes can butterflies have?

Up to 17,000

What reflex does a human have that a bunny doesn't?

A gag reflex

How fast can a bee fly?

20 mph

How fast can a butterfly fly?

Up to 37 mph

What spring flower is more nutritious than most vegetables in your garden?


What body part does a butterfly use to taste?

Its feet!

Despite its name, a jackrabbit isn't a rabbit. What is it?

A hare

True or false: Butterflies can't poop.


The world's deadliest animal reappears every spring. What is it?

The mosquito

How do earthworms breathe?

Through their skin

Fast Fact

Amazingly, earthworms don't have lungs! They breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out through their skin. 

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Fun Spring Animal Trivia

Two baby wild rabbits in the grass

Passed the first round of flora and fauna spring trivia? What a re-leaf! Now let's see if you can pass round two or if these questions will drive you daisy!

What do you call a young rabbit?

A kitten

What type of animal predicts the possibility of an early spring each February?

A groundhog

What part of a rabbit never stops growing?

Their teeth

What animal associated with Halloween comes out of hibernation in the springtime?


Which bird will bring warm weather and gentle south breezes according to an old weather proverb?

The bluebird

What animals frequently cross the street in springtime to get to their nesting sites?


How do chickens bathe?

By rolling around in the dirt

What historical figure do ladybugs get their names from?

The Virgin Mary

Where can you find the biggest bat colony in the world?

San Antonio, Texas

What do you call a group of butterflies?

A kaleidoscope

True or False: Male Mandarin ducks can turn into females.


Fast Fact

Male Mandarin ducks can't turn into females, but the females can turn into males

Spring Holiday & Celebration Trivia

Spring is filled with so many fun holidays, but how much do you know about these happy days? Some of the answers to these spring trivia questions may have you saying "What in-carnation?!"

How is the date of Easter decided each year?

It lands on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring equinox

When does the Persian New Year occur?

On the spring equinox

Who founded Earth Day?

Senator Gaylord Nelson

What do Easter eggs represent?

New life and rebirth

What spring holiday is the second biggest holiday of the year for flower sales and deliveries?

Mother's Day

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th?

It's the day Saint Patrick died.

What spring holiday is considered the most exciting two minutes in sports?

The Kentucky Derby

What do French children yell when they complete an April Fool's prank?

Poisson d’Avril!

Cinco de Mayo is not the official name of the Mexican holiday that we celebrate on May 5th. What is the actual name of this holiday?

El Día de la Batalla de Puebla, which means "The Day of the Battle of Puebla"

What holiday do we always celebrate on the second Sunday in May?

Mother's Day

What are the two religious holidays of spring?

Easter and Passover

What month do we celebrate Earth Day?


On St. Patrick's Day, how much Guinness is consumed worldwide?

13 million pints

What is the Sunday before Easter called?

Palm Sunday

What flower is associated with Easter and what color are they?

White lilies

How many teams qualify for March Madness?


What was the original name of Memorial Day?

Decoration Day

What is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby?

The mint julep

How many days of Lent are there, including Sundays?


Spring Trivia Is Just the Beginning

Are you looking for more spring fun? The excitement doesn't end with spring trivia! Make sure to check out our spring jokesspring puns, and spring riddles for more laughs and learning!

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70 Buzz-worthy Spring Trivia Questions You Won't Bee-lieve the Answers To