60+ Spring Puns That Will Grow You Away

We're budding with excitement to share these iris-istable Spring puns with you!

Published March 2, 2023
Woman portrait holding and smelling yellow flowers bouquet on colorful countryside field

Spring has sprung, which means you're might digging around for the best puns of the season. Good news! We've already planted a bushel of the best spring puns that we bee-lieve are simply a-MAY-zing.

Spring Puns That'll Have You Buzzing With Laughter

Get ready to have your stalks knocked off! These spring puns might plant a smile on your face and put a spring in your step.

Silly & Smart Spring Puns That Will Have You Buzzing With Laughter

Why was the watering can embarrassed?

He got so excited he wet his plants!

Spring cleaning is such a pain.

Silly things bounce around all over the place!

What is a spring emergency called?

A Mayday!

What do you call a boxing snail?

Little slugger!

What is a plant's favorite topic of study?


What did the one raindrop say to the other?

Two's company, three's a cloud.

What did the herb garden say to the spring?

Long thyme, no see!

Why are umbrellas a good friend to have in a spring thunderstorm?

They've always got you covered.

Why did the botanist turn down the gardener for a date?

He was too rough around the hedges!

Did you hear the tale about the spring tornado?

It had a twist at the end!

What is the best motivational phrase for a spring journey?

Don't stop be-leafing!

What did the plant say to the overzealous gardener?

That's a bit mulch.

When can bees fly in a spring rain?

When they are wearing yellow jackets!

The Easter bunny was looking for a sidekick.

A leprechaun threw his hat in the spring!

Why was the broom late for the spring cleaning?

He over-swept.

Why did the hen always lay her eggs in the Winter?

She was no spring chicken!

The groundhog saw its shadow and said that spring was coming early.

I guess he was right. I thaw that it was getting warmer.

What did the bee say to the prankster plant on April Fools' Day?

Stop pollen my leg!

Why is Bruce Banner the best gardener?

Because the Hulk has green thumbs!

Why should you plant bulbs?

So worms can see where they are going!

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Flower Puns to Make Every Daisy Better

There's never too much of a good Spring! Here are some more flower puns that will have you blooming with excitement.

Flower Puns to Make Every Daisy Better

Why did the rose stop dating the fern?

Because she only saw him as a frond!

What do flowers think of a dry forecast in April?

It is a bud omen.

What did the flower say to his driver in the car chase?

Put the petal to the metal!

What is a baby flower's favorite activity?

A spring-along!

Why should you stay away from irises?

They can have a violet streak!

What kind of white-collar crimes are flowers notorious for committing?

Pansy schemes.

Why did the black rose fail his class?

Because he wasn't very bright!

Why are flowers notorious for being late?

They love staying in their beds!

What did Robert Palmer say to the flower?

You are simply iris-istable!

How can you tell if a flower is happy?

He will be positively blooming!

What career advice did the sunflower give the wildflower?

Aim to be the brightest in your field!

What did the flower say to his friend who was driving in the NASCAR race?


Why did the flower not perform well at the show?

Because she was a one trick peony!

Where is the annual kissing booth convention held?

At the tulip farm!

Why could the daisy not ride the bike?

It lost its petals!

One-Liner Spring Puns

You better be-leaf that we love a good pun-filled caption! For those looking to sprout some likes on their social media, we have some solid seeds for thought.

One-Liner Spring Pun
  • Botany plants lately?
  • You're my best bud!
  • I'm going to plant one on you! (Talking to the garden bed, of course).
  • Buzzing with excitement!
  • Everything is blooming again! It is a big re-leaf!
  • What in-carnation is happening right now?
  • Turning over a new leaf this season!
  • Daisy me rollin,' they hatin.'
  • A peony for your thoughts.
  • Not a daisy goes by without me thinking of you!
  • Don't kale my spring joy.
  • Spring lightning storms are always very striking!
  • Seed you later!
  • Rooting for you!
  • Don't worry, bee happy.
  • How's it growing?
  • Mint to be!
  • Herb your enthusiasm.
  • You make me daisy!
  • Pucker up and plant those tulips on me!
  • This spring break, you may catch me with resting beach face.
  • Having the springtime of my life!
  • Me and my honey #meanttobee
  • Don't moss around with me!
  • It's party thyme!

Smart Springtime Puns to Spring on the Laughs

Puns about spring can be rooted is so many topics - plants, flowers, herbs, gardens, the weather, insects, seasonal holidays, vacations, and even cleaning! You don't have to have the luck of the Irish to pick out the best puns because there's so mulch to choose from in this clever category. From spring holidays like St. Patrick's Day and April Fools' Day to the everyday moments, spring is ripe for clever jokes and wordplays that can brighten anyone's day.

60+ Spring Puns That Will Grow You Away