40+ Foolishly Funny April Jokes Worth Sharing

Step into April funny-bone first with these side-splittingly funny April jokes and puns.

Published March 18, 2024
couple sharing a phone in a train station while wait under an umbrella in a rainy day

We’re not fooling you — these April jokes are too funny to keep a secret. From environmental wordplay perfect for Earth Day to April Fool’s Day jokes that’ll tickle your funny bone, these are the April jokes and puns you wish you had in your arsenal last year.

April Fools’ Day Jokes Better Than Any Prank

Want to avoid the hurt feelings and ruined moods that come from bad April Fool’s Day pranks? Start the month off on the right foot with these April Fool’s Day jokes instead.

Why should you avoid using a ladder on April Fool’s Day?

Because they’re always up to something

Why do ducks make the perfect audience at an April Fool’s Day stand-up set?

They’ll quack up at every joke

What is a pirate’s favorite thing to do on April Fool’s Day?

Make you walk the prank

What makes chickens so bad at April Fool's Day pranks?

They don’t believe in fowl play

What monster only comes out on April Fool's Day?


What is the gastroenterologist’s favorite holiday?

April Stool’s Day

Why are eggs such good sports on April Fool's Day?

They always crack up

Poplar April Holiday Jokes to Help You Celebrate

From Earth Day to Arbor Day, April is all about supporting the environment. Put a smile on Mother Nature’s face with these funny holiday-centric April jokes.

Why are pine trees the most romantic trees of all? They’re extremely sappy

Which musician do trees really love?

Spruce Springsteen

What is a vegetarian’s favorite Earth Day saying?

Lettuce protect the environment

What did the arborist say to a client who wanted a discount?

You willow me one

What did the milk carton say to its therapist?

I feel so empty inside

Why are pine trees the most romantic trees of all?

They’re extremely sappy

What is canned food’s favorite dance style?

The can-can

Why were the trees arguing about how to celebrate Arbor Day?

They’re all stumped

Which of Bob Dylan’s songs do rocks always listen to?

“Like a Rolling Stone”

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Hop Into the Festivities With These Easter Jokes

Easter usually falls in mid to late April. Hop right into the festivities with these eggs-cellent Easter jokes.

Where does the Easter Bunny go when he’s sick?

Johns Hopkins

What did the Easter Bunny have to report to the police?

He encountered some deviled eggs

What does Ricky Ricardo say on Easter Sunday?

“Honey, anybunny home?”

What’s the perfect Easter gift for your sweetheart?

 24-carrot gold jewelry

Why are Easter eggs afraid to go out at night?

They’re worried they’ll get beaten up

What does the Easter Bunny love about the 1950s?

All the sock-hops

What do you call an alien who beams down to celebrate Easter?

An eggs-traterrestrial

What do vampires carry their Easter eggs in?

Their Easter caskets

What foot condition do many bunnies have?


What’s the best place to celebrate Easter in the United States?

Albunny, New York

Spring Into the Month With These April Jokes for Kids

Everyone knows the saying that April showers bring May flowers. But these April jokes that are perfect for kids prove that rain isn’t the only thing April can bring.

Why are rainy days the worst days to visit a haunted house? Because it dampens the spirits

Why are sandals frogs’ favorite footwear?

Because they’re open-toad

Why did the man make sure to empty his pockets before leaving his house?

He expected some change in the weather

Why is April a great month to get your fortune read?

The psychics are moss-tified

Why did the meteorologist snap at the news anchors?

Because they’ve got a high-pressure job

What did a raindrop say to another raindrop?

Water are you doing?

Why are rainy days the worst days to visit a haunted house?

Because it dampens the spirits

Why do hurricanes move so fast?

Because they’re always in a hurry

April Puns That Are Perfect to Share on Your Socials

Commemorate the calendar with these April puns perfect for your socials. Nail those niche holiday captions with these knockout wordplay examples.

  • This Earth Day, we switched to reusable paper towels because the pulp ones were just so tearable.
  • April is the perfect month to prune your plum trees.
  • My kid and her best friend are two Peeps in a pod!
  • Don’t forget to book your hare appointments before the Easter rush!
  • Make sure you fill up your gas tank on April Fuel’s Day.
  • Get some extra sleep so you don’t wake up eggs-austed on Easter!
  • If you’re lifting on Arbor Day, be careful with your lumber spine.
  • April is Jazz Appreciation Month, so you shouldn’t feel like thelonious Jazz fan in the world.
  • On April 15th, Titanic puns don’t go down well. #TitanicRemembranceDay

These April Jokes Will Brighten Your Day

The sun is out, spring is here, and there’s no better way to embrace the fourth month of the year than with some gut-busting jokes and puns. From holiday wordplay to prank alternatives to iconic one-liners, these April jokes will make you feel SNL-ready.

40+ Foolishly Funny April Jokes Worth Sharing