50 Easter Riddles & Jokes to Deliver Egg-ceptional Fun

These Easter jokes and riddles are sure to make kids (and kids at heart) hop with excitement!

Updated February 13, 2024
Girl holding an egg she found during an easter egg hunt

Easter riddles and jokes for kids are a spectacular way to get your kids in the holiday spirit! From bunnies and Easter eggs to jelly beans and Peeps, these Easter riddles and punny jests are sure to sprout some smiles this holiday. 

Engaging Easter Riddles for Kids to Keep Their Minds Hopping

Easter is a time for celebration, but it's also a time for contemplation. This holiday, teach your kids to think outside of the box and interpret different scenarios with the help of some eggs-cellent Easter riddles!

Colorful Easter eggs

I'm hunted, but never killed.
I'm painted, but never on canvas.
I can be real or fake.
What am I?

An Easter egg

I have a nose, but it does not wiggle.
I have ears, but they cannot hear.
I am sweet and brown, but not soft and fuzzy.
What am I?

A chocolate bunny

I have every color, but I'm not a rainbow.
I can be sweet and sour.
I hide in green grass.
What am I?

Jelly beans

I hold some of Easter's greatest treasures,
But to fill me up, you must partake in one of the holiday's quintessential pleasures.
I can be small and circular or big and square, 
And sometimes I hold giant chocolate hares.
What am I?

An Easter basket

When I break, colors fly through the air,
I symbolize the joy people felt when they found the tomb of Jesus bare,
Having me cracked over your head is considered good luck,
Sadly though, cleaning me up really does suck.
What am I?

Cascaróns (Confetti eggs)

I hold Easter, but not in my hand.
You can find a spring in me, but it doesn't bounce.
I come in with a roar, but I'm not a lion.
What am I?


I bounce, but I don't have a spring.
I carry eggs, but I don't eat them.
Kids wait for me, but I don't have any of my own.
What am I?

The Easter Bunny

My shape is similar to an opened banana peel,
Though I would make a terrible meal.
You will see me every Easter in the garden and at church,
My white petals are a perfect place for a butterfly to perch.
What am I?

An Easter lily

I am a chick that hatches in a basket on Easter.
I have no mom, and I don't make a sound.
What am I?

A Peep

I do not march, but I arrive during it.
I bring new life, but I'm not a mother.
What am I?


I have two lips, but cannot kiss.
My colors can be hard to miss. 
I arrive at the start of the Easter season,
And when I come in green, I serve as a symbol of this holiday's reason.
What am I?


Some may say that I'm possessed by the devil, 
While others think I bring a basic brunch dish to a whole new level.
I can be white, green, pink, or blue.
All you need is vinegar to change my hue.
What am I?

A deviled egg on Easter

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Hare-larious Easter Bunny Jokes 

You can't celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny! This makes him the perfect inspiration for Easter jokes and riddles. See if you can hop your way through these Easter jokes for kids without laughing.

What do you call the Easter Bunny when he gets super stressed?

An Easter basket case!

Why did the Easter Bunny have to fire the duck?

Because he kept quacking all the eggs!

What do you call the Easter Bunny when he forgets to deliver the eggs?

A hare brain!

Who is the Easter Bunny's favorite movie actor?

Rabbit Downey Jr.!

Where does the Easter bunny go for a new tail?

To the re-tail store!

What do you call the Easter Bunny when he gets fleas?

Bugs Bunny!

What kind of book does the Easter Bunny like to read at bedtime?

One with a hoppy ending!

What do you get when you cross a bumblebee with the Easter Bunny?

A honey bunny!

What's the Easter Bunny's favorite mode of transportation?

A hare-plane!

Why does the Easter Bunny only stay for one day of the holiday weekend?

No one will raise his celery!

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Eggs-cellent Easter Jokes About the Holiday’s Hidden Surprises

Another staple of the Easter holiday is Easter eggs! The holiday would be incomplete without that colorful sprinkling of eggs across our lawns, so these are another eggs-ceptional source for joke inspiration. We bet that these jokes will force you to crack a smile.

Q: What holiday does an Easter egg hate the most? A: Good Fry-day!

What did the Easter eggs do when the light turned green?

They egg-cellerated!

What kind of plants do Easter eggs grow in the spring?


What holiday does an Easter egg hate the most?

Good Fry-day!

What kind of egg should you not expect to see at Easter church services?

Deviled eggs!

What do you call an Easter egg from outer space?

An egg-stra terrestrial!

Why did states start requiring folks to have an Easter egg hunting license?

They wanted to prevent any poaching from happening!

Why do we paint Easter eggs?

Because it's easier than trying to wallpaper them!

What happened to the Easter egg when he was tickled too much?

He cracked up.

What do you call a tired Easter egg?


Why did the Easter egg hide from his friends?

He was a little chicken!

What do eggs have to worry about if Easter lands on April Fool's Day?

Practical yolkers!

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More Uplifting Easter Jokes & Riddles to Celebrate This Blessed Day

Easter also brings a beautiful brunch spread, chicks, ducks, bunnies, church, and so much more!  We have a basket full of laughs headed your way. 

Q: What do you call ducklings who go to Easter church services? A: Birds of pray!

How does a chicken bake an Easter cake?

From scratch!

How do you know when you're eating rabbit stew on Easter?

When it has a hare in it!

Why did the chick cross the road?

To go talk to her peeps!

What do you call rabbits that marched in a long, sweltering Easter parade?

Hot cross bunnies!

What did the rabbit say to the carrot at Easter brunch?

It's been nice gnawing you.

What did the jelly bean's mom say to him before dropping him off at the Easter party?

Don't be jelly of other colors! Just bean yourself!

Where do chickens go to enjoy their Easter brunch?

They go on a peck-nic in the park!

What did the big bad wolf think of the main dish at Easter?

He said it was simply ham-azing!

What do you call ducklings who go to Easter church services?

Birds of pray!

What did the chocolate bunny say to his wife the night before Easter?

Wake me up before you cocoa in the morning!

What is the best food to serve at Easter brunch to make sure that everyone stays zen?


What do you call ten rabbits marching backward in the Easter parade?

A receding hareline!

Why are people expected to be extra tired this Easter?

Because they will have just finished a 31-day March!

How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest at the Easter celebration?

Just look for the gray hares!

Where does a lamb get his news before Easter weekend?

In the Wool Street Journal

Why couldn't the rabbit fly home for Easter?

He didn't have the hare fare!

What do you call a rabbit who tells Easter jokes?

A funny bunny!

Quick Tip

Jokes and riddles aren't just fun, they can be a learning opportunity. Easter jokes can be a great segway to conversations about this uplifting holiday, and Easter riddles can be a sneaky way to help your kids learn about the holiday's different traditions and why we celebrate. 

Easter Jokes & Riddles Are a Basketful of Family Fun

Easter riddles and jokes will keep your whole family laughing throughout the holiday weekend! If this isn't enough silliness for you though, then check out our spring jokes and April Fool's Day jokes to keep the laughter going into April! 

50 Easter Riddles & Jokes to Deliver Egg-ceptional Fun