46 March Jokes & Puns to Spring on the Laughter

Make your month merry with fun March jokes and puns!

Published February 27, 2024
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March is the month of change and new beginnings! What better way to start this bright and beautiful time than with some marvelously funny March jokes? From holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Easter to the dreaded moment when we spring ahead and lose an hour of sleep, and even the specific symbols of the season, March jokes have a way of sprouting smiles on everyone's faces!

If you are looking to plant some March puns into your daily conversations, we have the seeds of silliness that you're looking for!

March Jokes for Kids About the Month's Many Monumental Days

In March, Easter comes and goes, but just like the number Pi, some days will go on in this month forever and ever! For the folks hoping to celebrate all the holidays and special moments, both big and small, we have some magnificent March jokes to make the laughs continue all month long!

Why should you never start a conversation with Pi?

Because it will go on forever!

What happens to a basketball team when they lose in the March Madness tournament?

There's an open-basket funeral!

What does a shamrock say to a leprechaun on March 17th?

Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How does the Easter Bunny manage to distribute eggs across the globe in one morning?

He takes his hare plane!

Did you hear about the man who proposed to his girlfriend on St Patrick's Day with a cubic zirconium ring?

Talk about a sham-rock!

What is the best music to play to celebrate March?


Why do basketball players who love building with Lego never make it to the March Madness tournament?

Because they only throw bricks!

Why is it bad luck to run over a four-leaf clover?

It will press your luck!

What happens when your bracket busts?

March saddness!

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More Silly March Jokes to Make Your Month

What did the librarian say to the unruly book on Read Across America Day? Check your shelf!

March brings brighter days and the changing of the seasons! These silly March jokes can be a great way to highlight the month's many happenings, both good and bad!

Did you know that March has one of the richest zodiac signs?

They're million-Aries!

What do you say at the funeral of someone who was born between February 19th and March 20th?

Rest in Pisces, dear friend!

Why is Daylight Saving Time Marty McFly’s favorite time of year?

Because it's when he can get back to the future!

Can you believe how long February felt this year?

Thankfully, time Marches on!

Why is everyone so tired at the end of the third month of the year?

31 days is a long March!

How is a clock like a frog in March?

They both spring ahead!

How do you know that March's worm moon has gotten enough to eat? 

It's full!

What did the librarian say to the unruly book on Read Across America Day?

Check your shelf!

What were Julius Caesar's last words before losing the game of battleship to Brutus on the Ides of March?

E-2, Brute!

Need to Know

According to the Roman calendar, the "Ides" is simply the 15th day of a 31-day month and the 13th day of all other months. The phrase "beware the Ides of March" comes from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. The line serves as a warning to Caesar, alluding to the fact that he will be assassinated on this day.

March Jokes About the Plant-astic Sprouts of the Season

Did you know that daffodils are the official March birth flower? How about the fact that the Celtics have a lunar tree calendar, and the trees of March are the Ash and Alder trees? Plants are a big part of the third month of the year, so March jokes about the start of planting season can be a great way to bring some smiles after a long day in the garden!

Why do gardeners always pour mulch at the base of their trees in March?

To make sure their underplants stay covered! 

How do trees make sure that they're heard when they start budding in March?

They use amp-leaf-ication!

What did the flower say to the angry gardener when he sprouted three weeks early?

Daffodil with it!

What do you call a cherry blossom tree that loses its leaves in the fall and regrows them in the spring?

A nevergreen!

What did the landscape guy say to the lady checking him out?

I'm sexy and I mow it!

What did Sir Mix-a-Lot say to the sprouting March flowers?

I like big buds and I cannot lie!

What did the tree say to his lady love on their March anniversary?

I want to grow alder with you!

What kind of flower can you expect to kiss you when it arrives in March?

The one with tu-lips!

Did you hear about the gardener who didn't know it was March?

She hadn't botany plants yet!

What did the landscaper say to the grass on the first day of March?

I love you mower than you know!

What did the gardener say to the small man who started hanging out in her garden in March?

Excuse me, do I gnome you?

Marvelous March Puns to Make Your Moments Stand Out on Social

A roaring start to March will bring ewe a magnificent end to the month. Trust me, I'm not lion!

Make your month's social moments even more amusing with these re-March-able March puns! They are sure to get others into the spirit of the season change!

  • Light started peeking through the trees early today. It quickly dawned on me that it was Daylight Saving Time.
  • I love that March brings green back into our lives! It's such a re-leaf!
  • St Patrick's Day ain't over til it's clover!
  • Have you ever noticed how many people make irrational decisions on March 14th? #PiDayProblems
  • Don't go off the peep end! Easter is coming early this year! 
  • How's your March growing?
  • Zero lucks given this March!
  • On March 2nd, The Cat in the Hat is white, black, and read all over! #ReadAcrossAmericaDay
  • Forget the calender! My watch dog always alerts me when Daylight Saving Time starts!
  • I went to a March Madness game. There was a lot of bracket in the stadium.
  • March is such a happy time. It always puts a spring in your step!
  • It's the season of Aries! Rest in Pisces February fishes!
  • I love worm hugs underneath the full moon of March!
  • March is the best time to Paddy like a rockstar!
  • I'm eggs-pecting to end March with some hoppy holiday celebrations!
  • When it comes to gardening this March, iris that everyone would just daffo-chill!
  • A roaring start to March will bring ewe a magnificent end to the month. Trust me, I'm not lion!

Spring Into the Month With Lots of Laughs

March jokes can brighten the last of your winter days and help you leap into spring with a smile! If you are looking for more seasonal silliness, make sure to check out our spring jokes, spring puns, Easter jokes, and spring riddles!

46 March Jokes & Puns to Spring on the Laughter