Cheese Jokes & Puns for Kids That Are Cheddar Than the Rest

You feta believe that we have some spectacular cheese jokes for kids as well as cheese puns for your charcuterie spreads!

Updated February 23, 2024
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What's the cheesiest joke in the world? One about cheese, of course! No matter if you are feeling bleu or just looking for a mozzar-hella time, we are serving up some brie-lliant riddles, puns, and cheese jokes for kids that are sure to put you in a grate mood!

Cheese Jokes for Kids That Are Too Gouda Not to Share

Cheese jokes mac me so happy! If you are looking for some laughs, you cheddar believe that these cheese jokes for kids will serve up a hole lot of Swiss-tacular silliness!

What did the manager yell to the cheese thief?

That's nacho cheese!

What's the smartest cheese?

Cheese whiz

Where would you turn in a bad cheese shop?

The Feta Business Bureau

What did the Cheddar say to the Gouda?

I need to asiago you a question!

Where does cheese stay when it's on vacation?

At the Stilton!

Did you hear about the mac and cheese that got all up in the guy's face?

You cheddar believe it was too close for comfort food!

Why did the cheese cry?

It was having a meltdown.

Did you hear about the cheese that got into a fight?

He got creamed.

Why do ministers cherish Swiss cheese?

It's holy!

What type of cheese does Lucy love the most?

Ricky Ricotta

What type of cheese does a pirate always keep aboard his boat?


What's a mouse's favorite song about cheese?

The Muenster Mash!

What cheese is made backwards?


Why was the cheese wearing a mask?

He was up to no gouda!

What did the Parmesan say to the Mozzarella when they were on a work deadline?

Ricotta get through this!

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say to a charcuterie board when it needs a refill?

I'll brie back!

More Un-brie-lievable Cheese Jokes for Kids to Make Them Melt With Laughter

Told you that we'd brie back! Admit it — these cheese jokes for kids are pretty grate so far! But we want to make sure that you have a really gouda laugh session, so we are serving up some more cheese jokes for kids, that even the adults will eat up!

What do you call paranormal cheese dip? A super-nacho-ral sauce!

What is a mouse's favorite music style?


What did one cheese yell when he was mad at the other?

Leave me provolone!

What do you call paranormal cheese dip?

A super-nacho-ral sauce!

How did the cheese start his story?

Oh queso….

Did you hear about the cheese factory that blew up? 

Da brie was everywhere!

How do you get a mouse to smile?

Say cheese!

Why did everyone know that mozzarella and feta's marriage was going to last forever?

They were gouda together.

What did the Cheddar say to his date at the dance?

You look sharp!

What did the cheese say when he quoted Shakespeare?

To brie or not to brie, that is the question!

Why did the Cheese run for president?

He wanted to make America grate again!

Who's the richest of cheeses?

Paris Stilton

How do you share cheese with a lion?


What did the frustrated cheese say?

I'm feta up!

What did the mouse say to his friend when he won the last hand in poker?

Cheddar luck next time!

How do you ask cheese on a Valentine's Day date?

Please brie mine!

Clever Cheese Riddles to Determine if You're the Crème de la Crème of the Cheeses

Do you think that you're a connoisseur of cheddar and a savant of swiss? These cheese riddles will determine if you're a winner in this version of Wheel of Fortune or if your answers are a Swiss and a miss! 

I'm soft and stinky and made with mold,
This makes my flavor very bold.
You might find me on top of a burger, sprinkled on a salad, or in a dip,
And when you see my odd color, it might make you flip!
What am I?

Bleu Cheese

Upon seeing me, you might think that I had been in a fight,
All those holes are quite the sight!
Some describe my taste a bit nutty,
And ham is one of my best buddies!
What am I?

Swiss Cheese

I'm a cheese that is made from goat's milk.
And my texture can be compared to smooth silk.
Unlike my crumbly cousin, my origins are French,
And I might be mistaken for Brie at first glance.
What am I?


When you buy me, I will be wrapped in a vibrant red case,
And my origins are tied to a very beautiful Dutch place.
I'm golden and nutty, and slightly tart when I age,
You might mistake me for Gouda, which can cause me a little outrage.
What am I?


I come from Italy, and I was originally made with the milk of sheep,
If you want to buy me in bulk, it probably won't be cheap.
Some may mistake me for my cousin Parm,
But if you swapped us out, you would miss out on my nutty and creamy charm.
What am I?


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Comical Cheese Puns That You Will Swiss You Knew Sooner

It ain't easy being cheesy! Thankfully for you, I camembert letting a cheese pun go to waste, so I've laid out quite the assortment for you. Feta or not, here they come!

Do you brie-lieve in magic?
  • It's gouda brie a good day.
  • I camembert to be without you!
  • In queso you didn't know, someone is nacho friend when they get jalapeno business! 
  • Always keep extra cheese on hand for your parties. It's Cheddar to be safe than sorry!
  • Do you brie-lieve in magic?
  • Hello! Is it brie you're looking for?
  • You will never be provolone with a friend like me!
  • You have more cheese, right? Or is that just Swiss-ful thinking?
  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disa-brie?
  • This is nacho ordinary cheese spread!
  • You are the one I want to havarti and to hold!
  • Just so you know, I'm really fondue you!
  • I'm always grilled to see you!
  • If looks curd kill....
  • You gouda brie kidding me?! We are out of mac and cheese?
  • Cheer up! Cheddar days are coming!
  • I always stand by my manchego!
  • Be the change you Swiss to see in the world!
  • Did you know that queso is flowing out of the fontina of youth?
  • You are mature, like a fine cheese!
  • When times get tough, it's important to brie strong!
  • I havarti told you — anything you can do, I can do feta
  • Gouda vibes only, please! 
Need to Know

Cheese lovers rejoice! International Cheese Day is March 27th, 2024! This is a holiday in France, but you cheddar believe that this day brings gouda cheer all across the globe! These cheese puns can be the perfect captions for your cheesy celebrations!

Now That's Cheesy

Did you think these cheese jokes for kids and cheese puns would be that cheesy? I don't think that I spread it on too thick, but I'm a sucker for a good pun any day of the week!

And let's be honest, grilled cheese and mac and cheese wouldn't exist without this delicious dairy product, so it is worth celebrating! For those folks who like cheese on everything, like in their morning eggs, make sure to also check out our eggs-ceptional egg jokes for some more silliness!

Cheese Jokes & Puns for Kids That Are Cheddar Than the Rest