"What Am I?" Riddles That Will Get the Whole Family Thinking

See if you and your kids can solve these tricky "What Am I?" questions! With riddles from easy to hard, there's a challenge for everyone in the family.

Published June 28, 2023
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What am I? It's a simple game that requires a close attention to detail. Follow the cleverly worded clues and try to figure out what is being described. We have quite the collection of "What Am I"? questions that are surprisingly obvious, but only once you hear the answer! See if you or your kids can solve them before the item is revealed!

Whether you simply use the list below to play verbally or use the above printable (answers are shown on a separate page) there's so much fun to be had with these thought-provoking riddles! Use these printable tips if you need help printing the PDF.

Simple "What Am I?" Questions

Let's start off with some easy "What Am I?" riddles before we dive into the more puzzling queries on our list!

Simple What am I Question

I am hard when I'm dry and slippery when I'm wet. When I'm done doing my job, you will no longer smell like sweat. Even though I am made of fat, I get thinner every day. That's the price I have to pay to keep the germs away! What am I?

Bar soap.

I make two people out of one and I am best known for showing you your reflection. What am I?

A mirror.

I am a blade, but I am not sharp. If you blow on me, I make music like a harp. Most people focus on my height, because if I get too tall, I can become an unpleasant sight. What am I?


You hold me when you're scared and struggle to catch me when you sprint. I can sometimes be quite smelly, but you can usually fix that with a mint. What am I?

Your breath.

I am a dwarf, but I am also a faithful pet. People born before the millennium may still consider me a planet. What am I?


I am easy to lift, but hard to throw. I can also be found at the end of an arrow. What am I?

A feather.

I am kind of a bum. I work one day a year. But I am known for bringing a whole lot of good cheer. I have a big belly and a suit that is red. I will only show up after you have gone to bed. What am I?

Santa Claus.

Orange, yellow, violet, and green. I cannot be touched, but I can be seen. I happen most often in the Aloha state, and Leprechauns think that I am pretty great. What am I?

A rainbow.

You can make me on the beach, in the dirt, and anywhere on land. The more you take away, the bigger I am. What am I?

A hole.

The majority of my body cannot be seen. While I am normally white, I can also be found in green. Global warming is causing the number of us to rise, and if I collide with a boat, it may capsize. What am I?

An iceberg.

Challenging "What Am I?" Riddles

So, you consider yourself a riddler? Let us see if you can solve these hard "What Am I?" questions, or if they leave you pondering!


I am the day when a rodent is considered king. I am also a day where time feels like it won't stop circling. I happen every winter in the second month of the year, and if a shadow is seen on this day, you better keep out your winter gear. What am I?

Groundhog Day.

I need sunshine to give me life. Though I move, you cannot cut me with a knife. I get bigger and smaller throughout the day, and I am not far behind you every time you play. What am I?

Your shadow.

I can run but never walk. I have a mouth but cannot talk. I have a bed but never sleep. I have a head but never weep. What am I?

A river.

I have a face that everyone knows, and I dictate when people come and go. I have a voice that can be quite striking, but the time I speak may not be to your liking. What am I?

An alarm clock.

I am in your body twice for free, but if you need me a third time, you will have to buy me. I bring you wisdom, but I can also bring you ache. When you take care of me, I am the color of a snowflake. What am I?

Your teeth.

I come in red, orange, yellow, and blue. If I drink, then I am through. I have no legs, but love to dance, and I inspired the name of a certain species of ants. What am I?


You throw me away when you need me most, and I am quite heavy, if I am going to boast. But when you don't need me you lock me away, and get back on your merry way. What am I?

An anchor.

I am known for bringing a smile as well as a groan. My purpose is to tickle your funny bone. I can be played, but I can also be told, and some people use me to add money to their billfold. What am I?

A joke.

They take me from a mine and trap me in a wooden tomb. I am associated with every single one of your classrooms. I am a yellow little fellow who starts his life out long, but slowly shrink as the school year goes on. What am I?

A pencil.

If you were to visit me, your phone will likely have no bars. Some compare my surface to that of the planet Mars. Many may not know this, but I am home to the saltiest body of water on Earth, and I am a place where only eleven women have given birth. What am I?


Animal-Themed "What Am I?" Riddles

Are you as wise as an owl when it comes to animals? Let's see if you can pass this "What Am I?" question round!

Animal-Themed What Am I Riddle

I can be a pet, but I can also be food, and how I came on this earth seems to be a bit misconstrued. People are obsessed about why I walk across the street, and a lot of people serve their dogs treats made out of my little feet. What am I?

A chicken.

I start my life as an inconspicuous little guy. People only notice me once I begin to fly. I taste with my feet and I have four wings on my back, and color is the one thing that I will never lack. I am known for helping to pollinate the planet, which is why you should never take me for granted. What am I?

A butterfly.

I am related to the bison, but I have a shaggy coat. You could say that I am large, I can weigh as much as 13 row boats. I am mostly found in Asia and I am raised to produce dairy, and while I am large, I am not very scary. Sadly though, my name has a yucky connotation, being associated with puke makes for an unpleasant reputation. What am I?

A yak.

I am brown and round and I grow on a tree, but I am also a person from a specific Southern Hemisphere country. There is also an instance where I have wings but cannot fly. Can you tell me, what am I?

A kiwi.

When I am in a group, you call us a bloat. I spend a lot of time in water, but sadly cannot float. When I sweat it comes out blood red, and if I were to bite you, you would surely end up dead. What am I?

A hippo.

I cannot breathe through my mouth. People associate my kind with the Deep South. I go to bed standing up, and every year I race for a pretty gold cup. What am I?

A horse.

You can find me in tropical seas, stalking my prey and causing unease. While I am not a great white shark, my toothy grin can leave quite the mark. I am long and lean, which makes it easy to dart, and I am famous thanks to a song by Heart. What am I?

A barracuda.

When I first enter the world, I am tiny and pink. Thankfully my hair grows much quicker than you would think. Within a few weeks I become black and white. Also, my clumsy nature makes people think I am not so bright. Let's be honest though, watching me fall is quite a hoot. People also like to watch me eat bamboo shoots. What am I?

A panda.

You can find me floating by the flowers. Flapping my wings fast is one of my superpowers. I make a very distinctive little noise, and I am a sight that almost everyone enjoys. My favorite colors are orange and red, and I pride myself on the pollen I spread. What am I?

A hummingbird.

Some would say that I am a pretty exotic creature and that my dazzling appearance is my best feature. Lions are my enemy and you might say giraffes are my best friend, and my favorite food to eat is a delicious grass blend. While you may think it would be fun to ride me, you probably should not. Also, my monochromatic color keeps me from getting too hot. What am I?

A zebra.

Food & Drink "What Am I?" Queries

You likely enjoy these items every day, but can you deduce what am I when described in a tricky way?

Food & Drink What Am I Querie

I am the ugliest fruit that you will find, but I turn a vibrant green when you remove my rind. I am filled with fat, but I'm very healthy, and in order to afford a lot of me, you have to be somewhat wealthy. What am I?

An avocado.

My name is Joe, and I can be pretty bitter. Still people love me, even when I make them jitter. My job normally starts early in the day. You can enjoy my company late, but I will make your need for sleep go away. What am I?


I come in red, yellow, purple, blue, and pink. Wandering through a group of me will make you really have to think. I have ears that cannot hear and silk you cannot sew. When I get undressed, I normally become a vibrant yellow. What am I?


I am most useful when I am broken, but you typically handle me with care. In the Spring you can find me in rainbow colors being hidden by a hare. What am I?

An egg.

I am technically an herb, but you call me a fruit. You might use a plastic version of me on a fun water commute. While you can eat me as I am, you can also pair me with toast and jam. I am a long and lean fellow, and when ripe, I come in a bright shade of yellow. What am I?

A banana.

I am technically a berry, but I am not referred to as one. When I am at my ripest, I will turn to the color of the sun. I make you go at red and stop at green, and a whopping 262 pounds is the biggest I've been seen. What am I?

A watermelon.

I like to hang around fairies and I consider myself a pretty fun guy. But I hang out in darkness, so you might pass me by. While my appearance is not always fancy, my value can be quite high. I taste good on a salad, in macaroni, and in stir-fry. What am I?

A mushroom.

I am tall, hard, and lean and the perfect shade of green. I am considered very healthy, but my flavor remains to be seen. That is why you can often find me hanging out with creamy nuts. I am what people eat when they are looking to shrink their guts. Folks can also find me in chicken noodle soup, and my slender figure makes me a pretty solid scoop! What am I?


Sometimes I am scary, and sometimes I am sweet. You will commonly find me as a part of a Thanksgiving treat. I can come in sizes both big and small, and Cinderella used me to take her to the ball. What am I?

A pumpkin.

I have no beginning, middle, or end. A police officer is my best friend. Sometimes I am colorful, and sometimes I am plain, but either way I am filled with the product of sugarcane. What am I?

A donut.

I come in green, red, yellow, purple, and black. Kids love me and consider me the perfect fruity snack. I am delicious off the vine, when I'm shriveled up, and in wine. What am I?

A grape.

Fast Fact

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"What Am I?" Riddles Can Help You Think Outside of the Box

Early childhood development specialists have found that "riddles can help children form associations, link ideas and think, be creative and make conclusions." This makes them a fantastic teaching tool and a great way to help your kids memorize information. They are also just a fun thing to try to solve for all ages, so make it an activity for everyone in the family! If you want more brain teasers, check out more of our rhyming riddles for kids.

"What Am I?" Riddles That Will Get the Whole Family Thinking