58 Winning Super Bowl Jokes & Puns to Kickoff the Fun

These Super Bowl jokes are sure to win at your next party! From pigskin puns to snack-inspired humor, these will make you the champion of chuckles.

Updated February 9, 2024
Friends Watching Football in Living Room

If you want to kick off Super Bowl Sunday in the best way possible, then start with some laughs! These Super Bowl jokes can keep the smiles going for hours and help to fill your time during the calm before the score. 

Tail-GREAT Super Bowl Jokes to Score Smiles & Smirks

When the huddle is real, break the tension by passing along some of these silly Super Bowl jokes about the key components of the game of football.

What did the ref say to the fan who was upset with his call? Intentional frowning is not allowed here!

What is Sir Mix-a-Lot's favorite part of the Super Bowl?

He likes big punts and he cannot lie!

Where do Superbowl contenders get their uniforms for the big game?

New Jersey!

What did the ref say to the fan who was upset with his call?

Intentional frowning is not allowed here!

Why do psychiatrists love football players?

Because they tackle their problems head-on!

Why do football players never wear glasses at the Super Bowl?

Because it is a contact sport!

Why should players wear armor to the Super Bowl?

Because it's a knight game!

What did the football player say in the last timeout of the Super Bowl?

The huddle is real!

Why do football players never get good seats on the flight to the Super Bowl game?

Because they always say, "Put me in coach!"

Why do ghosts always get free tickets to the Super Bowl?

Because the coaches want to make sure that there is team spirit!

What is the worst drink to serve to players at the Super Bowl?

A penal-tea!

What dessert should you always serve at a Super Bowl party?


During the last play of the game, what does Sir Mix-a-Lot say to his Super Bowl date?

Oh my gosh Becky, look at that punt!

Why do centers always head to REI before the Super Bowl?

They need to get new hiking shoes!

Did you hear that Campbell's is one of the main sponsors of the big game this year?

Talk about a Soup-er Bowl!

What do you say to greet someone when you first get to a Super Bowl party?

Gimme some pigskin!

Why did they have to call an extra time-out during the Super Bowl?

The ball left! He was tired of being kicked around.

What do you say to a guy who wears a parka to a Super Bowl party?

Talk about man coverage!

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Super Bowl Dad Jokes About the Spectacular Snack Spread

Did you know that after Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the highest day for food consumption in the United States? This, of course, means that we are serving up some sensational Super Bowl jokes about the snack spread for the big game.

What was Elvis's favorite Super Bowl snack? The jailhouse guac!

What was Elvis's favorite Super Bowl snack?

The jailhouse guac!

What was Icarus' least favorite Super Bowl food?

Hot wings!

Why should you stay away from poppers at Super Bowl parties?

Because they will get jalapeno business!

What kind of person doesn't want pizza on Super Bowl Sunday?

A real weir-dough!

Did you hear about the cookie who dropped all his chips during the Super Bowl?

I guess that's how the cookie fumbles!

Why do football players eat chicken wings before the big game?

They give them hen-durance!

What do you say to someone who is taking too long to pick out a salsa to serve at the Super Bowl party?

Pick up the Pace!

Why should you channel your inner quarterback when deciding what to eat first at a Super Bowl party?

They are great at making snap decisions!

Did you hear about the Super Bowl party that ran out of cheese dip?

Talk about a ques-uh-oh!

Why do the players wear parkas at the Super Bowl?

It gets cold in the stadium with all those fans!

What did the man say after finishing his first beer at the Super Bowl party?

That's a thirst down!

What did the guest say when he found out that there weren't going to be any stuffed portabellas at the Super Bowl party?

What a fumble! This snack spread has mushroom for improvement.

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Super Bowl LVIII Jokes About the Chiefs & the 49ers

The Big Game is Sunday, February 11th, 2024 featuring two powerhouse teams — the 49ers and the Chiefs. Everyone has their go-to team, but let's be honest, no matter who you root for, the Super Bowl is hosting some spectacular talent on both sides. With that being said, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some puns about our favorite players on the field! 

What did Patrick say to Andy when he arrived late to the Super Bowl?

Sorry, I was hanging with Mahomies! 

Which 49ers player always gets the most dates?

Brock, he's real Purdy!

Why should the Chiefs be worried about completing their plays in the Super Bowl?

Because George is playing … that Kittle block any pass rush!

Which 49ers player does Travis Kelce need to worry about stealing Taylor Swift's affections?

Definitely number 13, Brock Purdy!

What did Christian say when he was tackled during the Super Bowl?

McCaff REALLY hurts!

What does Samuel shout to Purdy during every play of the game?

Pass me Dee-ball!

What did Mahomes say when he heard who was performing the Super Bowl halftime show?

YEAH! YEAH! I used to listen to his music in the club with Mahomies! Can someone Usher me to the stage?

Why does Travis Kelce listen to music on his phone before every football game?

Because he broke all the records!

Why should the 49ers watch out for Isiah Pacheco?

He is known for POP-ing across the field!

Why does Purdy always feel safe in the pocket?

Because he Banks on the fact that Aaron will always get his quarterback!

Did you hear about how Mahomes almost got tackled during the last play of the Super Bowl?

Thankfully, he was saved by the Bell!

What did Purdy say to Brandon during the last play of the Super Bowl?

Aiyuk gonna catch this ball? If not, Samuel will!

Super Bowl Puns to Make You the MVP of Laughs

When we say MVP, we obviously mean Most Valuable Punster! For those looking to pass on some laughs with their Super Bowl social posts, we have some superb Super Bowl puns to caption your fun.

This Super Bowl, I'm touchdown for anything! Yes, punt intended.
  • This [food or drink] is my #1 draft pick.
  • Tostitos Scoops and queso are the epitome of friend-chip goals!
  • In queso you didn't know, your team winning isn't meant to brie.
  • The huddle is real.
  • Super Bowl Sunday: Kicking off the evening in the most exciting way possible!
  • Chip, chip hooray! It's Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Time to huddle ... around the snack spread!
  • Thank goodness for this Super Bowl spread! I was getting peck-ish! #bringonthewings
  • Don't drop the ball and skip our Super Bowl party. That would make it incomplete!
  • Don't you get a kick out of the Super Bowl commercials?
  • This Super Bowl, I'm touchdown for anything! Yes, punt intended.
  • This is nacho average snack spread!
  • I tackled everything on my Super Bowl checklist! 
  • On the Super Bowl, I eat like a champion!
  • I'm having a field day this Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Doggone it! I'm just here for the puppy bowl
  • I have one word to describe a Super Bowl charcuterie board: Brie-lliant!

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Super Bowl Jokes Are Always a Win

During a game filled with timeouts and upsetting plays, make sure that all of your guests have a great time by throwing out some spectacular Super Bowl jokes. And if you're looking for more laughs, check out our dog dad jokes for those who prefer the puppy bowl!

58 Winning Super Bowl Jokes & Puns to Kickoff the Fun