50 Thanksgiving Jokes to Give Everyone Stuffin' to Laugh About

Get ready to baste and shout with laughter over these turkey jokes and one-liners about Thanksgiving!

Published October 18, 2023
Happy family communicating while having Thanksgiving lunch

Want to take your turkey dinner over the top? Thanksgiving jokes are the perfect way to make sure that everyone has a gobblin' good time! We've been working around the cluck and have rounded up the best Thanksgiving turkey jokes and more. Find funny quips about this holiday's food spread to help you have a spud-tacular time this Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes to Bring the Baste Laughs

For many people, turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving table! For those who want the tur-key to a successful Thanksgiving meal, we're here to tell you that you need to serve up some Thanksgiving turkey jokes! They'll have everyone gobbling and giggling.

When should you expect to eat chicken in November? On Pranksgiving!

What did the turkey say when they found out that they were going to be pardoned this Thanksgiving?

Goodness gracious, great gobbles of fire! I am so relieved!

What did the hen say to the turkey when he told her "talk turkey to me"?

You have no res-peck! There is no fowl language in this house!

What do you call a rude gobbler?

A jerky turkey!

What do you do when you lose the turkey recipe card?

You wing it!

What is the best way to get the wishbone on Thanksgiving?

Be egg-ressive!

What is a turkey's favorite kind of dessert?

Any type of fruit gobbler!

When should you expect to eat chicken in November?

On Pranksgiving!

When are turkeys the most grateful?

On Black Friday, when the cooking is over!

Fantastic Thanksgiving Food Jokes to Fork Over the Funnies

For this fall-iday to be complete, you butternut forget to dish out some Thanksgiving jokes that are related to the many other a-maize-ing foods that we see on Turkey Day! Go ahead — you cran do it!

Did you hear about the baker who created a new pumpkin pie recipe for Thanksgiving?

They are a real pie-oneer!

Why did the cranberries arrive late to Thanksgiving dinner?

They were bogged down finishing their fall projects!

What did the toppings say to the sad sweet potatoes?

You can't marsh our mellow!

Why can you always count on mashed potatoes to be loud during the Thanksgiving football game?

Because they consider themselves expert commen-tators!

What do sweet potatoes put on after the Thanksgiving meal is over?

Their yammies!

What did the loaf of bread say to the knife on Thanksgiving night?

Ciabatta stay away from me!

What did the apple pie say to the pie trowel?

Let's get ready to crumble!

What tuber can you always expect to be cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning?


What did the corn casserole say when everyone told them they looked amazing?

Awww, shucks!

Why did the green beans get left out of the Thanksgiving spread?

There wasn't legume on the table!

Corny Dad Jokes for Thanksgiving to Dish Out the Eye Rolls

Almost everyone has that dad or uncle who is the king of corny! This Thanksgiving holiday, make sure the green beans aren't the only contenders at the table! These Thanksgiving jokes will make sure your corny relatives meet their mash.

How do you know your turkey is calling? You hear the phone wing!

Why is Elsa not in charge of holding a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon?

She might let it go!

What do turkeys watch the night before Thanksgiving?

The Gizzard of Oz!

How do you know your turkey is calling?

You hear the phone wing!

What is a turkey's favorite Harry Potter film?

The Gobble-let of Fire!

What do you call a turkey on the run?

Poultry in motion!

Did you hear about the sweet potato who got in a fight with the hand mixer?

They had to take him away in a yambulence! 

Who should you always invite to your Friendsgiving celebrations?

Your best pal-grims!

What will you have in common with a teddy bear and your turkey after Thanksgiving dinner?

You will all be stuffed!

Why should you always feed a turkey on time?

They might get hen-gry!

Which pilgrims made it to the first Thanksgiving?

The ones that got scholarships!

How did all the turkeys get to Plymouth Rock?

They took a gravy boat!

Thanksgiving Puns That Are Simply Terrific

Turkey jokes and one-liners about Thanksgiving require a confident delivery. Are you enough of a whisktaker to sneak these comments into your conversations? If you are, get ready to watch everyone fowl over with laughter.

  • This beauty is coming home to feast!
  • Guess who is pumpkin home for the holidays!
  • Thanksgiving is the perfect reisling to be grateful!
  • Gotta risk it for the last Thanksgiving biscuit!
  • Ryes and shine! It is time to break bread on this beautiful Thanksgiving day!
  • This Thanksgiving, we've got stuffing to lose!
  • This pie is certainly going to give them pumpkin to talk about!
  • I've been pie-ning for dessert all week!
  • It can be hard to make the perfect mashed potatoes, but just remember, Yukon do it!

Funny Ways to Say Happy Thanksgiving This Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and grateful for life's many blessings. Make sure that one of those graces is giggles by sharing your Thanksgiving sentiments in a silly way!

We hope your holiday is the stuff(ing) of legends!
  • We think you autumn know that we wish you a beautifall Thanksgiving! 
  • Sorry for the fowl language, but Happy Turkey Day!
  • Have a spicetacular Thanksgiving holiday!
  • On this Thanksgiving day, be as grateful as a pardoned turkey! Happy fall-idays!
  • I hope that you have the baste Thanksgiving ever!
  • Have a gourd time this Turkey Day! 
  • Hope that your Thanksgiving is as a-maize-ing as you are!
  • Orange you glad it's Thanksgiving?
  • Wishing you a de-vine turkey day! Bautums up!
  • Don't sweat the fall stuff on Thanksgiving day! Just enjoy the holiday!
  • We hope your holiday is the stuff(ing) of legends!
  • Wishing you nothing but hap-bean-ness this Thanksgiving day!
Helpful Hack

These well wishes for the holiday can be a great addition to a fall letter board that you place at the entrance of your home, in the kitchen, or as a centerpiece on the dinner table!

Be Thankful for Laughter This Season 

In a world that can sometimes be an ugly place, choose to find joy in little things, like Thanksgiving jokes! They remind us of the reason for the season and to let loose and be silly every once in a while. And if you are looking for more laughs, make sure to check out our fall jokes and November jokes to finish off the autumn season strong.

50 Thanksgiving Jokes to Give Everyone Stuffin' to Laugh About