70 Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids That Everyone Will Gobble Up

If you are looking for the very baste kid-friendly Thanksgiving jokes, we are serving up some silliness!

Updated October 19, 2023
Girl laughing at Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Who isn't grateful for giggles? Thanksgiving jokes for kids can keep the fun going all holiday season long. Enjoy these jests around the dinner table, while shopping throughout the month, and sneak some Thanksgiving lunch box jokes in with your kids' peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

No matter how you serve up these turkey jokes for kids, you are sure to get some cluck-les! 

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Jokes About Food to Serve Up Some Fun

Food-themed Thanksgiving jokes for kids are the perfect way to keep everyone entertained before the big meal! Get ready to dish out some laughs.

Thanksgiving Food Joke

Why were the cranberries so red?

They saw the turkey dressing!

Which vegetables can you expect to sparkle on Turkey Day?

The 24 carrots.

What's the dish your family avoids most on Thanksgiving?

Beets me!

Why are the beans going to jail on Thanksgiving?

The beans stalk!

What's the quietest vegetable at the dinner table?

The corn — they are all ears!

Which food can you expect to be a troublemaker at the Thanksgiving table?

The deviled eggs.

Why did the mashed potatoes and stuffing get in trouble on the playground?

You're not supposed to play with your food!

What does pumpkin pie say in a fight?

You want a piece of me?

What do you call mashed potatoes who can't decide if they want to attend Thanksgiving dinner?

The hesi-tators!

What do you call a cranberry who can't get a date to Thanksgiving dinner?

Berry single!

Terrific Turkey Jokes for Kids That Are the Stuff(ing) of Legends

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, so don't trot away without getting your fill of turkey jokes for kids!

Turkey joke for kids

Why did the turkey get booked at the station?

He was involved in fowl play.

Why are turkeys magical?

They have a wishbone.

Why was the turkey crying on Thanksgiving?

He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Why did the turkey cluck at the hunter?

He was chicken!

Why couldn't the turkey eat another bite at Thanksgiving?

He was already stuffed!

What part of the turkey has the best beat?

The drumsticks!

What's a turkey's favorite dance?

The Gobble!

What do you call a happy turkey?

A perky turkey!

Why did the turkey get thrown out of the Thanksgiving party?

He used fowl language.

What did the turkey do when he didn't study for the test?

He had to wing it.

Funny Pilgrim Jokes to Bring a Boatful of Laughs

Pilgrims were a big part of the Thanksgiving story! For those looking to bring peace to the dinner table, share some of these a-maize-ing pilgrim-themed Thanksgiving jokes for kids.

Funny Pilgrim Jokes

What's a pilgrim's favorite flower?

The Mayflower

What did the pilgrims use to open their doors on Thanksgiving?


Why did the pilgrim become an attorney?

He was good at making a settlement.

What did the pilgrims call their band?

Plymouth Rock!

How did the pilgrims wash their clothes in Plymouth?

They used Tide!

Why didn't the pilgrims make apple pie?

The job is crumby.

Why did the pilgrims wear suspenders?

Their belts were on their hats.

What kind of tan do pilgrims get after a long journey at sea?

A puritan!

Why do pilgrims always shop for their pie supplies in the spring?

It is the only time they can find May flour!

Thanksgiving Lunch Box Jokes for Holiday Spirit at School

For the days and weeks leading up to Turkey Day, make sure that your kids are excited to celebrate by slipping in a few silly Thanksgiving lunch box jokes and Thanksgiving math jokes! These are jests are sure to get your little gobblers giggling.

Thanksgiving Lunch-Box Jokes t

How does a turkey get answers to the test?

He Googles them!

Why did the turkey not have to go to school during Thanksgiving week?

There was fowl weather!

Why couldn't the green bean get to the door on Thanksgiving morning?

He was still in the can!

Why did the two pairs of twos skip Thanksgiving dinner?

Because they already 8!

What is a pumpkin's favorite sport?


Why should you not enjoy too much pi on Thanksgiving?

Because it will give you a large circumference!

Why should turkeys never do math?

Because if they add 2 and 6, then they get ate!

Did you hear about the valedictorian turkey?

He had eggs-ceptional grades!

Why did the school let the turkey join the band in the middle of the semester?

He already had his drumsticks!

How were the mashed potatoes able to get out of detention?

They buttered up their teacher!

One-Liner Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids to Spoon out Some Silliness

When you pose a joke as a question, people always expect to laugh. Thanksgiving-themed one-liners are a great way to catch people off guard and bring a cornucopia of laughs!

One-Liner Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids
  • You should never play with your turkey. Fowl play should never happen at the dinner table.
  • It's always good to invite your buds to Thanksgiving. Your taste buds, that is!
  • My mom told me to eat the turkey, so I gobbled it up.
  • Pickles make a mean appetizer. They are kinda jarring.
  • I can't talk right now. I'm occu-pied.
  • The pumpkin was broken, so we patched it!
  • I cran-berrily believe that it is almost turkey time!
  • A casserole doesn't know beans about cooking.
  • My mom got sick of me talking about the turkey on Thanksgiving. She made me leave the table for using fowl language.

Thanksgiving Knock-Knock Jokes to Tickle Even the Turkey's Funny Bone

Who doesn't love a good knock-knock joke? Become a Thanksgiving comedian by trying out these corny knock-knock jokes! They are sure to rival the cornbread casserole.

Thanksgiving Knock-Knock Jokes

Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you going to say Happy Thanksgiving?

Who's there?
Olive who?
Olive some turkey and mashed potatoes.

Who's there?
Phillip who?
Phillip your plate and let's eat!

Who's there?
Arthur who?
Arthur any more mashed potatoes?

Who's there?
Gladys who?
Gladys Thanksgiving so I can eat.

Who's there?
Annie who?
Annie body want some stuffing?

Who's there?
Eden who?
Eden Thanksgiving dinner and it's delicious.

Who's there?
Tank who?
You're welcome for this wonderful meal.

Who's there?
Gavin who?
Gavin the best time celebrating Thanksgiving.

Who's there?
Nadia who?
Nadia having any dessert if you don't finish your meal.

Who's there?
Jimmy who?
Jimmy some turkey, I'm starving.

Who's there?
Dewey who?
Dewey wanna eat or what?

Witty Thanksgiving Puns That Kids Will Gobble Up

  • Oh my gourd! I can't even think about dessert. I'm stuffed like our Thanksgiving turkey!
  • Oh yes, I yam.
  • It's time to get this dinner roll-ing.
  • Stuffing compares to a great Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Thanksgiving dinner gets butter every year.
  • This is the baste Thanksgiving dinner ever!
  • It's all gravy around here.
  • When it comes to Thanksgiving, feast mode is activated.
  • This is a gourd-eous dinner.
  • When I tell them what I'm thankful for, they gobble it up.
Helpful Hack

Looking for more laughs? Split into pairs, come up with clever Thanksgiving team names, and hold a "Don't Laugh" Challenge! The first one to let out a giggle loses!

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids Can Bring Everyone Smiles

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and love for your family. This holiday, share these Thanksgiving jokes for kids, along with some fall jokes and November jokes to keep everyone laughing and entertained!

70 Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids That Everyone Will Gobble Up