50+ Guess What Jokes You Can Count On to Bring the Laughs

Get ready to giggle at the some of the best guess what jokes around!

Published May 11, 2023
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Guess what? Chicken butt! While this was a classic quip in grade school in the 90s, it is not the most eggs-emplary wisecrack. For those comedi-hens who are peckish for some pun-filled guess what jokes, we've been working around the cluck and have laid down some options that will have you eggs-ploding with laughter!

Guess What Jokes to Break the Silence in Any Room

You may roll your eyes, but you might have to admit, these guess what jokes are pretty clever! Go ahead, try not to giggle!

Painted silhouette Peter Pan on wall

If you need a boat to transport your animals, guess what?

I Noah guy….

Guess what the best thing about Switzerland is?

Beats me! But the flag is a big plus!

Ariel and Times New Roman walked into a bar. Guess what the bartender said to them?

We don't serve your type here!

I met a woman with one leg today. Guess what her name was?


Guess what happens when a horse falls?

He can't giddy up!

Guess what animal has more lives than a cat?

A frog! They croak everyday and seem to hop back to life!

When life gives you melons, guess what?

You might be dyslexic!

Guess what? Stairs are untrustworthy!

They are always up to something.

Guess what musical groups a wind turbine likes to listen to on the radio?

No clue, but they are big heavy-metal fans.

Did you hear about the mobster who was buried in cement? Guess what the police did?

Nothing! I guess they don't care about hardened criminals.

Peter Pan is a terrible boxer. Guess what happens when he tries to throw a punch?

It never lands!

Did you hear about the parade of rabbits that were hopping backwards? Guess what they call themselves?

The Receding Hare Line

My grandma has an old wardrobe in her attic. I opened it and guess what I found?

Narnia business!

Did you hear about the zombie magician? Guess what they call him?


Did you hear that Charles Dickens started his own cough drop company? Guess what he called it?

Great Expectorations!

I visited a fortune teller to see what the future holds for my bakery. Guess what she said?

I'm going to make a lot of dough! I sure hope that her premonition crumbs true!

Guess what the least spoken language in the world is?

Sign language

A lawyer went to a bar in Hawaii. Guess what he ordered?

A Subpoena colada

Food-Themed Guess What Jokes That Everyone Will Gobble Up

Looking for more laughs? You butter believe that these food-inspired guess what jokes will serve up some snickers! These migth jsut be some of the funniest guess what jokes yet.

Couch Potatoes

Did you hear about the head of lettuce that was having a panic attack? Guess what I said to him?

Lettuce romaine calm!

I have decided to quit my job to become a cake maker! I know, it sounds ridiculous, but guess what?

It is a whisk that I am willing to take!

I accidentally swallowed some food coloring yesterday. Guess what happened?

I dyed a little inside.

A noodle walked into a bar and started hitting on a bowl of soup. Guess what she said?

Udon know me!

Guess what fruit always needs to wear sunscreen?

Bananas! They always seem to peel!

Guess what the umpire shouted when the little cupcake approached home plate?

Batter up!

Guess what the shiitake said to the portabella when trying to convince her to go on a date?

I'm a real fungi!

I told the pickle he was being a bit rude. Guess what he said to me?

Dill with it!

Guess what the biggest problem with kleptomaniacs is?

They are always taking things literally!

Guess what Dracula's favorite fruit is?

A neck-tarine!

A potato was reluctant to get off the couch. Guess what his friends called him?

A hesitator!

Guess what you call angry broccoli?

A steamed vegetable!

A bunch of peppers were playing hide and seek. Guess what the little jalapeno shouted at the seeker?

No pequin!

A-moo-sing Animal Guess What Jokes to Make You Tip Over Laughing

Are you the most humorous one in your herd? Guess what? The steaks may be high, but there is no way you can butcher these jokes! They are udderly hilarious!

Happy piglet

I used to run a dating service for chickens. Guess what caused it to fail?

I struggled to make hens meet.

Guess what you call a magic dog?

A labracadabrador!

Guess what? There is a bird that can weigh over 300 pounds and run over 40 MPH.

I know, I know, it sounds like a bit of ostrich, but it's true!

Guess what happens to a slug when he gets rid of his shell?

He becomes a bit sluggish…

I asked an alpaca for a favor. Guess what he said?

No probllama!

Guess what you do to make an octopus laugh?

You give it ten-tickles!

Guess what the buffalo said to his son when he left for college?

Bye son!

Guess what happened to the shark that crossed the road?

He got to the other tide.

My brother told me that I have to stop in personating a flamingo. Guess what?

I had to put my foot down!

Did you hear about the cat that fell off the tin roof? Guess what happened?

He lost one of his nine lives, but now he is feline fine!

Guess what? The police force just hired a duck detective!

He helps them to quack their cases.

Did you hear about the pig who didn't like these jokes? Guess what he said?

"They are a little boaring." What a swine!

Did you hear about the Tyson farmer who went missing? Guess what?

The police suspect fowl play!

Other Guess What Jokes to Keep Everyone Laughing

Guess what? We have more jokes to keep you jesting!

Exotic aquarium fish

Did you hear about the jack-o-lantern who was too scared to go trick-or-treating? Guess what?

It turns out he had no guts!

Geology rocks, but guess what?

Geography is where it is at!

Guess what vegan vampires want to avoid most?

A steak to the heart!

My golfing buddy had to borrow a pair of pants. Guess what happened?

He got a hole in one.

I wanted to get into a fight with a dinosaur, but it turns out that's a bad idea. Guess what happens?

You will get jurrasskicked!

I met a hippie's wife today! Guess what her name was?


Guess what a sea monster's favorite meal is?

Fish and ships!

Guess what Robin Hood's favorite font is?


I just walked into the bedroom and saw a cloud undressing. Guess what he was wearing?

Only his thunder-pants!

The Best Guess What Jokes Will Always Keep People Guessing

The funniest guess what jokes are phrased in a way that makes listeners ponder the possible answer, only to be caught off guard by an extremely obvious response. This is done with the use of puns and clever wording! You can also get creative and make up your own witty jests by using actual facts, like animal trivia, but posing it in a surprising way. Have fun and get laughing!

50+ Guess What Jokes You Can Count On to Bring the Laughs