59 October Jokes & Puns That Are Unbe-leaf-ably Funny

Tricks and treats don't just happen on Halloween night! October jokes can bring fun all month long.

Published September 28, 2023
Mother and her sons are preparing for Halloween

Orange you happy it's finally October? October jokes and puns are a great way to usher in the turning of the calendar page and the start to the spookiest season of the year! We have a colorful collection of October jokes for kids of all ages that circle around the themes of the changing of the leaves and the Halloween holiday, as well as pop-culture jokes for adults inspired by the month. 

No matter what kind of October jokes you are trick-or-treating for, we have a superb selection that will make you absolutely g-leaf-ful!

October Jokes for Kids to Get Everyone Howling With Laughter

What is a spider’s favorite October pastime? Fly fishing!

Are you fall real? You haven't heard any funny October jokes yet? Don't worry! We are here to squash your sadness with loads of laughs. These October jokes for kids are absolutely a-maize-ing.

What do you call two spiders who get married in October?

Newly-webs, of course!

Did you know that October is a heartbreaker?

It's the month everyone falls for every year.

What is the best car to drive in October to take in the fall colors?

An autumn-mobile.

How do you compliment a pumpkin on Halloween night?

You tell her she is gourd-geous!

Why is October such a popular month?

It always leaves an impression!

What did the ground say when October arrived?

What a re-leaf!

What can you always count on at the end of October?

That it will always leave you wanting s'more!

Why do ghosts always hang out in elevators in October?

Because it raises their spirits!

What is a spider’s favorite October pastime?

Fly fishing!

What is the first sign that a vampire skipped his flu shot?

He starts coffin!

Clean October Jokes That Will Bring a Pile Full of Laughs

The trick is on you! We were just getting started with all the fun. Here are s'more October jokes to keep you laughing all month long!

What did October say to the lingering hot temperatures?

Make like a tree and leaf!

What did the deciduous tree say to October?

Take it or leaf it!

What is the best way to make an oak tree laugh in October?

Tell him acorn-y joke! 

Why did the skeleton stay home from the Halloween dance?

She had no body to go with!

What do pirates wear throughout the month of October?

Pumpkin patches!

What do skeletons serve at October dinner parties?

Spare ribs!

What does October say to people who go crazy trying to make their Halloween decorations perfect?

Don't sweat the fall stuff!

What can you always expect to find in October?

Gourd friends!

Why does October think it is the best autumn month?

Because he is fall of himself!

What does a Bavarian wear to Oktoberfest?

An October vest!

October Dad Jokes That'll Have You Falling Over With Embarrassment

Why are dads so tired in October? The yard work brings both rakes-and-pains!

Dads are the kings of corny jokes! They usually bring eye rolls and even a little awkwardness around our friends. Nonetheless, their jokes can be quite amusing, if you can look past the judgment that accompanies the sappy silliness. Needless to say, these October jokes for kids are sure to appeal to dear old dad this month!

Did you know that it is October 31st tomorrow?

Guess that means that October is Oct-over.

Why do birds fly south in October?

Because it's too far to walk!

Why are dads so tired in October?

The yard work brings both rakes-and-pains!

Did you hear about the tree who didn't know it was October already?

Needless to say, he was in disbe-leaf!

October is the best time to prank a leaf!

They fall for anything!

Did you hear about the scarecrow that was awarded the "Best Fall Decor" medal?

I don't know how he won. He was just outstanding in his field. 

What is the only thing a jack-o’-lantern is scared of in October?

Things that go pumpkin in the night!

What did the ghoul say when he got home on Halloween night?

I'm going to be goblin candy all night long!

Why can you always expect the Rolling Stones to have a concert in the tenth month of the year?

Because it's Rock-tober!

What is the most popular month in fall?

You bet your autumn dollar that it is October!

Where do pencils go to look for monsters in October?


Do you know which fall day is 10/10?

October 10th!

Clever October Jokes for Adults to Delight Your Inner Devil

Fall fun isn't just for kids! For the grown-ups who like a good trick-and-treat, we have some outstanding October jokes for adults that will bring both eye rolls and giggles.

I thought that leaving a broom on my front porch in the month of October would draw in the town sorceress.

Turns out it was just witchful thinking.

What is a squirrel's favorite thing to do on October nights?

Nut-flix and chill. 

What does Elon Musk do on Halloween?

Trick or tweet.

Did you hear what happened to the man who got behind on his payments to the exorcist this October?

He got repossessed!

How does a monster figure out what to expect for Halloween night?

He reads his October horror-scope!

How can you ensure that you have a successful October hunt?

Use an autumn-atic rifle.

Why do pies always go to the dentist in October?

Because they need to get their fillings before the November holiday!

What is the first thing you should do on October 1st?

Wake up Green Day! September is over!

Why are PSLs so popular in October?

It's that spice, spice baby!

What is the best crime show to binge in October?

America's Most Haunted!

How do jack-o'-lanterns spend their October nights?

Getting lit!

Eerie-sistably Funny October Puns to Creep It Real 

Don't even chai to say you love October more than me.

Of course, your Instagram feed wouldn't be complete without some outstanding October puns to pair with your posts throughout this spice-tacular month! Or, add them to your fall letter board for fun. Here are some clever quips to consider.

  • October is my number one draft pick!
  • I think you autumn know that October has arrived!
  • This October is unbeliev-apple!
  • Falling in love with October moments.
  • Don't even chai to say you love October more than me.
  • I can't help fallin' in love with October!
  • This October is absolutely gourd-geous!
  • The cool October weather has finally arrived! Sweater late than never...
  • This October caught me off-gourd.
  • I apple-solutely love October!
  • Can you be-leaf it's October already?
  • Why is this October weather being so witchy-washy?
  • October: It's the most wonderfall time of the year.
  • Got to trick or treat yo' self in October!
  • I tried to give up football this October, but I couldn’t kick the habit.
  • I could not have picked a better way to spend an October day. 

October Jokes & Puns Can Bring Laughs All Month

No matter if you are captioning your October Instagram posts or preparing for the fall talent show, we hope that these October-themed jests bring you joy and laughter! However, if you are looking for more fall fun, then consider checking out our fall jokes and Halloween jokes for a few more laughs.

59 October Jokes & Puns That Are Unbe-leaf-ably Funny