75 Apple Picking Captions for Instagram That Are Apple-solutely Adorable

These apple picking quotes are amazing to the core!

Updated August 29, 2023
Happy couple picking up fruit at the plantation

When the temperature cools down and the apples are ripe, it comes time to round up your friends and family for a day of apple-solutely awesome fun at the apple orchard. No matter if you are simply picking your favorite fruit, sipping on some freshly pressed cider, or using your bushel of apples to bake sweet treats, we've the harvested the best apple picking captions for your Instagram posts! 

Juicy Apple Picking Instagram Captions

Dear Mother Nature, thank you for apples.

For those who have had a fabulous fruit-filled day at the orchard, apple picking captions are the perfect way to put together an a-peeling post! Your followers are sure to be green (or red) with apple envy after reading these golden sayings!

  • Will work for apples.
  • They're all Delicious to me.
  • I never met an apple I didn't like.
  • In every life, a little Fuji must fall.
  • Havin' a Golden Delicious kind of day.
  • All in all, they're all just apples in the fall.
  • Supermarket apples are yesterday's news.
  • Dear Mother Nature, thank you for apples.
  • You see apples — I see pies in my future.
  • Everything's coming up Crimson Crisp and delish!
  • Seek and you shall find all the apples you can eat.

Clever Captions for Family Apple Picking Fun

This family is filled with good apples.

What's a family outing that everyone will love? Apple picking, of course! This is your chance to get some truly candid fall family photos to share. Pair them with these creative apple picking captions and you are sure to get a round of apple-ause!

  • A-picking we will go...
  • Havin' a Gala good time with the fam!
  • This family is filled with good apples.
  • There are no bad apples in this brood!
  • Adventure today, applesauce tomorrow...
  • They might be fruity, but I love them — cores and all.
  • We're off to pick a bushel, a bushel of wonderful apples...
  • We picked apples together, and we liked it (even the kids)!
  • Apple picking is the stuff that family traditions are made of.
  • A family that apple picks together truly sticks forever.
  • Apple picking: The one activity every generation can agree on.

Cute Captions for Your Apple Picking Adventures

We apple-ogize for the pun, but not for our bushel of fun!

Apple picking quotes wouldn't be complete without some cute commentary about this fun fall festivity! Here are some adorable apple picking Instagram captions to pick.

  • Had a fruit-full day picking apples!
  • Spent some quali-tree time with friends/the fam today.
  • Farm to table never tasted so good.
  • Life is always brighter at the orchard.
  • We succ-seeded at finding some impressive apples!
  • The early bird gets the apple and the worm! 
  • We apple-ogize for the pun, but not for our bushel of fun!
  • Today was unbeliev-apple!
  • Taking a bite out of life!
  • Roses are red. Apples are too. Picking them is the best way to cure being blue!
  • We couldn't fight this peeling anymore — we had to get the apples that our recipe called for!
Helpful Hack

Another way to craft a creative apple picking caption is to share some clever and compelling facts about this fabulous fruit! For instance: "Did you know that the best way to get your daily dose of fresh air is by eating an apple? Turns out they are 25% air, which is why they float!"

Funny Apple Picking Captions That'll Bring a Bag Full of Laughs

Found some award-winning apple trees today. They were outstanding in their field.

No collection of apple captions is complete without at least a few funny puns. Garner some giggles and groans with these cute but corny expressions about every doctor's favorite fruit!

  • I hope this guy/gal/person always stays by my cider.
  • How about them apples?
  • Apple-solutely delicious!
  • The apple of my pie!
  • Slice, slice, baby!
  • I love apple picking to my very core.
  • What an a-peel-ing way to spend the day!
  • Well, that was an apple pie opening experience!
  • How did I know that the apples were ripe? I got an in-cider tip.
  • We are branched out today and picked some new hobbies.
  • This day deserves some apple-ause!
  • Rotten to the core. 
  • Found some award-winning apple trees today. They were outstanding in their field.

Sweet Apple Picking Instagram Captions for Couples

Just me and my Honeycrisp.

When you and your sweetheart spend a day at the orchard, be sure to snap some caption-worthy pics to share. These heartfelt apple picking quotes are the perfect way to plant some memories!

  • Just me and my Honeycrisp.
  • [He/she/they] are the apple of my eye.
  • Picking autumn magic together.
  • Living apple-y ever after with my guy/gal!
  • I love [him/her/them] to the core.
  • Pickin' apples with the one I picked.
  • Pink Lady doesn't hold a candle to [her/him/them].
  • We go together like apples and cinnamon.
  • Testing out our apple picking compatibility...
  • Apple picking in autumn with the one I love.

Awesome Apple Orchard Captions for Your Time on the Farm

The orchard is calling, I must go.

Apples are awesome, but what about the orchard? It's a veritable forest of apple trees ripe for the picking! What an incredible backdrop for your social snaps.

  • The orchard is my happy place.
  • I could live in the apple orchard.
  • The orchard is calling, I must go.
  • Just strolling through the orchard...
  • This apple orchard is unbe-leaf-able.
  • Spent some time where the good fruit grows. 
  • There's no room for crab apples in this orchard.
  • Farm-to-table is great, but orchard to belly is better!
  • The best orchard is one where the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, how powerful is a whole orchard?

Famous Apple-Inspired Quotes for Your Captions

This is no ordinary apple, it's a magic wishing apple.

Sometimes the best way to capture a moment is to use the famous words of someone else! Apples are a surprising staple in songs and movies, making it easy as apple pie to find sayings surrounding this sweet fruit to spice up your social posts!

Share Your Love of Apple Picking 

From heartfelt expressions to silly sayings, there are a lot of creative ways to caption the photos of your apple-picking autumn adventures. Feel free to use these apple picking quotes as is, or let them serve as inspiration for you to come up with even more wonderful ways to word your golden delicious times in the orchard!

75 Apple Picking Captions for Instagram That Are Apple-solutely Adorable