140 Cute & Clever Coffee Captions to Perk Up Your Instagram Pics

Mocha your coffee Instagram posts even better with these incredible java captions!

Updated September 22, 2023
woman drinking coffee

Coffee is much more than just a pantry staple. For some people, it's an obsession. From those who need massive quantities to get moving in the morning to coffee connoisseurs who are more concerned with gourmet flavors and bean quality, people who enjoy coffee definitely tend to have some strong opinions.

Whether you like instant coffee or high-end espresso, or any of the beans in between, you can use these creative coffee captions to narrate your sentiments about the ultimate drink of the day. 

Short Coffee Captions to Get You Back to Your Cappuccino

Fueled by coffee.

It only takes a few words to brew up a great coffee caption. Here is a dose of coffee catchphrases so that you can get back to savoring your cup of joe!

  • Arabica me.
  • Yassss, coffee!
  • Rise and grind.
  • Fueled by coffee.
  • Coffee or robust!
  • Coffee above all.
  • Time out for coffee.
  • Empowered by coffee.
  • Don't percolate on me.
  • Coffee-ing uncontrollably.

Captivating Coffee Captions for the True Coffee Fiends

Are you a true coffee connoisseur? Espresso your passion with these froth-tastic coffee captions.

  • Take life one cup at a time.
  • Coffee is my cup of tea.
  • It's time to chill a latte.
  • Coffee really gets me going.
  • I wouldn't be me without coffee.
  • Isn't this coffee just absolutely brew-tiful?
  • Coffee makes me frappe with delight.
  • Coffee, where have you bean all my nights?
  • I may have a bit of a coffee-drinking problem.
  • I'm not sure if I can espresso how much I love coffee.

Morning Coffee Captions to Bring a Brew-tiful Start to Your Day

Morning routine- Wake up, open eyes, consume coffee.

You don't have to be a morning person to be a coffee-in-the-morning person. Jumpstart your day with the perfect shot of expresso and these coffee Instagram captions!

  • Morning routine: Wake up, open eyes, consume coffee.
  • Caffeine belongs in everyone's morning routine.
  • Time to break my coffee fast!
  • It's a mocha kind of morning.
  • Coffee really cranks my engine.
  • The best days start with coffee.
  • Hang on, I'm still on my first pot of coffee.
  • It's time for my morning perk-me-up.
  • Morning coffee is the best meal of the day.
  • Eight hours of sleep is too long to go without coffee.

Iced Coffee Captions for Incredible Instagram Posts

There's coffee, and then there is iced coffee. This is a frothy treat all its own that deserves a unique set of sayings!

  • Will work for iced coffee.
  • Over my cold iced coffee.
  • Iced coffee makes rainy days okay.
  • Coffee on ice makes everything feel so nice.
  • Iced coffee isn't a treat — it's a necessity.
  • Who needs dessert? I've got iced coffee.
  • It's iced to meet you!
  • Iced coffee is liquid candy for grown-ups.
  • Don't hate me because I've got an iced coffee.
  • When life gives you cold coffee, add some ice.
  • Iced coffee in my mug makes me happier than a hug.

Sweet Captions for Coffee With Friends 

One can never have too many friends or too much coffee.

If you meet up with your friends for coffee, but don't post a captioned picture to Instagram, did it even really happen? Make sure the world knows about your fa-brew-lous crew with these cute coffee captions!

  • Connecting over coffee.
  • Trouble in 'da coffeehouse!
  • We're brewin' and chewin'.
  • The perks of friendship...
  • Hangin' with my caffeine crew.
  • It's coffee break time somewhere.
  • Workin' towards a coffee consensus.
  • Having a little perk-me-up with my BFFs.
  • Gettin' caffeinated with my brew crew.
  • One can never have too many friends or too much coffee.

Charming Captions for a Coffee Date With Your Brew

You had me at espresso.

Whether it's your first time out or you've been together forever, going for coffee always makes for a great date. Show off this sweet moment with a mug-nificent caption about the person and coffee that you like a latte!

  • Sharin' a brew with my boo.
  • You had me at espresso.
  • I'll never say no to a coffee date.
  • You could say that we are the perfect blend.
  • Any date where coffee is served is a good date.
  • My date looks great through these coffee goggles.
  • A boring date is a small price to pay for a free cup of coffee.
  • My date didn't seem to like me, but at least I got coffee.
  • How was your coffee date? A bit too frothy for my taste.
  • Is that a latte in your mug, or are you just happy to see me?
  • I like my dates the way I like my coffee: strong, warm, and sweet.

Coffee Sayings for Those Quiet Moments We All Savor

Just me, myself, and coffee.

Sometimes coffee is best enjoyed alone. These coffee captions provide a fair warning to others to let you enjoy your coffee on your own.

  • Just me, myself, and coffee.
  • I can always count on coffee.
  • I don't need nothin' but coffee.
  • Coffee picks me up when I'm down.
  • I drink (coffee) alone and I like it.
  • Coffee is the only companion I need.
  • Nobody comes between me and my coffee pot.
  • I'll be fine once I have a little sippy sip of survival brew.
  • I can do all things through coffee, which strengthens me.
  • It's in your best interest to stay away from me until I've had my coffee.

Perfect Captions for Your Afternoon Coffee Moments

Does your day need to brew up some motivation? These coffee Instagram captions can showcase your need for a midday java boost!

  • Bring me my coffee, stat!
  • So much coffee, so little time.
  • Coffee gives me superpowers.
  • This queen requires the whole bean.
  • Caffeinated enough, here I come.
  • Who made you queen of the coffee pot?
  • Coffee is my therapy.
  • Keep your wine. I'll take coffee any day.
  • Hit me with your best shot (of espresso).
  • Nobody puts espresso on the back burner.

Funny Coffee Captions to Add a Latte Laughs to Your Day 

It's a brew-tiful day!

If the smell of coffee put a smile on your face, these funny sayings can help transform that grin into a chuckle that will carry you through your day!

  • Iced, iced, coffee. It's the only way I can stop, collaborate, and listen!
  • Mochachino me crazy!
  • I've bean thinking...
  • Wake me up before you cocoa!
  • It's a brew-tiful day!
  • The mocha the merrier.
  • Go ahead, milk my coffee.
  • Skip the hugs—give me coffee.
  • Coffee can really light up the night.
  • Does coffee count as day drinking?
  • A cup of espresso wards off depress-o.
  • Coffee today, coffee tomorrow, coffee forever.
  • To coffee or not to coffee? That is never the question.
  • Instant coffee?! Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Helpful Hack

If you really want your Instagram story to get some attention, consider using a coffee joke as your caption! This is an easy way to brew up some joy for someone who didn't have time to snag their cup of joe this morning.

Clever Captions for Your Unique Coffee Order

If you want your troubles to fade away, then pour your coffee the Irish way!

Everyone has their own version of the perfect cup of joe! This means that you need different captions for a frappuccino versus an espresso net time you hit the coffee shop. Don't worry! We have a solid selection of sayings so you can highlight just what you ordered. 

  • Espresso patronum!
  • Don’t worry, be frappe.
  • I've got 99 problems, but a latte ain't one!
  • There is no better way to mocha me happy!
  • Affogato the name of my drink.
  • If you want your troubles to fade away, then pour your coffee the Irish way!
  • Better latte than never...
  • May the cold brew be with you!
  • Push it real good! #Frenchpress
  • Cappuccino? I think you mean cappucci-yes!
  • Espresso yourself!
  • Live, laugh, love, lattes! 
  • It's an Irish coffee kind of day. 
  • Joke of the Day: Decaf anything in the morning.

Coffee Bean Sayings Are Grounds for Celebration

No collection of coffee captions is complete without some creative takes on the all-important coffee bean! Here are some cute coffee captions that circle around this stupendous seed!

  • Whole bean or bust.
  • I've got a bean to grind.
  • I'm keen for coffee beans.
  • Don't be a coffee bean counter.
  • Bitter beans brew better coffee.
  • Just sittin' here countin' my coffee beans.
  • Coffee buddies are friends with bean-ifits.
  • The best coffee bean is a roasted coffee bean.
  • How much do I love coffee? Let me count the beans.
  • It's all fun and games until somebody spills the coffee beans.

Decaf Coffee Captions for the Moments When the Good Stuff is Out

Want to know how to kill a coffee bean? Decaf-itation.

What do you get when you take the caffeine out of coffee? That's a good question to address with a snarky caption!

  • Decaf is a snoozefest.
  • Want to know how to kill a coffee bean? Decaf-itation.
  • Dearest decaf, can you go find my friend caffeine please?
  • Decaf is an abomination to my caffeine buzz.
  • Decaf doesn't qualify as coffee.
  • Decaf is a crime against humanity.
  • Decaf? Are you trying to kill me?
  • Decaf? I may as well take a sleeping pill.
  • Decaf is just a mug full of disappointment.
  • Don't even think of trying to pass off decaf as actual coffee.

Coffee Shop Captions to Celebrate Your Favorite Place to Be 

We all have our favorite spot to grab our customary cup of joe. Make sure to give your choice cafe a shout out with these captivating coffee shop captions!

  • [Name of favorite coffee shop] is always a part of my daily grind. 
  • Baristas: Steaming up my work views. 
  • Talk about deja brew. #officiallyaregular
  • Words cannot espresso how much this spot beans to me!
  • I love this place a latte.
  • This place is mug-nificent.
  • I affogato how much I love this place.
  • [Name of coffee shop you would never go to] — Don’t mocha me laugh! I only get brews from [name of favorite coffee shop].
  • I will come here for my coffee until the bitter end!
  • Procaffinating before I have to head to work.

Express Your Passion for Java With Coffee Captions

These coffee captions give you a full menu of options to consider. Feel free to use the ones you like as-is, or get inspired by these ideas and brainstorm even more coffee-centric sayings.

Or, if you're looking for something a bit more adult, try these drinking captions. Because sometimes you might want to take your coffee with a little whiskey.

140 Cute & Clever Coffee Captions to Perk Up Your Instagram Pics