42 Soup Jokes & Puns So Funny They'll Take Your Broth Away

These mar-pho-lous soup jokes are sure to ladle out some laughs!

Published January 3, 2024
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Soup jokes are the perfect way to serve up some silliness on a cold day! From wonton witticisms to jambalaya jests and classic quips about chicken noodle soup, we have a wide selection of soup jokes pho you.

So peas, read on to find some punny pea soup jokes, cheery chowder wisecracks, and gazpacho gags. We have something for everyone on this soup joke menu!

Savory Soup Jokes for Soup-erb Laughs

If you have a hankering for some soup jokes, then we have just what you ordered! These silly soup puns are sure to hit the spot!

Did you hear about the soup bowl that was almost empty? It had a leek in it!

What is the best way to celebrate chicken noodle soup’s birthday?

Make it a soup-rise!

Did you hear about the soup who won the lottery?

Now he's a bouillon-aire!

Did you hear about the cafe that didn't have any soup?

They said they were out of stock!

Why did the soup decide to get married?

Because his love was pho real!

What is a ghoul’s favorite type of soup?

Scream of chicken!

What font does noodle soup always use on its book reports?

Times New Ramen!

Did you hear about the ramen that was used in the spaghetti recipe?

Talk about an impasta!

What is the best day of the week to eat Jambalaya?


How does Reese eat her tomato basil soup?


Where does chicken broth come from?


How can you tell that a Swiss person likes their soup?

They will start ladle-ing!

How will you know if you made soup mad?

It will start stewing!

Did you hear about the soup bowl that was almost empty?

It had a leek in it!

Why do people always eat clam chowder at seaside restaurants?

They feel pier pressure to order it!

Why was the duck mad when he got his soup?

They forgot his quackers!

Soup-tacular Soup Jokes for Every Palate 

There are so many different types of soup, which brings an incredible number of soup jokes to the table! Here are some stew-pendous soup jokes for you to savor! 

How do you make perfectly golden butternut squash soup?

You add 24 carats!

Why is alphabet soup good for you?

It gives you better vowel movements!

When does eating chicken noodle soup make you feel worse?

When you are a chicken!

Why can you always expect cream of mushroom soup to be the life of the party?

Because he's a fungi!

Why should you never expect clam chowder to help you out in a jam?

Because it’s a shellfish soup!

What did the gazpacho say to his girlfriend when he proposed?

I love you from my head tomatoes!

What happens when you add watermelon to broccoli cheddar soup?

You get a melon-coli snack!

Did you hear about the corn chowder who was pretending to be clam chowder?

It was quite the s-clam!

How does chicken noodle soup solve problems?

He uses his noodle!

Why are Japanese noodle soups the best Valentine's Day dates?

They are hopeless ramen-tics!

What do you call 2000 pounds of Chinese soup?

Won Ton!

How can you tell that you are eating rabbit stew?

You'll find a hare in it!

What did the clam chowder say to the goulash when they broke up?

It’s not me, it’s stew!

What do you call an award-winning bowl of soup?

The Soup-er Bowl Champion!

Did you know that split pea soup is a bit of a hippie?

It always wants peas, not war!

Fast Fact

Want to hear the corniest pea soup joke ever? 

What's the difference between pea soup and roast beef?
Anyone can roast beef...

Whomp whomp. At least your dad will laugh!

Soup Puns That Are Pho Real, the Best

Looking for sensational soup captions for your foodie Instagram posts? We are spooning out some soup-erb soup puns for everyone to enjoy!

If you want to see me dance, just serve me up a thick stew! I'll be doing the roux-ba in no time!
  • What have udon?! You ate the last bowl of soup and miso hungry!
  • Aww, shucks … did you see that we are out of clam chowder? Things are about to get steamy!
  • My love for French onion soup will go onion, onion. 
  • Chicken and gnocchi soup is the gno-key to my heart. It's low-cchi the best soup ever.
  • If you really want to make a soup-herb soup, just add some basil. It really spices things up!
  • Ever tried chicken and rice soup? It’s surp-rice-ingly good!
  • I made a chicken, sausage, and shrimp gumbo last night. I thought it would be good, but it turned out to just be meaty okra.
  • Always eat Goulash on December 31st. It’s the only way to have a happy stew year!
  • If you want to see me dance, just serve me up a thick stew! I'll be doing the roux-ba in no time!
  • The makers of chicken noodle are the real soup-erheroes! How else would we get better?!
Fast Fact

Ever heard of the "What do you eat soup with?" joke? It's really just a silly way to trick someone's mind into saying the wrong answer. To do this, first, ask someone to say fork. Then, ask them to say it three more times. Next, ask them to spell it twice and then have them say it two more times. Finally, ask them what they eat soup with. This will cause them to instinctively say fork, which is clearly the wrong answer!

Soup Jokes Serve Up Lots of Fun 

For the foodies who can't resist a savory cup of soup, soup jokes, and soup puns are a sensational way to share your taste for scrumptious stew. And if you are looking for more fun food quotes, make sure to check out our pizza quotes and taco captions!

42 Soup Jokes & Puns So Funny They'll Take Your Broth Away