55 Taco Quotes & Captions to Spice Up Your Taco Tuesdays

Tacos are the best. That's why we're serving up some taco quotes that will guac your world!

Published November 30, 2023
Happy woman eating tacos at a street food restaurant

For those who are blessed and taco-obsessed, you need a heaping helping of taco quotes and captions to capture all of your fillings about these tasty treats! From Taco Tuesday quotes to sayings about the fantas-taco toppings you find in these magical Mexican meals, we are serving up some spec-taco-ular taco sayings for your Instagram posts.

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are original and written by LoveToKnow Staff. 

Taco Tuesday Quotes to Shell Out Some Smiles

The secret to a good life — live every day like it's Taco Tuesday.

Let's just all agree now that Taco Tuesday is the best day when it comes to food. With that being said, if you want to tacover your friends' and family members' Instagram feeds with terrific taco pictures, then you need triumphant taco sayings to serve with them. Thankfully, have some options that will hit the spot!

  • Talk about a spec-taco-ular spread!
  • It's a fantas-taco day for some tacos!
  • Torchys always gives me somethin' to taco 'bout!
  • Fried avocado tacos guac my world!
  • We are going to [restaurant name] for Taco Tuesday. Are you going taco-ooperate?
  • Tuesday's Forecast: 100% chance of tacos.
  • The secret to a good life — live every day like it's Taco Tuesday.
  • You've guac to be kidding me! How can [restaurant] be out of tacos?! This is a big poblano!
  • Decided to taco chance on fish tacos today. They were fin-tastic!
  • This is nacho average Tuesday! It is Taco Tuesday!

Funny Taco Sayings That'll Have Everyone Falling Apart With Laughter

Let's taco walk on the wild side and eat tacos on Wednesday, too.

Is it tac-o’clock already? No need to crack under the pressure of finding the perfect taco quote — we have a collection of taco captions just in queso emergency!

  • Shell-ebrate good times, COME ON!
  • 'Let's skip the tacos tonight,' said no Juan ever.
  • [Restaurant name] is the taco the town! 
  • I've got a bad queso lovin' you...
  • Avocado crush on you. (Talking to the taco)
  • I can never guac away from a good taco.
  • If you don't like tacos, I'm nacho girl/guy/person.
  • Let's taco walk on the wild side and eat tacos on Wednesday, too.
  • I want to get jalapeno business! (Talking to the taco)
  • Taco the morning to ya!
  • Cayenne you help me with something? I want to season the moment. Do you have salsa for my taco?
  • Un-bean-ownst to me, there is another taco spot in town! Taco 'bout a fun surprise!

Terrific Taco Love Quotes to Share the Bliss That Tacos Bring

Let's taco 'bout how we are meant to bean.

If someone doesn't love tacos, then lettuce pray for their soul, because they clearly haven't tasted heaven yet! These taco quotes about our love of this dish are the perfect way to caption the hap-bean-ness that they bring into our lives. These taco love quotes might just be the perfect language to describe your feelings for sweetheart, too. 

  • Tacos are proof that things that are broken aren't any less valuable. 
  • Fitness is important to me. Fit'ness taco in my mouth, that is!
  • In queso you didn't know, I love me some tacos. 
  • Wanna taco 'bout your troubles at the taco truck?
  • I love our friend-chip, but I love tacos more. 
  • Life without you would be like a taco without a filling. 
  • Will work for tacos. 
  • Me and this taco are meant to bean
  • Our relationship is like a taco: it's messy, but there's nothing better in life. 
  • The easiest way to tell if someone likes a taco is to see if they taco their time eating it!
  • I won't burrito 'round the bush; tacos are literally the best meal ever.
  • Sweetheart, you're the spice in my taco every day. 

Cute & Clever Song Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Our Love of Tacos


Did you realize that some of the most popular songs of all time were actually describing the world's love of tacos? These classic lyrics are the perfect taco quotes. Go ahead, read through them. You will see what I'm taco'n about!

Famous Quotes Rewritten About Tacos to Express Our Devotion to This Dish

There are certain movie quotes that we can all recite by heart. These powerful words made these movie moments magical, so why not rewrite them with tacos in mind?

  • You had me at taco!
  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. I'm eating the last taco.
  • May the taco be with you.
  • Say "hello" to my little taco!
  • Show me the tacos!
  • You can't handle the taco!
  • Taco! Taco!
  • You're gonna need a bigger taco!
  • I'll get you, my pretty, and your little taco, too!
  • Carpe diem. Sieze the taco!
  • I'm going to make him a taco he can't refuse.
  • Nobody puts tacos in the corner!
  • My precious. (Insert picture of yourself holding a taco)
  • If you build it, he will come, for the taco.

Taco Sayings Can Serve Up Some Fun

Taco-ly Moly! That's a lot of taco quotes and captions! Hopefully, you got your fill, but if you didn't we also have some fabulous fast food captions that might be just guac the doctor ordered.

55 Taco Quotes & Captions to Spice Up Your Taco Tuesdays