200+ Birthday Party Names to Celebrate Every Age & Milestone

What better reason to celebrate than another trip around the sun? These birthday party names will help you ring in another year of life, no matter your age.

Published June 13, 2023
Friends presenting birthday cake to girl

From sweet first birthdays to wild 30th celebrations, there's a birthday party name for every age and party theme. Send your invites with the most clever name for your birthday party and watch the RSVPs roll in.

Birthday Party Names for One Year Olds

The first birthday party is a special one! Mark this milestone occasion with an adorable birthday party name that you'll look back on fondly for years to come.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Turns One
  • Fun to be One
  • First Trip Around the Sun
  • One-derland Celebration
  • Baby's First Bash
  • The Big One
  • One Happy Circus
  • Tiny Tot's First Fiesta
  • One Magical Year
  • Bee-Day Number One
  • Wild One Jungle Party
  • Baby's Barnyard Bash
  • First Year Fairytale
  • Baby's Blooming First
  • Little Cub's First Roar
  • 1st Sail on the Birthday Sea
  • One-derful World of [Child's Name]
  • Lil' Pumpkin's First Party
  • Winter One-derland
  • Born to Be Wild First Party
  • First Flight Birthday Bash
  • Sprinkled With Love for One
  • Our Little Sunshine Turns One
  • One Big Cupcake Party

Birthday Party Names for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Little girl blowing her birthday candle

Those early childhood birthday parties are so sweet and memorable. Make your bash truly unforgettable with a fun party name that reflects your little one's personality and interests in a clever way.

  • Two-rific Dinosaur Roar
  • Roar for Three-Rex
  • Three-nager Racing Car Rally
  • Butterfly Kisses for Four
  • Tea for Two Tea Party
  • Firefighter Frenzy at Three
  • Fabulous Four Fairyland
  • Aloha to Two
  • Threenado at the Zoo
  • Out of This World Four
  • Two Much Fun at the Circus
  • The Pirate's Third Treasure Hunt
  • Four-tastic Lego Builders
  • Two Infinity and Beyond
  • Magic Hat Trick at Three
  • Fantastic Four Superheroes
  • Two-tti Frutti Party
  • Racing to Three Car Bash
  • Princess Power Party for Four
  • Deuce on the Loose
  • Three Ring Circus Carnival
  • Four-alicious Candy Crush
  • Two-rific Farmyard Bash
  • Mermaids and Pirates Third Adventure
  • Space Explorer Four Ever
  • Two the Moon and Back
  • Tacos for Two

Birthday Party Names for K-5 Kids

As your child gets older, you'll plan more parties that are themed and specific to the shows, hobbies, and characters they love. Choose a birthday party name that impresses their classmates and shows them how much you value the things they're interested in.

  • Five Star Space Explorers
  • Sixcessful Superhero Summit
  • Seven Seas Pirate Adventure
  • Eighth Wonder of the World Party
  • Ninja-tastic Nine
  • Decade of Awesomeness
  • Fabulous Five Safari
  • Sweet Sixth Slumber Party
  • Seven's Rainbow Revel
  • Eighth Note Musical Mash
  • Nine Lives Cat Party
  • Perfect Ten Sports Spectacular
  • High Five for Turning Five
  • Magic Number Six
  • Seventh Heaven Unicorn Party
  • Crazy Eights Carnival
  • Divine Canine Nine
  • Top Ten Arcade Party
  • Super Sixth Space Blast
  • Seven's Enchanted Forest
  • Artistic Eight's Gallery Gathering
  • Decathlon for a Decade
  • Five-Star Chef Cook-off

Birthday Party Names for Tweens

Destination parties, fun gatherings with friends, and full weekend celebrations are in order for successful tween parties. These birthday party names will help you stay cool with your tween as you plan the very specific party they've asked for.

  • Electric Eleven Neon Bash
  • Twelve's Time Travel Adventure
  • Eleven Eleven Wishes
  • Twelve's Tropical Treasure Hunt
  • Radical Rockstar Eleven
  • Twelve Around the Sun
  • Eleven's Endless Summer
  • Sweet Dozen Soiree
  • Elevenses in the Shire
  • Fashionable Twelve
  • Star-Studded Eleven
  • Top Twelve Movie Marathon
  • Eleven's Emoji Extravaganza
  • Galactic Twelve Space Quest
  • Eleventh Hour Mystery
  • Twelve's Thrilling Theme Park
  • Enchanted Eleven's Unicorns and Dragons
  • Dancing Through the Decades at Twelve
  • Eleventh Heaven Spa Day
  • Terrific Twelve's Campout
  • Pop Star Eleven
  • Twelve's Night Under the Stars
  • Daring Detective at Eleven
  • Tasty Twelve Cooking Contest
  • Glam Slam Eleven

Birthday Party Names for Teenagers

Girl blowing candles during birthday celebration

Teenage birthdays might come with their own collection of challenges, but the celebrations can be a wonderful way to show your teen how much you love them. Throw them a 13th year celebration or Sweet 16 they'll never forget with the perfect party name to match.

  • Thrilling Thirteen's Theater Night
  • Fourteen's Fiesta Forever
  • Fifteen's Festival of Fun
  • Sweet Sixteen Sundown
  • Stellar Seventeen's Starlight Party
  • Eighteen's Escape Room Extravaganza
  • Lucky Thirteen Dance-off
  • Fourteen's Fantasy Football
  • Fierce at Fifteen Fashion Show
  • Super Sweet Sixteen Soiree
  • Seventeen's Superheroes & Supervillains
  • Eighteen's Artistic Expression
  • Thirteen's Thrill-seekers Adventure
  • Fourteen's Futuristic Fun
  • Fifteen's Film Festival
  • Sixteen Candles Cinema Night
  • Seventeen's Silent Disco
  • Eighteen's Elegant Evening
  • Thirteen TikTok Challenges
  • Fourteen's Foodie Feast
  • Fabulous Fifteen's Karaoke Bash
  • Sixteen's Summer Splash
  • Seventeen's Board Game Battle
  • Eighteen's Eco-Friendly Party
  • Thirteen's Tropical Paradise

21st Birthday Party Names

It's the milestone birthday that signifies the official entrance into adulthood, and it deserves a worthy party name. Mark the celebration of a lifetime with clever 21st birthday party names.

  • Twenty-Fun Fiesta
  • Legal Eagle's Bash
  • 21 & Done With Fake IDs
  • Cheers to 21 Years
  • Finally Legal Fête
  • 21 & Hot - Buy me a Shot!
  • The Big Two-One Bonanza
  • Level 21 Unlocked
  • Blackjack Birthday Bash
  • 21 Karat Gold Party
  • Sip Sip Hooray for 21
  • Two Decades Plus One
  • 21 and Over-the-Hill Party
  • The Start of Statutory Adulting
  • The Roaring 21st
  • Twenty-Onder-ful Years
  • A Toast to 21 Years
  • Ringing in the 21st
  • 21st Birthday Royal Ball
  • 21 at Last, 21 at Last!

Adult Milestone Birthday Party Names

After 21, you might have less blow out gatherings and save the big celebrations for your milestone birthdays. In which case, you'll need a party name worthy of the milestone. From 30 to 100, these adult milestone party names will remind you that you're as young as you feel.

  • Flirty Thirty
  • Thriving at Thirty-Five
  • The Big 4-0 Bash
  • Fantastic at Fifty
  • Sensational Sixty Soirée
  • Seventy's Sunset Celebration
  • Eighty's Great Gatsby Gala
  • Vintage Vino for a 90th
  • Cheers to 100 Years
  • Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving
  • Still Naughty at Forty
  • Fifty & Fabulous
  • Stylish Sixty's Shindig
  • Forever Young at 70
  • Eighty & Elegant Evening
  • Nifty at Ninety
  • Cheers & Beers to 30 Years
  • Forty & Foxy Fest
  • Fifty Shades of Celebration
  • Sixty's Star-Studded Bash
  • Seventy & Sassy Soirée
  • Elegant Eighty's Extravaganza
  • 100 & Blooming Birthday Bash

Other Adult Birthday Party Names

Maybe you just need a clever party name for your upcoming birthday bash that gets the theme across to your guests. Whether it's an elegant dinner party or a destination celebration, adults will love these creative and witty party names.

  • Bubbly & Brunch Birthday Bash
  • Starry Night Soiree
  • Cocktails & Dreams Celebration
  • Feathers & Fringe Festivity
  • Bourbon & Bowties Bash
  • Sundown & Sangria Soiree
  • Gin & Jazz Gala
  • Tiki Twilight
  • Champagne & Chandeliers
  • Black Tie & Barefoot
  • Gourmet Grazing Gala
  • Summer Breeze Soiree
  • Martini Masquerade
  • Beer Garden Birthday Bash
  • Vintage Vineyard Celebration
  • Lanterns & Laughter Party
  • Speakeasy Sunset Soiree
  • Cocktail Carnival
  • Birthday Bubbles and Bliss
  • Glitzy Garden Gala
  • Midnight Mystery Party
  • Boots & BBQ Birthday Bash
  • Candlelight & Canapés
  • Party Like a Pineapple
  • Sequins & Suits Celebration

Funny Birthday Party Names for Adults

They say the secret to a long life is laughter. Maybe these funny party names will have you laughing your way through many birthdays to come. At the very least, you'll have your guests complimenting your wit and creativity.

  • Aged to Perfection Party
  • Lord of the Wrinkles Celebration
  • Forever Young-ish
  • Don't Ask the Age, It's Just a Number
  • You Bet Jurassic's a Party
  • Born Before Wi-Fi Soiree
  • Aging Like a Fine Boxed Wine
  • Level Up: More Experience, Less HP
  • Another Trip Around the Sun... Exhausted Yet?
  • Young at Heart, Old Everywhere Else
  • Can't Keep Calm, It's My Birthday Bash
  • Vintage Edition Birthday
  • The Great Cake Massacre
  • Party Like It's $19.99
  • Fossil Alert Celebration
  • Sassy Since Birth Day
  • One Year Closer to Discounts Party
  • You're Not Old, You're Retro
  • This is My 'I Demand Attention' Party
  • Another Year, Another Wrinkle
  • Legally 21... Months in Quarantine Time
  • Age is Just a High Score Celebration
  • Better Late Than Never Birthday
  • Stayin' Alive Party

Age Is Just an Excuse to Party

Whether you choose sophisticated and elegant or the most outrageous rager you can dream up, the best part of having a birthday is the excuse to party. These names, no matter your age, will help you celebrate with style, joy, and excitement.

200+ Birthday Party Names to Celebrate Every Age & Milestone