53 Friendsgiving Party Names for Your Turkey Day Besties Bash

Serve up some excitement for the holiday with these a-maize-ing Friendsgiving party names!

Published October 18, 2023
Group of Friends Celebrating Thanksgiving

Y'all bready for this? You butter believe that we have some fantastic Friendsgiving party names baking for your bestie bashes! So don't just wing this year's poultry party pseudonyms — the tur-key to success starts with clucking good captions for your celebrations, and we have collected a glorious gaggle of gala names to choose from this holiday season!

Corny (but Cool) Food-Themed Friendsgiving Party Names 

A-maize-ing friends always have your ear! This makes them worth celebrating! If you're looking for some corny captions to use for your holiday celebrations, we have the pie-fect selection of Friendsgiving party names for you to peruse!

  • The Pardoned Poultry Party: Hallelujah! It's a Ham-boree!
  • Season the Day! It's Friendsgiving Thyme!
  • Celebrating Spud-tacular Friends
  • Upper Crust Com-pan-ion Celebration
  • Gettin' Pie With a Little Help From My Friends
  • Brussel Sprout Bestie Bash
  • Sweet Potato Pal-ooza
  • The Stuffing of Sidekicks Celebration
  • Best Spuddies Soiree
  • The Ride or Pies Reunion
  • Let the Gourd Times Roll This Friendsgiving
  • Pumpkin Pies of My Eye Party
  • Celebrate Good Thymes, Come On!

Friendsgiving Party Names to Get You in the Spirit of the Season

Dining Wine Cheers Party thanksgiving

They had you at Merlot! Sometimes the best of friends are the ones that you make pour decisions with! This season make sure that everyone's spirits are bright by choosing a Friendsgiving party name that lets them know your celebration will beer a happy one!

  • The Wild Turkeys
  • Bautumns Up Bash
  • The Reisling for the Season: Friends & Fine Wine
  • Grapes & Gobblers of Glory
  • Poultry Pairing Party
  • Grape Gobbler Gala
  • Hoppy Friendsgiving: Let's Celebrate a Brew-tiful End to the Basting Season!
  • An Old-Fashioned Friendsgiving for My Blend of Friends
  • Friendsgiving: Festivities Start at Wine O'Cluck
  • Friendsgiving: Love Is Ale We Need
  • Thanksguzzling Gals Get-Together
  • The Glass Act Gobbler Gala
  • Party for My Partners in Wine
  • Wine Don't We Celebrate Friendsgiving Together?
Quick Tip

If you plan to use a spirit-themed Friendsgiving party name, make sure to have the drinks to match! We have some great Friendsgiving drink options to consider!

Gratitude-Filled Friendsgiving Party Names to Give Thanks for Your Best Spuddies

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Friendsgiving is a time to be friend-full. Make sure that the greatest pals in your life know how glorious they are with a Friendsgiving party name that's brimming with gratitude!

  • The Great Gathering of Gourdeous Gobblers
  • Feast Your Eyes on Fine Friends 
  • Friends Are the Tur-key to Your Heart
  • Thankful as Cluck for Fantastic Friends
  • Fall-iday Friendsgiving Feasters
  • Celebrating the Baste of Friends
  • Fine Feathered Friends Fiesta
  • Friendsgiving Frenzy
  • The Great Gobbler Gala
  • Celebration of My Cornicopia of Confidantes
  • Grateful for Gal Pals Gathering
  • Feast Friends Forever
  • It's Giving Friends

Cinema & TV-Worthy Titles for Your Friendsgiving Festivities

Some of the best television and movie moments circle around the holidays! This Friendsgiving. Make certain that your friends get the memo — they have a ticket waiting for a showing of thanks from the friends they hold most dear! These Friendsgiving party names can clue them in to this exclusive event! 

  • How I Met Your Turkey Maker
  • The Poultry Diaries
  • Bastemaids
  • Mean Gobblers
  • The Wreck-It Roasters
  • The Bird-Feast Club
  • The Dead Poultry Society
  • Casserole Royale: Festivities Start at 007 O'Cluck
  • Beauties and the Feast
  • Game of Wishbones
  • Cran-berrily Wait 
  • The Golden Gobblers
  • I Love Leftovers Legion

Friendsgiving Party Names Can Get Everyone Excited for the Celebration

This holiday season, get creative with your Friendsgiving invitations and come up with Friendsgiving party names that show off your theme and your excitement to gather! While they may seem silly, these titles are sure to serve up smiles all around. And if you intend to play some Friendsgiving party games or sign up for a turkey trot, don't forget to check out our list of Thanksgiving team names to continue to the fun.

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53 Friendsgiving Party Names for Your Turkey Day Besties Bash