110 True or False Questions for Kids That Will Boggle Their Minds

Have fun and learn with these true or false questions for kids. From unusual questions about our world to animals to holidays, there's plenty to reveal!

Published September 5, 2023
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True or false questions for kids are a great way to get your kiddos thinking and have fun at the same time! While it may seem like a test, that doesn't mean that the topics can't be entertaining. We've compiled a list of both easy true or false questions and some more mind-boggling options to keep everyone guessing!

Easy True or False Questions for Kids of Any Age

These true and false questions for kids are a simple way to gauge their knowledge base in an array of topics. See if they can pass this first pop quiz! And for those who think they will pass with flying colors, try to play this section as a speed round!  

Quick Tip

There are lots of ways to use the true or false printable. Try it for family game night, as a solo activity for kids to keep boredom at bay on a car ride or while waiting somehwere, or to keep a group of kids entertained after school. 

Australia is the only country that is also an entire continent.


The American flag has 15 stripes.

False (It has 13 stripes.)

The body's largest organ is the liver.

False (It is your skin.)

The summer months in the Southern hemisphere are December through February.


Emus can fly.


The official language of Brazil is Spanish.

False (It is Portuguese.)

The Olympics are held every five years.

False (It is every two, but it used to be every four.)

Bats are mammals.


Vatican City is the smallest city in the world.


Timon's best friend is Simba.

False (It is Pumbaa.)

A watermelon is a type of berry.


Dolphins can drown.


A fig is a fruit.

False (It is actually a flower.)

The sun is a star.


Tomatoes are a vegetable.

False (They are a fruit.)

George Washington's middle name was Henry.

False (He had no middle name.)

Trees that lose their leaves each fall are called deciduous trees.


The hottest place on earth is Death Valley.


Bees have two wings.

False (They have four.)

Two is the only even prime number.


The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter.


SpongeBob's best friend is Squidward.

False (It is Patrick.)

V comes before S in the alphabet.


Lightning can strike the same place twice.


Venus is the closest plant to Earth.

False (It is Mercury.)

Quick Tip

If you have older and younger kids, you can use the easy set of questions for both, but make it more challenging for older kids by requiring them to try to come up with the correct answer for anything they deem false. 

Un-bee-lievable True or False Questions for Kids About Animals

Weird animal facts are always a fan favorite among kids! This makes true and false questions that relate to the animal kingdom an a-moo-sing choice!

A girl wearing school uniform at breakfast at home laughing and playing on a smartphone

Platypuses are venomous.


Rodent teeth grow continuously.


Elephants can't jump.


The hippopotamus has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. 

False (It is the Nile Crocodile.)

Giraffes have three stomachs.

False (They have four.)

Goldfish don’t have a stomach.


Lobsters pee out of their faces.


Koala babies eat their mom's poop.


Kangaroos have belly buttons.


Dalmations are born without spots.


Killer whales go through menopause.


Polar bears have gray colored skin.

False (It is black.)

There is a sea slug that can make its food through photosynthesis.


That same slug looks like a baby cow.


Ostriches lay the largest eggs in the world.

False (The whale shark holds this title.)

Owls don't have eyeballs.

True (They have eye tubes.)

Rhino horns are made from dentine, a hard bony tissue.

False (They are made of keratin, the same protein as our fingernails.)

The Pacu fish has teeth like a human.


The longest-living vertebrate animal on the planet is the Galapagos Giant Tortoise.

False (It is the Greenland shark.)

Butterflies don't poop.


Clams have feet.


Snakes are the world's deadliest creature.

False (It is mosquitos.)

A cockroach can live without its head.

True (Their brain is in their abdomen.)

Bats have the same number of fingers and thumbs as a human.


A group of jellyfish are called a float.

False (They are called a smack, a bloom, a brood, or a swarm.)

Fun True or False Questions for Disney Fanatics

Since our kids love to binge these classic tales, sometimes on a never-ending repeat, they should be able to breeze through these fun true or false questions about their favorite Disney characters and movies, right? Let's find out!

Walt Disney World

Belle is the only character in her village to wear blue.


Chester is the name of Alice's cat in Alice in Wonderland.

False (It is Dinah.)

Jasmine is the only Disney princess to wear pants.

False (Anna and Elsa wear pants in Frozen II.)

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel calls a tobacco pipe a dinglehopper.

False (That is what she calls a fork. She calls the tobacco pipe a Snarfblatt.)

The Sanderson sister’s names are Winifred, Sandra, and Mary

False (Sarah is the second sister’s name, not Sandra.)

The three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty are named Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.


At the ball, Cinderella's shoe falls off her right foot. 

False (it was the left.)

There are five Toy Story movies.

False (There are four)

Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Wendy Darling (from Peter Pan) are voiced by the same actress.

True (Her name is Kathryn Beaumont.)

Big Hero 6 is set in San Francisco.

False (It is set in the fictional town of San Fransokyo.)

Disney's first movie was Pinocchio.

False (It was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.)

The first animal that you see in The Lion King is a rhinoceros.


Aladdin's two most famous songs are "A Whole New World" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".

False ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is from The Lion King.)

There is a walrus character in Alice in Wonderland.


The vultures in The Jungle Book are based on The Beatles.


Jasmine is the youngest Disney princess.

False (It is Snow White.)

The lion roars that you hear throughout The Lion King are actually tiger roars.


The butler in The Aristocats is named Alfred.

False (His name is Edgar.)

Goofy, Mickey, and Donald Duck can all be seen in the beginning of The Little Mermaid.


The Disney title character with the least number of lines is Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

False (It is Dumbo.)

Pongo and Perdita had 101 puppies.

False (They had 15.)

Ursula's moray eel minions are named Flotsam and Jetsam.


The human parent's names in the Lady and the Tramp are Jim and Elizabeth Brown.


The pub in Tangled is called The Ugly Duckling.

False (It is The Snugly Duckling.)

Jasmine's pet tiger is named Rajah.


Festive Holiday True or False Questions for Kids 

We all have our favorite holiday traditions, but how much do your kids know about the days we are celebrating? These true and false questions will surprise, delight, and even frighten you!

Little girl in Christmas playing with lights

The highest grossing Christmas movie is Home Alone.

False (It was the Grinch.)

Cupid is actually the Greek God Eros.


John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and he signed the biggest signature.


If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, we will have an early spring.

False (This signifies six more weeks of winter.)

Turnips were the original Jack-o’-lanterns, not pumpkins. 


The first state to make the 4th of July an official holiday was New York.

False (It was Massachusetts.)

The Germans bake gingerbread cookies for Valentine's Day.


President Calvin Coolidge was gifted a raccoon to serve for Thanksgiving dinner, but he decided to keep it as a pet instead.


The custom of the Easter egg hunt comes from ancient Greece.

False (It was Germany.)

In the early 1900s, the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day did not apply to the wealthy.

True (This rule was rooted in practicality. Unless you could afford post summer vacations, which was something only the wealthy could enjoy, white was frowned upon.)

St. Patrick was born in Dublin, Ireland.

False (He was born in Britain)

The original Easter hare used to have a naughty and nice list just like Santa Claus.

True (This was a tradition amongst German Lutherans.)

There is an actual holiday that celebrates Krampus, Santa's evil twin (a half-goat and half-demon monster), and it involves chasing naughty children in the street with sticks.

True (This creepy holiday is celebrated in Germany and is called Krampusnacht.) 

Thanksgiving used to be a floating holiday and the president decided when America celebrated.


Many people who celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square wear adult diapers for the celebrations.

True (No public toilets are available.)

Mardi Gras is French for "let the good times roll."

False (It is French for 'Fat Tuesday.')

Santa's postal code is H0H 0H0.

True (Canada's postal service designated this code to make sure children's letters can get to Santa.)

The American flag is flown at half-mast throughout Memorial Day.

False (It is flown at half-mast until noon and then it is raised to the top of the staff until sunset.)

The world's tallest Christmas tree can be found in California.

False (2022's tallest tree was in Oklahoma.)

The TV dinner was inspired by Thanksgiving.


Mind-Boggling True or False Questions Kids Will Love 

Some of these are easy for kids and some of them are not. Can you pick out the facts from fiction? Only the true polymaths can pick out all the truths! Let's see if you or your kids are one of them!

Quinoa is a grain.

False (It is a seed.)

The deadliest weather condition is flooding.

False (It is heat).

Stomach acid can dissolve razor blades.


There is a hidden chamber behind Lincoln's head in Mount Rushmore.


Swimmers don't sweat.


Astronauts can't burp in space.


No one knows who invented the fire hydrant and the patent was ironically destroyed in a fire.


Babies have no kneecaps.


Rotten eggs sink.

False (They float.)

The saltiest body of water on Earth is located in Antarctica


There are more trees on the planet than stars in the sky. 


All paper is made from trees.

False (You can actually buy paper made from calcium carbonate.)

South Africa has three capital cities.


The largest state in America is California.

False (It is Alaska.)

There is a town called Booger Hole, West Virginia.


Fast Fact

True or false questions for kids are not only fun, they are also a fantastic learning tool that makes memorization much easier. In fact, research shows that "true–false quizzes help students retain more information on a later test compared to passive restudy." This can serve as a great study method for kids who have struggle with the retention of certain materials.

Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time

If you enjoyed these true or false questions for kids, then consider branching out and exploring some weird facts about the human body or learning some weird words. You may be surprised at how much you learn! Best of all, you can easily transform any of these facts into true and false questions.

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110 True or False Questions for Kids That Will Boggle Their Minds