15 Funny Names for Groups of Animals That Sound Too Odd to Be True

You've probably heard of flocks or herds, but these weird names for animal groups will crack you up.

Published June 22, 2023

Most of us have heard of a pod of whales and a pack of wolves, but did you know that buffalos hang out in gangs or that a cluster of cats is called a nuisance? These groupings of animals are refered to as collective nouns - but some of them are stranger than others.

If you're wanting to learn more, we have a spectacular list of funny names for groups of animals, along with some reasons why they have been gifted these ridiculous monikers!

A Cauldron of Bats


This is probably the most fitting animal group name on our list! We usually associate bats with Halloween, so a cauldron seems like the perfect title for this family of flying mammals.

Interestingly, this name is likely in reference to the swirling movement, officially called swarming, that bats make when they take flight. Other group names for bats include a camp, a cloud, and most commonly, a colony.

A Journey of Giraffes


With their long legs, it should come as no surprise that a herd of giraffe can travel far distances. This makes the collective name 'journey' a suitable choice for these animal groups. However, if these tall creatures are standing still, many also refer to them as a tower!

A Dazzle of Zebras


The term 'herd' is commenly used to describe groups of hooved animals. This makes it the most common collective noun for zebras, but if you wanted to describe these striped relatives of the horse, you can also refer to them as a dazzle or a zeal!

Fast Fact

'Motion dazzle' is "a type of defensive coloration that operates when in motion, causing predators to misjudge the speed and direction of object movement." Zebras have this camoflouge pattern and this is likely what inspired their unique group name.

A Bloat of Hippos


While not the most flattering animal group name, a bloat of hippos seems like a spot on descriptor for these swollen giants. Another fun name for these river horses - a thunder!

A Caravan of Camels


It seems pretty obvious when you think about it - camels have been used to carry people and goods across long distances for thousands of years. This makes the collective noun 'caravan' an obvious choice for these transportation animals.

A Prickle of Porcupines


In terms of funny groups of animals names, this one is quite commical. The reasoning for this title is crystal clear. We just love the phrasing!

A Murder of Crows


This weird name for a group of animals sounds like it's out of an Edgar Allen Poe story, and while many theorize that the title of 'a murder' is related to folklore and superstition, this ominous name for groups of crows is likely tied to their association with death.

Many people don't realize that these birds are carnivores. They prey on small mammals and they also eat the flesh of dead animals. This makes murder a marvelous name choice!

A Flamboyance of Flamingos


Did you know that flamingo comes from a Spanish and Portuguese word that means "flame-colored"? Flamboyance means "flaming" in French. Suddenly, it seems unsurprising that these two words were paired together to desribe these vibrant creatures!

Fast Fact

Another collective noun for these bright birds is a stand.

An Army of Caterpillars


The book The Hungry Little Caterpillar's storyline was no exaggeration! Caterpillars are hungry little creatures. In fact, they can double their weight in a day! Needless to say, if a group of these little guys were to get into your garden, they would cause devestation, much like an army would do in battle.

Fast Fact

Once caterpillars transform, their collective noun changes. Groups of butterflies are known as a flutter, flight, or kaleidoscope!

A Coalition of Cheetahs


While some cheetahs hunt alone, others stick together from birth until death. These small groups of fast felines are normally all male and they work together to defend their territory. When you consider the fact that a coalition is defined as a group that works together towards a common goal, this is another fitting animal group name!

A Conspiracy of Lemurs


Lemurs are smart creatures and this is where they get their animal group name. Unlike monkeys and apes, "they often work together, or 'conspire' to outwit predators using a technique called 'mobbing'," hence the name conspiracy!

A Barrel of Monkeys


We know - this sounds like a joke, but groups of monkeys are actually called a barrel! This hints towards their playful nature and is the meaning behind this common idiom. They can also be called a cartload, but they are most commonly referred to as a troop.

A Pandemonium of Parrots


Yet another comical animal group name, a pandamonium of parrots is a spot-on title for a collection of creatures that can bring quite the racket! However, when alone, these intelligent birds have been known to recognize over 1700 words.

An Unkindness of Ravens


Similar to crows, ravens bring an ominous vibe to any situation. Folklore tells us that these are unlucky creatures that serve as a bad omen. This brought on the animal group name "an unkindness of ravens."

A Smack of Jellyfish


The last thing that anyone ever wants is to be smacked with a jellyfish! This makes it another funny animal group name. Like bats, jellyfish also have a handful of other group names including a bloom, a brood, and a swarm.

Weird Names for Groups of Animals Are Actually Quite Common


These are just some of the many amusing animal group names for the members of the animal kingdom! Don't forget about a shiver of sharks, a band of gorillas, a mob of emus, or a quiver of cobras!

If you want to learn more odd animal trivia, make sure to check out our weird animal facts article too.

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15 Funny Names for Groups of Animals That Sound Too Odd to Be True