14 Fun & Challenging Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids

With easy and difficult puzzles, these logic exercises can help elementary school kids of all ages develop critical thinking skills.

Updated June 17, 2024
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Want to stretch your kids' critical thinking abilities? Logic puzzles are great problem-solving activities that teach logical reasoning, organizational skills, and critical thinking. Our logic puzzles for kids give them confidence in their own abilities and make them feel smart.

Printable Traditional Logic Puzzles With Grids

Traditional logic puzzles require using the process of elimination to figure out the answer. The provided grid helps kids from kindergarten on up organize the information to solve the deduction puzzle.

  • For example, if a clue says, "Mary doesn't like cats," you would find the column labeled Mary and the row labeled cats and put an 'X' where they intersect.
  • When only one choice is left in a row or column, put an 'O' there to indicate that it's the correct choice.
  • If a clue tells you the correct choice, like "Mary loves riding horses," you can place an 'O' where Mary and horses intersect and put 'X's in Mary's row for the other animals. Logic states that if she chooses one, she cannot choose the others.

Our logic puzzles are printable, so you can print it out for your kids so they can complete it. Click on the puzzle you want to download and print it. If you need help downloading the printable mind puzzles, check out these helpful tips.

Printable Animal Logic Puzzle With Grid

In the animal-lovers logic puzzle, four kids are picking out unique pets, and you have to figure out which pet each child chose. Kids ages five to seven can solve this easy logic puzzle that includes a separate answer key.

Fruit Logic Puzzle With Grid

Lower elementary kids can have fun solving the fruit lovers logic puzzle. With only four rows, four columns, and four clues, this puzzle is on the easier side as kids find out who ate each piece of fruit. The included answer keys show the correct answers.

Dance Logic Puzzle With Grid

With only three clues, the dance logic puzzle is fun and challenging for elementary school children. It's up to you to find out which girls danced with which boys at the big school dance. Check your answers on the included answer key.

Pie Logic Puzzle With Grid

The pie logic puzzle is made for kids in grades three through five. This challenging logic puzzle features five clues, five rows, and five columns. Kids need to figure out who got each type of pie. The solution is provided on a separate page.

Vehicle Logic Puzzle With Grid

Kids in upper elementary and middle grades are challenged to figure out three different factors in the Let's Get Moving logic puzzle. Using three clues, kids need to figure out who drove what kind of vehicle and what color it was. If you can't solve the puzzle, find the solution on the provided answer key.

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Line Leader Logic Puzzle With Grid

The 5-by-5 grid with the line leader logic puzzle makes it more challenging and ideal for upper elementary students. Kids will have to figure out what order the children are standing in as they wait for ice cream using only four clues. Use the included solution to check your answer.

Printable Nonogram Puzzles for Kids

To solve nonogram puzzles, look at the numbers on the tops and sides of the grid. Think of these logic worksheets as color-by-numbers that use a pencil instead of crayons.

  1. Each number represents a continuous section of black block in that row or column. For example, a 6 to the left of a row means color in 6 consecutive blocks.
  2. If there are two numbers, it means there are two colored sections with a gap between them. For example, 3 then 4 means color three blocks, leave some white space, then color 4 blocks.
  3. Use the row and column numbers to figure out where the white spaces should go.
  4. Each finished puzzle creates a fun image you can discover on the included answer keys.

Easy Kids' Nonogram Puzzle

Kids in lower elementary grades can grasp the concept and try this easy nonogram puzzle that only features single or double numbers in a 6-by-8 grid.

Difficult Kids' Nonogram Puzzle

Upper elementary and middle school kids can try their hand at this difficult nonogram puzzle that features a triple-number clue.

Printable Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Sudoku puzzles are all about numbers. Each row will have the numbers 1 through 9 listed only once. The same goes for the columns and the square sections that consist of nine squares each. This game uses the process of elimination as well as a bit of trial and error. Answer keys are provided with each puzzle.

Easy Kids' Sudoku Puzzle

Younger kids can try out this easier 9-by-9 grid sudoku puzzle, which features many given numbers at the start.

Difficult Kids' Sudoku Puzzle

Older kids who are ready for a challenging logic puzzle can try this difficult Sudoku puzzle. It still features a 9-by-9 grid, but there aren't as many given numbers as the other Sudoku puzzle.

Printable Math Logic Puzzles for Kids

Math logic puzzles for kids add the extra challenge of solving math problems along with the logic puzzle. Kids will need to know basic math concepts to complete these, so they're best suited for kids going into first grade or older.

Strimko Adding to Ten Puzzles

Strimko puzzles are similar to sudoku puzzles, but they don't have a standard grid. Each stream, or the circles connected by lines, must add up to ten. Each row must contain different numbers, and each column must, too. Using only the numbers 1 to 10, kids will have to figure out which fits where. There are three puzzles on the printable logic puzzle PDF with an attached answer key.

Multiplication and Division KenKen Puzzles

KenKen puzzles offer a real math challenge for upper elementary and middle school students. Each of the two puzzles features a 3-by-3 grid. Each row and column must contain different numbers. Kids need to use the provided sum and math symbol to find the right answers for a given cage or colored section. They can even use a division or multiplication chart printable to help them get started.

Challenging Puzzles for Kids

If your kids have solved all the printable logic puzzles, they can move on to other types of kids' puzzles and fun challenges for kids. Each type of puzzle exercises different skills.

Tips for Solving Logic Puzzles

Solving logic puzzles requires concentration and organization, but you don't want to overthink the solutions. Use these general tips to help you solve any kids' logic puzzle.

  • Read all the directions and information once before you start taking action.
  • Use a pencil and have an eraser on hand so you can easily wipe away mistakes.
  • Start with what you know. If the information you have isn't directly spelled out, write it in the margins of your paper.
  • Start at the end and work backward if you're having trouble starting at the beginning.
  • If it's a short puzzle, write out all possible answers, then cross them out as they're proven wrong.
  • If it's a number puzzle, write out all the numbers you're allowed to use, then cross each off as you use it.
  • Look for patterns that might be hidden within the puzzle.
  • If you're really struggling with a puzzle, put it away and come back to it later. You'll often catch things you missed with fresh eyes.

Engage Your Logical Brain

Logic puzzles for kids are meant to be both fun and challenging. That being said, it's easy for kids to get frustrated with these types of puzzles. Make sure the puzzles you choose are age-appropriate and offer hints when needed to help kids get to the solution. When they do, they'll be filled with confidence!

14 Fun & Challenging Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids