100+ Pool Party Names for a Splashy Bash

These splashy pool party names will make waves with your guests.

Published May 18, 2023
friends at a pool party

Splish-splash, it's time for a pool bash! You've planned the best swimming soiree of the season, but you still need a name for your pool party. Choose a clever pool party name that's as sunny and splashy as your celebration.

Pool Party Names for Adults

Give your fancy pool party an elegant name or plan your bachelorette bash around a witty pun. No matter the poolside event or theme, these pool party names will have your guests daring to dive in.

adults at a pool party
  • Coasting Into 40
  • Luxe Luau
  • Aquatic Affair
  • Crabbie Baddies
  • One Last Splish Before the Splash
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Bikini
  • Dad Bod Swim Squad
  • Sprinkle & Splash
  • Flip Flopping Into Forty
  • Cannonball Cabana
  • Dinner & a Swim
  • The Other Adult Swim
  • Donut Go in the Water
  • Bride's Final Splash
  • Sip & Dip
  • Pool Noodle Fight Night
  • Thirty, Flirty, & Diving
  • Drop By & Dive
  • Posh Poolside Party
  • We're Gonna Need a Bigger Pool
  • Single Flamingle
  • Palms by the Pool
  • Disco Beach Ball Swim
  • Swim Fan Tan
  • Pastel Paradise
  • Bubbles & Bubbly Bash
  • Summer Stunner
  • Splash & Dash
  • Pool Daze
  • Cannonball Ball

Pool Party Names for Toddlers, Kids, & Teens

Is there anything cooler than being the kid hosting a pool party? Give your kiddo or teen a birthday party name they'll never forget - one that gets the attention of every kid in class.

  • Dive Into Five
  • Tod Pool Pod
  • Surfing Sixteen
  • Walk the Pool Plank
  • All the Baby Sharks
  • Pretty in Pool Pink
  • Baby's Big Splash
  • Floatie Fete
  • The Thirteenth Year
  • Malibu Barbie Bash
  • Magical Mermaid Kingdom
  • Stunnies in Sunnies
  • TikTok Tubing
  • Tiffany Blue Lagoon
  • Turning Two, Doo Doo
  • Floating to Fifteen
  • Dive-in Movie
  • Dunk & Donuts
  • Two Lagoon
  • Jawsome Swim
  • Baby Shark Pool Parade
  • Swimming Sweet Sixteen
  • Mermaid Munch & Brunch
  • Flamingo Fest
  • Colorful Cabana
  • Floats on Floats
  • Glowing Pool Gala
  • Pool Noodles & Popsicles
  • Lemonade in the Shade
  • Throwing Shades
  • Beach Ballin'
  • Pool Games & Sun Rays
  • Barbie Dream Pool Party
  • Fabulous Floaties
  • Down in the Deep Blue Pool

Pool Party Names for Businesses

For fun office meetings, PR events, and poolside workshops, you need a professional and fun party name. Give your event a name that captures the attention of your clientele and the hearts of your employees.

man drinking cocktail poolside
  • Aquatics & Statistics
  • Let's Flamingle
  • Marketing Mermaids
  • Bosses in Bathing Suits
  • Strategize Poolside
  • Poolside Flamingle
  • Flamingo Bingo
  • Meet & Greet in the Heat
  • Noodle Around the Pool
  • Swimming & Winning
  • Pool Waves & Sales Faves
  • Wet & Work
  • Life Safer Sales
  • Floating for Funds
  • Making Business Waves
  • Marketing Mer-Made Easy
  • Brainstorm Float
  • Easy Breezy Business
  • Floating Function
  • Pooling Ideas

Pool Parties for Opening & Closing Your Pool

If you're the house in the neighborhood with the coolest pool, you're always excited to announce the summer opening and sad to say goodbye when the warm weather fades. Open or close your pool for the year with a pool party bash worthy of a witty name.

  • Breaking in the Swim
  • Bummer Bummer, Goodbye Summer
  • Welcoming the Waves
  • Swimming Into Summer
  • The Final Cannonball
  • Fading Tans
  • Bye Bye Breaststroke
  • Farewell Sail
  • Deflated Floats
  • Take a Dive, Summer's Arrived
  • Diving Board Dedication
  • Pool House Warming
  • Bikini Breakout
  • Splash! It's Swimming Season
  • The Pool Cool Down
  • Final Waves of Pool Days

World's Best Pool Parties

Want to attend some of the world's best (and most fun) pool parties? Try the LoveJuice pool party at La Sala By The Sea. Every May, the beach club in Marbella, Spain throws a fun gathering that's party pool party, part beach party, and part music festival. In Las Vegas, Wet Republic at the MGM Grand has a full season pool party at their 54,500 foot pool venue with a lineup of events, musical acts, and DJs for the ultimate pool party. You can even book a private event.

Dive Into a Perfect Pool Party

You have the coolest summer party setting. Now it's time for a flawless party name. With these clever pool party names, you'll be swimming in RSVPs.

100+ Pool Party Names for a Splashy Bash