4th of July Party Names That'll Light Up Your Celebration

Party like it's 1776 this Independence Day with the perfect name for your festivities.

Published June 7, 2023
July 4 party

What better time to gather the troops and throw a party than the 4th of July? There isn't! Fourth of July parties are a time to sparkle, shine, and light off fireworks. Oh, and to BBQ, see who can eat the most hot dogs, and catch up with friends and family. Let your friends know what their plans are this year and say it all with the perfect 4th of July party name.

4th of July BBQ Party Names

Let's be real a second. You know that you're already hungry for the feast that's awaiting on the Fourth of July.

  • Fork of July BBQ
  • Food, Family, and Fireworks BBQ
  • Drinkin' Like Lincoln Party
  • Barbeque Bananza
  • Red, White, and Sip
  • Lincoln Luncheon
  • Red, White, and Blue BBQ
  • Patriotic Picnic
  • Independence Grill and Chill
  • American Dream BBQ
  • A Fork of July Party
  • BBQ & Booms
  • Liberty and Libations for All
  • Barbecue Extravaganza
  • Burgers, Brews, and Fireworks
  • Pastry-otic Dessert Party
  • Joey Chestnut Watch Party
  • Liberty Bell BBQ

Historical 4th of July Party Names

These names give a nod to the colonists and the cradle of liberty for a party name that's witty and fun.

  • Indepen-Dance Party
  • America's Birthday Party
  • Party Like It's 1776
  • We, the Party People
  • Yankee Doodle Bash
  • U.S. of Yay BBQ
  • Roosevelt Riot
  • Founding Father Festivity
  • All-American Affair
  • Fourth of July Jubilee
  • Uncle Sam Soiree
  • Party Like a Patriot Palooza
  • Colonial Celebration
  • Party of Independence
  • Sea to Shining Sea Soiree
  • Ronald Ragin' 4th of July Party
  • Sons of Liberty Party
  • Party of Lexington and Concord
  • Bash at Bunker Hill
  • Party Like a Colonial
  • American Spirit

Funny 4th of July Party Names

These names are as sparkling and "oohhh" worthy as all of those firecrackers and fireworks that light up the night.

  • Booming 4th of July Party
  • Sparkling Backyard Bash
  • Time to Sparkle
  • Flip-flops & Fireworks
  • Star Spangled Bash
  • Red, White, and Cool Pool Party
  • Land of the Free Fiesta
  • Patriotic Palooza
  • Sparkling Spectacle Soiree
  • All-American Blast
  • Freedom Fest
  • Stars and Stripes Social
  • American Anniversary Party
  • Stars, Stripes, and Smiles
  • Congressional Celebration
  • Bonfire Bash
  • Flag Fiesta

Throwing an All-American Party on the 4th of July

Grab your best stars and stripes, it's time for a 4th of July party! So long as you have hot dog buns, ketchup, and 4th of July drinks, this party will be a breeze. And don't forget the patriotic cocktails, either.

Now that you've named your party, how about some decor? Try one of these easy DIY 4th of July wreaths.

4th of July Party Names That'll Light Up Your Celebration