100+ Sizzling Summer Party & Event Names for Sunny Celebrations

Grab the popsicles & sunscreen! These summer event names are perfect for all your shell-a-brations.

Published May 11, 2023
Friends having fun in a swimming pool

Whether it's your summer birthday bash or business meet-up, you might want a party name that's as fun-packed and exciting as the event itself. Beat the summertime blues with these sizzling summer party names that bring lots of heat in the very best way.

Cute & Clever Summer Party Names

Happy adorable baby girl celebrates 1 year birthday

Cool off and heat things up all at one time with these witty summer party and event names. From first birthday parties and adorable baby showers to classy family reunions and elegant engagement parties, your gathering might just be the talk of the season thanks to one of these clever names.

  • A Pool for You

  • Sailing Into Sixteen

  • No Shoes, No Shirt Shindig

  • Sunshine & Wine

  • 'Tis the Sea-Son Celebration

  • Stranger Summer Things

  • Shell-A-Brate Good Times

  • Hot Summer Brunch

  • Summer Sprinkle

  • Heatwave Rave

  • Vacation Station

  • Tropical Garden Tea

  • Sun-Sational Soiree

  • Firework Festival

  • All That Sizzles

  • Sun-Baked Bash

  • The Party Boys of Summer

  • Heatwave Hang

  • Bikinis & Bellinis

  • Just Keep Swimming Into 40

  • Aging Like a Fine Strawberry Wine

  • Hot Summer Spa

  • Salty Hair Don't Care

  • Fresh Squeezed Celebration

  • A Dip & Dips

  • Surfin' Party U.S.A.

  • Walking on Summer Sunshine

  • Party Bus to Margaritaville

  • Palm Leaves & Summer Breeze

  • Swimming in Spritzers

  • Mermaid for Each Other

  • Getting Ocean Tide Down

  • Sun-Day Brunch

  • S'mores Under the Stars

  • Poolside Picnic

  • Summer Oven, Happened So Fast

  • Spill the Iced Tea

  • Some Like it Hot in Herre

  • Summer Movie Nights

  • Take a Dive Into 35

  • Poolside Popsicles

  • Beachin' Bachelorette

  • Splish Splash Bash

  • Citrus Celebration

  • Hot Summer Rose'

  • Popsicles & Prosecco

  • Sorbet & Play

  • Beat the Summer Baby Heat

  • Showdown at Sundown

  • Frozen Treat Fiesta

  • Summer Vibes Only

  • One Shell of a Time

Sizzling Summer Business Event Names

Young man clapping in night music festival

For your girl-boss gang, your office picnic, or a business conference, you can find an event name as impactful as your company. Choose a name that's fierce and full of summer excitement. Colleagues can look forward to learning, growing, and maybe even working on their tan.

  • Girlboss Summer Soiree

  • Don't Sweat the Small Business

  • Beach Bums & Beauty Buys

  • Popsicles & Podcasters

  • Girlbosses Just Wanna Have Fun

  • TikTok Tiki Night

  • Tans & Business Plans

  • Anything Is Popsicle

  • Shining Starfish Strategies

  • To Dos Cruise

  • Boss Beaches

  • Summer Champ Camp

  • Catching Rays & Business Leads

  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Boss Babes

  • Sun & Strategies

  • Pick a Brain Picnic

  • Work Hard, Summer Harder

  • Blue Sky Black Tie

  • Sandy Toes & SEO

  • Dreaming of Summer Sales

  • Barefoot Business Bash

  • Golden Happy Hour

  • One in a Melon Marketing

  • Strategize Summer Skies

  • Sails for Sales

  • Business Lemonade Lecture

Genius End-of-Summer Celebration Names

Smiling young man serving meat to woman

If you're wrapping up summer with one final send-off celebration, you might be looking for a name as amazing as the past few months. Go for charming, movie-inspired, or a just plain cute party name for a final summer bash that's truly unforgettable.

  • Orange You Glad It's Summer

  • I Met You in the Summer (at a Party)

  • I Know What You Did at Last Summer's Party

  • Simmer Down From Summer

  • This Is What Summers Are Made of

  • Now & Then Summer Recap

  • You're Killin' Me, Summer

  • You're Gonna Need a Bigger Summer

  • Sundown on Summer

  • Star-Crossed Summer Dance Off

  • Gimme S'more Summer

  • Bonfire Embers

  • Final Sweat

  • Summer's Sunset

  • Final Fiesta

  • One More Day in the Sun

  • Last Luau

  • Tutti Frutti Farewell

  • Goodbye Hugs & Sandy Kisses

  • Bittersweet Summer Soiree

  • The Last Melon

  • Sizzling Summer Send Off

  • Popsicle Melt

  • Fading Tans

Host a Sunny Summer Celebration

With a sizzling party name, your celebration will be as sweet as summertime. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated soiree or a casual celebration, these summer event names will have you partying well past sundown.

100+ Sizzling Summer Party & Event Names for Sunny Celebrations