100+ Goody Bags Ideas for Adults for the Ultimate Swag

Send your guests home with swag bags to help them remember the great time they had at your party.

Published May 23, 2024
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Is there anything better than going to a party and walking away with a really good swag bag? We love to fill them with fun and useful items that allow everyone to leave your party with special keepsakes of the great time they had with you. If you're a little at a loss about what to put in them, you've got this. Use our goody bag gift ideas for adults to shower your guests with the most amazing swag. 

Goody Bag Ideas for Adults That Are Foodie Faves

Food is always a fave, so it makes great after-party swag. Fill a goody bag or box with some of these foodie treats. 


Whether you bake some yourself and put them in cookie boxes or go for something premade, cookies make a fab addition to an adult goody bag. We love these pretty individually wrapped thank-you-themed sugar cookies as the perfect swag bag addition. You could also buy a large box of macarons and split them up into individual macaron boxes that hold two macarons each. 

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

These are super easy to make at home, or you can buy some individually wrapped pre-made chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. If you're making them at home, you'll need:

Mini Cupcakes of Muffins

Head to the bakery and buy a dozen adorably frosted mini cupcakes or super yummy mini muffins. Pack them up in these super-sweet little cupcake boxes for the perfect post-party treat. 

Artisan Bread With Gourmet Spreads

Visit your local bakery and order individually wrapped gourmet breads — whatever is your favorite. Then, add some tasty spreads.

Pancakes and Syrup

Send 'em away with tomorrow's breakfast with a small package of pancake mix and some gourmet maple syrup

Retro Candy

Give your guests the gift of nostalgia by adding some great retro candies to your adult goody bag.

Pasta Dinner

Mix up some homemade pasta sauce, put it in mason jars, and add some dried pasta for the perfect goody bag add-in. 

Quirky Yet Useful Finds for Grown-Up Goody Bags

We love fun and useful items to share with your guests. These are some of our fave adult goody bag ideas.

Snarky Office Essentials

Start with some sarcastic sticky notes. Add in some pens with an attitude. Include some gourmet coffee (no snark here... we never snark about caffeine) and a smart-alecky coffee mug, and we think it's the formula for a perfect day at the office.

More Stuff You Can Live Without, but Why Would You Want To

There's all sorts of other fun but useful stuff you can add that your guests will not only love but use.

Themed Adult Swag Bags

Matching your items to your party's theme is the best way to tie the whole event together. Add a tag with a short poem to thank your guests for attending.

Spa Bags

If your party is so lit that your guests will need days to recover, why not send them home with some pampering goodies to help them chill?

Alcohol and Drinking-Themed Goody Bags

Whether it's guys' night in or girls' night out, a lot of parties involve getting your drink on. These items are perfect for boozy swag bags.

Corporate Adult Goody Bag Ideas

Customers, clients, employees, and fundraising volunteers all love to get things for free from corporations at office parties and events. Techy gadgets are always appreciated, but you can supplement those with other on-brand items featuring your corporate logo.

Elegant Goody Bags

If you're having a classy shindig, then these elegant goody bag ideas have a luxe feel.

Sports-Themed Goody Bags

When you're hosting an adult league team party or one for a special sporting event, such as the Olympics or Super Bowl, you may want to get together a few items to send home with guests.

The Great Outdoors Goody Bags

A party with a country, western, lumberjack, or eco-friendly theme calls for a bag full of items that celebrate the great outdoors.

Tropical or Summer Adult Goody Bag Gift Ideas

An adult pool party, Hawaiian luau, or tropical party means you need goody bags to suit the season. 

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Winter Holiday Goody Bags

When it's just the grown-ups getting together for an adult Christmas or Kwanzaa party, New Year's Eve, or a singles' Valentine's Day party, there are plenty of ideas to keep the cold at bay.

Tips for Putting the Goody Bags Together

Take the stress out of putting the bags together by following a few simple tips.

Keep Cost in Mind

Keep in mind the bag's size and cost when you're putting together your party budget. More expensive items can be stand-alone goodies that are nicely packaged with a bow. If you have a large number of guests, it may be best to put together bags with a few smaller, cheaper items to keep the budget in line.

Select Multiple Items

When picking out multiple items, choose similarly sized ones. This way, you don't need to worry about padding or additional packaging to keep things from shifting around. If you want to pick one larger item, add two smaller ones that don't create an unbalanced package.

Add a Tag

Add a tag to each adult goody bag. Pick a tag in a color or with a graphic that matches your event theme. Add the name of the event and date, with a short thank you message. If you're creative, write a short poem to commemorate the occasion.

Easy Goody Bag Packaging Tips

When it comes time to put the bags together, it's best to set up an assembly line.

  1. Gather all your supplies: gifts, packaging (bag, box, basket), ribbon, favor tag, and tape (if needed).
  2. Sort the individual goody gifts into piles.
  3. Start at one end with the bag, box, or basket you plan to use.
  4. Add tissue paper or whatever filler you're including.
  5. Then grab one item from each of the goody gift piles.
  6. Secure the package with a ribbon or a gift bow.
  7. Add the tag.
  8. Place it in a large basket or tub for transport to the party.

Small Goodies Make a Great Big Impression

Your guests are going to love your party, and they'll especially love your swag bag sendoff. From simple and fun to extravagant and elegant, send your guests away with memories of the great time you had together. 

100+ Goody Bags Ideas for Adults for the Ultimate Swag