42 Hot Chocolate Quotes to Help You Savor the Season

Pour some sweetness on your posts with these cute, funny, and heartwarming hot cocoa sayings!

Published December 27, 2023
Hot chocolate drink with marshmallow in a cup on wooden board with cinnamon and star anise, top view

Hot cocoa is the warm hug that everyone needs in winter. That makes hot chocolate quotes the perfect pairing for your social posts. Even if your followers aren't drinking it, these hot chocolate captions are sure to give them that warm, happy feeling that accompanies that first, sweet sip of this irresistible winter refreshment.

If you're looking to serve up some satisfying and silly hot chocolate sayings, we have just what you ordered!

Funny Hot Cocoa Quotes & Puns to Serve Up Some Silliness

Anyone who's had a sugar rush knows that sweet treats can bring out a person's silly side. These hot chocolate quotes and quips are sure to bring a grin and even some choco-laughs!

It's a drink choc full of fun! #hotcocoa
  • Hot cocoa — I love you a choc-o-lot!
  • Wake me up before you cocoa!
  • Hot chocolate makes all your troubles melt away.
  • Hot cocoa is truffle in liquid form.
  • I love hot cocoa from my head to my mistletoes!
  • You are what you eat — guess I'm sweet and sultry. Who can resist hot chocolate?
  • Hot cocoa is the ultimate cure for resting Grinch face. 
  • It's a drink choc full of fun! #hotcocoa
  • There is only one lady who holds the key to my heart — Miss Swiss Miss!
  • Planning on taking my sweet time finishing this hot cocoa.

Cute Hot Chocolate Captions for Your Chilly Social Posts

Hot chocolate is the quintessential winter beverage. Make sure that everyone knows that you're staying warm this season with these cute hot chocolate quotes and sayings!

  • Hot cocoa is happiness in a cup.
  • He/she/they is/are the marshmallow to my hot chocolate!
  • Sips of chocolate sweetness are simply spectacular.
  • Winter nights are made for hot cocoa and roaring fires
  • About to drop a bomb on this night ... a HOT CHOCOLATE bomb that is!
  • The best way to stay festive all season long is to drink hot cocoa — it's like Christmas in a cup!
  • Cozy comforts = hot cocoa.
  • Be a marshmallow in this hot chocolate world and make everything a little sweeter!
  • Hot chocolate is the warm, sweet hug that we all need in winter. 
Fast Fact

Did you know that hot cocoa quotes can be a cute way to announce a pregnancy? If you are expecting, just take a cute photo of you and your partner sipping hot chocolate and make the caption in your post with "Milk + Cocoa = A little marshmallow!"

Clever Hot Chocolate Sayings for Your Winter Letter Boards

No matter if you are setting up a hot chocolate bar or just savoring this sweet treat of the holiday season, these hot chocolate sayings can spruce up your winter spread!

This peppermint hot cocoa and I are mint to be!
  • Hot cocoa: Sip, savor, repeat. 
  • Keep warm and drink hot cocoa.
  • Life is too short to live without hot cocoa.
  • This peppermint hot cocoa and I are mint to be!
  • A mug of hot cocoa reminds us that it's what's on the inside that matters the most!
  • I like my hot cocoa like I like my men/women/people — hot and sweet.
  • The best way to relax in winter is to enjoy some hot cocoa and let the marsh-mellows do their job.
  • Did you know that cocoa comes from a tree? That makes it a plant, which means that hot cocoa is basically a healthy drink. You're welcome.

Christmas Hot Cocoa Quotes to Help You Welcome the Holidays 

Hot cocoa and the holidays go hand in hand. This makes Christmas-themed hot cocoa quotes another cheery caption choice for your social posts and holiday cards.

  • 'Tis the season for hot cocoa!
  • Sleigh what?! There is no more cocoa?! I don't mean to be mallow-dramatic, but this holiday is ruined.
  • Is it even Christmas if you haven't had a cup of hot cocoa?
  • May your cup of chocolatey cheer overflow this year!
  • Hot cocoa is the most fab-yule-ous holiday drink around!
  • For goodness flakes, if you want to sleigh warm this season, then simply drink some hot cocoa. 
  • Nothing brings more cheer than hot cocoa during this time of the year!
  • Hot chocolate is always Claus for celebration!

Famous Hot Chocolate Quotes to Warm Your Soul

Hot cocoa is a staple in movies and television shows, and many have nothing to do with the holidays. This goes to show that this popular drink is worth celebrating! Here are some of the more famous hot chocolate quotes to share.


Hot Chocolate Quotes Can Make Everyone Happy

Did you know that National Hot Chocolate Day is January 31st? Thankfully, you now have a collection of hot cocoa quotes to pair with your posts when you celebrate this sweet day. It won't take long for others to pour themselves a mug full of this delicious drink after seeing the joy it brings you!

42 Hot Chocolate Quotes to Help You Savor the Season