10 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Share Your Winter-ful News

These Christmas baby announcements are sure to bring good cheer this holiday!

Published December 2, 2023
Young pregnant woman decorating Christmas tree

Is there any gift greater than a baby joining your family? The holidays are such a magical time — adding a Christmas pregnancy announcement can bring even more joy and good cheer to this already exciting season! If you're looking for creative Christmas baby announcement ideas, we have a sleighful of options that are sure to make everyone merry.  

Extra Stocking on the Mantel

This first Christmas pregnancy announcement idea is a sneaky way to share your news! Those paying attention will quickly be filled with glee, while others may require a little nudge to look beyond the tree. Parents-to-be can decide to add a name, "baby boy/girl," or simply leave it blank. No matter which option you choose, this can be an adorable reveal!

Ornament Announcement

Ornaments can serve as spectacular time capsules throughout your child's life, making a DIY ornament announcement an amazing keepsake and way to share your baby news. Choose to place it on the tree for a subtle reveal or give the ornament as a gift for family and friends to open. 

Hot Cocoa Mug Reveal

Parents-to-be who are hoping to make their Christmas pregnancy announcement in a social post will love this heartwarming idea! Find a holiday hot cocoa stand or create your own mini hot cocoa bar. Then, dress in your best winter gear or matching holiday pajamas and take a photo of you toasting with "Mom" and "Dad" mugs!

Christmas Tree Announcement

This is a great Christmas baby announcement to do with a DIY ornament or letter board. Simply write "the best gifts don't come under the tree" and then add in a onesie, baby booties, or a sonogram photograph to give viewers a little extra clue about what the gift may be!

Snowman Celebration

If you're ready to shout your news from the rooftops and your yard is covered in a fresh coat of snow, consider crafting a snowman mama and daddy along with a little bundle of joy! Add a sign for an extra hint about your news and then ask family and friends to swing by for some cocoa. Just make sure to ask them what they think of your outdoor decor. 

Dear Santa Letter

Every year, little kids write their wish lists for Santa. Why not add a baby brother or baby sister to the list? This can be an adorable way to get older siblings included in the announcement.

Either have them show their list to family and friends who are visiting or take a cute picture of them holding up their wishes for everyone to see. Just make sure to check that item off the list to let people know that it is already coming true!

Cookie Messages

Who doesn't love Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses? These can be another fun tool for announcing your baby news! My favorite is to put together an entire gingerbread house. Then, make three gingerbread people — you, your spouse, and a mini cookie to represent your baby! 

Quick Tip

Another option is to just make two people, but add a little extra dough to the belly region of your cookie. Then, label it with the word "baby."

Santa Photograph

I love this idea for adults even more than kids, but you can technically do it for both. Head over to the mall and get your picture taken with Santa. Ask if he can whisper in one of your ears for the photo and hold up a letterboard sign that says "Santa is promoting us to Mom and Dad!"

Helpful Hack

If you want to make this a funny Christmas baby announcement, change the wording on the sign to say "Santa says we've been naughty, but he is gifting us with a baby anyway!"

Snow Globe Surprise

Snow globes are surprisingly simple to make and they can be the perfect place to sneak in your baby news. Just make sure to craft a tiny waterproof sign that states "Baby [your last name] arriving [month year]!". Then, pass around your creation to family and friends and see what they think of your creation(s)!

Holiday Card

Many of us get the year's best photos together to craft holiday cards to send to family and friends to wish them a merry Christmas or happy holiday. This year, consider adding an extra special message on the back. This can be a picture of almost any of the above Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas or you can just add a sonogram photo to the back of the card. 

Helpful Hack

You can also take a cute photo of your significant other kissing your belly. Add a bow around your waist and a tag that says "Arriving [month and year of your due date]" for a little extra Christmas touch!

Christmas Letterboard and Holiday Card Phrases

No matter how you choose to share your news, whether it will be virtually or from afar, make sure your wording is extra fun! These Christmas pregnancy announcement phrases can be the perfect touch to add to your merry message!

  • No more silent nights after this Christmas!
  • The more, the merrier!
  • Filled with extra joy this holiday season.
  • Your Christmas gift is on backorder. Expect it to arrive [month and year of your due date].
  • Guess what Santa is bringing us for Christmas?
  • The very best gifts don't come under the tree.
  • Cookies for Santa aren't the only thing that we are baking in the oven this season!
  • We've been naughty, but something nice is coming [month and year of your due date]
  • We've been pining for this for so long — our little sapling will arrive [month and year of your due date]!
  • We have so much joy! Santa's bringing us a little boy!
  • We are snow excited for our little icicle to arrive soon!

Give Your Christmas Pregnancy Announcement in Person 

All of these Christmas baby announcements are perfect for a card or social post, but for those who are home for the holidays, there are simple ways to make all of these in-person reveals. For instance, with the hot cocoa reveal, you can easily make or buy custom mugs for everyone coming to your gathering. Label them with "aunt," "uncle," "grandma," "cousin," and so forth!

For the Santa photo, call ahead on your way to holiday shopping with your family to give them a heads up on the surprise. Pack the sign in a tote and ask your family to help you with your poses. Have Santa pull the sign out right before the photo is taken!

Share the Joy This Holiday 

These fun announcement ideas and simple tweaks for announcing the news in person can make this Christmas moment even more special. Get creative with your joyful news and make it a moment that no one will forget!

10 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Share Your Winter-ful News