125+ Boy Names That Mean Love From Around the World

Let your little guy know he's beloved right from the start with a love-themed boy name.

Updated June 14, 2024
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He captured your heart long before he was born, and you want his name to carry with it the essence of love and adoration. Share your adoration for your little guy with these boy names that mean love. 

Sweet Boy Names That Mean Love

If your little dude is a bundle of pure love, then these sweet names are perfectly suited to him. 

  • Amor (Latin)
  • Anbu (Tamil)
  • Asmara (Indonesian)
  • Caerwyn (Welsh)
  • Caratacos (Celtic)
  • Caron (Welsh) - to love
  • Chikondi (Chewa)
  • Elmo (Latin)
  • Eros (Greek)
  • Kama (Sanskrit)
  • Kendi (African)
  • Lieber (Yiddish)
  • Leif (Scandinavian)
  • Lolo 
  • Loloanyo (African) 
  • Lubos (Czech)
  • Lyuben (Bulgarian)
  • Medad (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Rudo (Shona)
  • Thando (Zulu) 
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Words From Different Languages That Mean Love & Make Perfect Names

If you want a truly uncommon name, consider repurposing the word for "love" in your favorite language as a name for your son. If you love exotic names for boys, this is a great option.

  • Agapi (Greek)
  • Ài (Chinese)
  • Alofa (Samoan)
  • Amo (Esperanto)
  • Amore (Italian)
  • Amour (French)
  • Anpu (Tamil)
  • Armastus (Estonian)
  • Aroha (Maori)
  • Cariad (Welsh)
  • Cinta (Indonesian)
  • Dashuria (Albanian)
  • Dragoste (Romanian)
  • Elsker (Danish)
  • Habun (Arabic)
  • Ihunanya (Igbo)
  • Jacayl (Somali)
  • Karlek (Swedish)
  • Lanmou (Haitian Creole)
  • Liebe (German)
  • Liefde (Afrikaans)
  • Maitasuna (Basque)
  • Milosc (Polish)
  • Milovat (Czech)
  • Pyaar (Hindi)
  • Rakkaus (Finnish)
  • Salang (Korean)
  • Upendo (Swahili)
  • Uthando (Xhosa)

Boy Names That Mean Love and Strength

Many boy names were created long ago by combining different ancient words. While you can find some ready-made names that mean love and strength, for example, you can also create your own by learning the etymology of words.

  • Agapealke - Greek words for love (agape) and strength (alke) combined
  • Balapreet - Sanskrit words for love (priti) and strength (bala) combined
  • Cargus - Ancient Celtic words for love (car) and strength (gus) combined
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Names That Mean Loving or Affection for Boys

You can also search for names that mean other forms of "love," such as "lovable" or "affectionate."

  • Amabilis (Roman) - lovable
  • Amandus (Roman) - lovable
  • Amantius (Roman) - loving
  • Atif (Arabic) - affection
  • Atuf (Arabic) - loving
  • Carthach (Irish) - loving
  • Eustorgio (Italian) - good to love
  • Kealoha (Hawaiian) - the loved one
  • Philemon (Greek) - affectionate
  • Prem (Sanskrit) - affection
  • Rami (Arabic) - loving
  • Wadud (Arabic) - affectionate

Male Names That Mean Beloved

Names that mean "beloved" can feel even more sentimental than names that mean "love."

  • Agapito (Italian)
  • Amatus (Roman)
  • Amias (Latin)
  • Anbu (Indian)
  • Anwyl (Welsh)
  • Armas (Finnish)
  • Asthore (Irish)
  • Aziz (Arabic)
  • Ceron (Welsh)
  • Chandrakant (Sanskrit) - beloved by the moon
  • Daibheid (Irish)
  • Davet (French)
  • David (Hebrew)
  • Erasmus (Greek)
  • Habib (Arabic)
  • Haviv (Hebrew)
  • Jeb (Hebrew)
  • Leobwin (Germanic)
  • Leofric (Anglo-Saxon) 
  • Mudiwa (Shona)
  • Phil (English from Greek)
  • Philetus (Greek)
  • Sajan (Indian)
  • Thandie (African)
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Names That Mean God's Love 

You can find tons of Hebrew baby names, unique Biblical names, and even Christian names for boys that reflect a love of God or love from God.

  • Amadei (Latin) - God's love
  • Amadeo (Latin) - God's love
  • Amadeus (Roman) - love of God
  • Amado (Latin) - God's love
  • Amator (Roman) - lover of God
  • Carwyn (Welsh) - blessed love
  • Eldad (Hebrew) - God has loved
  • Goteleib (Germanic) - God's beloved
  • Jedidiah (Hebrew) - beloved of God

Boy Names That Mean Heart

While they don't literally mean "love," names that mean "heart" give you the same sentiments.

  • Caleb (Hebrew)
  • Corazon (Spanish)
  • Del (Persian)
  • Fuad (Arabic)
  • Hubert (Germanic) - bright heart
  • Hugh (Germanic)
  • Hughard (Germanic) - brave heart
  • Kamon (Thai)
  • Lev (Israeli)
  • Obi (Igbo)
  • Yolotl (Nahuatl)
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Names of Gods Associated With Love

If you want a strong name for your little guy, try using the name of a god associated with love or another mythology name.

  • Aonghus - Irish God of love and youth
  • Bes - Egyptian god of love
  • Cupid - Roman god of love
  • Dipaka - alternate name for Kama, Hindu god of love
  • Dwyn - Celtic god of love
  • Kama - diminutive of Kamadeva
  • Kamadeva - Hindu god of human love
  • Kuni - Buddhist god of love
  • Yue Lao - Chinese god of love and marriage

Love in Many Languages

You can find a variety of names and words associated with love in every language on the planet. Give your little guy the feeling that he's loved by the entire world when you choose a globally inspired boy name that means love.

125+ Boy Names That Mean Love From Around the World