88 Dynamic Boy Names That Mean Reborn or Rebirth

Names that mean rebirth can be the perfect choice for the boy who is bringing big changes to your life.

Updated January 10, 2024
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Sometimes, the resemblance is simply uncanny. For instance, when my dad met my youngest son, his eyes immediately filled with tears and he expressed how much my sweet boy looked like his father who is no longer with us. Names that mean reborn can celebrate this second coming of a spirit.

This makes them the perfect choice for a child who resembles an ancestor or for your rainbow baby. Or you might be looking for a name with a beautiful, powerful meaning. No matter the reason, for parents who are looking for boy names that mean rebirth, we have some enlightening options for your little miracle. 

Boy Names That Mean Reborn for Your New Beginning

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Masculine names that mean "new beginning" capture the spirit of rebirth. These strong baby boy names can be a powerful choice that packs a lot of meaning. 

  • Aadi - Beginning (Sanskrit)
  • Alpha - Beginning (Greek)
  • Ankur - New life or sprout (Sanskrit)
  • Apela - Breathing spirit (Hawaiian)
  • Arata - Fresh or new (Japanese)
  • Asier - New beginning (Basque)
  • Brahma - Creation or growth (Sanskrit)
  • Dagny - New day (Scandinavian)
  • Davu - The beginning (Africa)
  • Genesis - The beginning (Greek)
  • Inizio - New beginnings (Italian)
  • Janus - The Roman God of new beginnings (Latin)
  • Navdeep - New light (Hindu)
  • Navijeet - The new victory (Indian)
  • Ordell - Beginning (Latin)
  • Renatus - Born again (Latin)
  • René - Rebirth or born again (Latin)
  • Tan - New (Vietnamese)
  • Wahuj - New beginning (Muslim)
  • Zaron - New beginnings (Hebrew)
Fast Fact

The famous quote "I think, therefore I am," was from the French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist René Descartes. He's likely the most notable person to have this name, but it's also the moniker of famous athletes, actors, and military leaders, making it a strong choice for your little man.

Male Names That Mean Rebirth to Signify This Big Life Change

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Becoming a parent is a big deal. It is an amazing new chapter in your life — a coming of the dawn. Going with that analogy, these unique boy names that mean reborn have definitions related to the starting of a new day, which begins with the rising of the sun. These can be another outstanding choice for your bright and beautiful little boy.

  • Aarush - First ray of sun (Indian)
  • Agim - Dawn or sunrise (Albanian)
  • Ahaan - First ray of light or sunrise (Indian)
  • Altan - Red dawn (Turkish)
  • Anatoly - Sunrise (Russian)
  • Anshul - First ray of sun (Hindu)
  • Aroon - Dawn (Thai)
  • Aurum - Glowing dawn (Latin)
  • Dagian - Beautiful dawn (English)
  • Ergun - Rising of the sun (Turkish)
  • Fajr - Dawn or daybreak (Arabic)
  • Gry - Dawn (Norwegian)
  • Koit - Dawn (Estonian)
  • Límíng - Dawn (Chinese)
  • Lucrecio - Twilight of dawn (Latin)
  • Ochieng - Born when the sun shines (African)
  • Rohit - The first rays of the sun (Sanskrit)
  • Shachar - Dawn or first light (Hebrew)
  • Svit - Dawn (Slovene)
  • Taner - Born at dawn (Turkish)
  • Vihaan - Dawn (Indian)
  • Zoran - Daybreak (Slavic)
  • Zorro - Golden dawn (Slavic)

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Boy Names That Mean Restoration for the Baby Who Heals Your Soul

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Once you have your sweet baby, you will learn about a whole different kind of love. It restores your heart and gives you hope for a happier tomorrow. These names that mean reborn can be an ideal choice for the boy who brings immense love into your life and soothes your soul.

  • Aileni - Reborn or regenerate (Welsh)
  • Anastasius - Reborn (Greek)
  • Antigonus - Like the ancestor (Greek)
  • Antipater - Like the father (Greek)
  • Atunbi - The reincarnated one (Yoruba)
  • Bliant - Healer (Arthurian)
  • Daktari - Healer (African)
  • Errapel - Divine healer (Hebrew)
  • Galen - Healer or calm (Irish)
  • Giasone - Healer (Italian)
  • Harutyun - Resurrection (Armenian)
  • Jason - Healer (Greek)
  • Jayr - Healer (Greek)
  • Kaison - Healer or warrior (Irish and Greek)
  • Kariuki - Rebirth or reincarnated one (Swahili)
  • Phoenix - Dark red (Greek)
  • Priam - Redeemed (Greek)
  • Rilind - Rebirth (Albanian)
  • Saisei - Rebirth (Japanese)
  • Sanjiban - Restoring of life (Indian)
  • Servatius - Saved (Latin)
  • Spas - Saved (Bulgarian)
  • Tadesse - Renewed or revived (Amharic)
Fast Fact

While Phoenix doesn't mean reborn or new again, this legendary bird has become the ultimate symbol of rebirth, thanks to stories from Greek mythology.

Masculine Names That Mean Rebirth to Mark This Fresh Start in Life

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You are about to welcome a brand new person into this world. They have a fresh lease on life and the world is their oyster. These boy names that mean rebirth have meanings that relate to the word "new," which perfectly describes your little guy.  

  • Achir - New or fresh (Indian)
  • Alo - Breath of life (Hawaiian)
  • Balkar - Mighty creator (Indian)
  • Casanova - New house (Latin)
  • Fresco - Fresh (Italian)
  • Jaival - Life-giving (Hindu)
  • Jiro - Second son (Japanese)
  • Jivan - Giver of life (Armenian)
  • Naveen - New (Hindu)
  • Navin - New (Sanskrit)
  • Neander - New man or new human (Greek)
  • Neo - New or gift (Greek)
  • Neville - From the new village (French)
  • Newman - Newcomer (English)
  • Nokhez - Newly bloomed or fresh one (Muslim)
  • Nouvel - New (French)
  • Novak - New or newcomer (Slavic)
  • Raanan - Fresh (Hebrew)
  • Walid - Newborn (Arabic)
  • Xavier - New house (Spanish)
  • Xwm - Second son (Hmong)
  • Zavier - Savior or new house (Spanish)
Fast Fact

Neville has become a much more recognizable title in recent decades thanks to the Harry Potter character, and unexpected series hero, Neville Longbottom. 

Names Are Always Reborn

Throughout history, baby boy names have been used over and over again by different people in different places. If you look at epithets in this way, any name can represent a rebirth. If you love names that mean "rebirth," you might also like other meaningful titles like names that mean love.

88 Dynamic Boy Names That Mean Reborn or Rebirth