100 Vibrant Boy Names That Mean Light or Bright

These boy names that mean bright and light can be a brilliant choice for your baby boy!

Updated January 11, 2024
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Boy names that mean light are an enlightened choice for an energetic little boy. Let's be honest, you already know that he is going to be bright and warm, and he is definitely going to dazzle the world, so why not define him by these shining qualities?

Light has always been a symbol of intellect and understanding, making boy names that mean bright or light a smart choice. We illuminate some of your many epithet options so that you can find a brilliant name for your beautiful boy!

Radiant Boy Names That Mean Light

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When we think of light, the sun is our inspiration. If you are looking for brilliant boy names that mean light, these sunny titles can be a golden choice. 

  • Anwar (an-war) - Light or luminous (Arabic)
  • Argider (ar-gee-dehr) - Beautiful light (Basque)
  • Aurelius (awe-reel-e-us) - Golden one (Latin)
  • Dagr (dahg-er) - Day or daylight (Scandinavian)
  • Cassander - Light of man (Greek)
  • Haru (ha-roo) - Sunshine or spring (Japanese)
  • Haruto (ha-roo-too) - Sun or sunlight (Japanese)
  • Hikaru (khee-ka-rue) - Radiant light (Japanese)
  • Jaideep (jah-deep) - Victory of light (Hindu)
  • Kiran (ki-run) - Ray of light (Sanskrit)
  • Lesedi - Light (Sesotho - Southern African)
  • Lito (lee-toe) - Light (German and Irish)
  • Luciano (loo-see-an-o) - Light or shining (Spanish)
  • Lucien (loo-see-an) - Light (French)
  • Lucius (loo-shəs) - Light (Latin)
  • Lugus (leug-as) - Shine (Welsh)
  • Menyhért (mien-hart) - Royal light (Hungarian)
  • Neirin (nye-rin) - Truly golden or surrounded by light (Welsh)
  • Nuri (noo-ree) - Light or my fire (Arabic)
  • Reyansh (ray-an-sh) - First ray of sunlight (Indian)
  • Roshan (row-shun) - Light or splendid (Persian)
  • Shaviv (sha-veev) - Ray of light or spark (Hebrew)
  • Sindri (sin-dree) - Glittering (Norse)
  • Tej (t-eh-j) - Light or lustrous (Hindu)
  • Valo (vah-low) - Light (Finnish)
  • Yang - Light, sun, or male (Chinese)
  • Yōsuke (yo-soo-keh) -Light, sun or ocean (Japanese)
  • Yōta (yo-ta) - Thick sunshine (Japanese)
  • Ziya (dee-ya) - Light or splendor (Arabic)
  • Zohar (zo-hahr) - Splendor and radiance (Hebrew)
Fast Fact

Dagr is a strong boy's name that has a meaning related to light. It's the title of the Norse God of the day. 

Boy Names That Mean Light in the Darkness

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Is there any light more powerful than one that saves us from the dark? This can be the light of the moon, of a lighthouse beacon, or a lamp. For parents expecting a child during troubled times, a boy name that means light in the darkness can serve as a wonderful analogy of how your son is brightening your world.

  • Amandeep (ah-man-deep) - Lamp light or light (Punjabi)
  • Aurum (ah-rum) - Glowing dawn (Latin)
  • Beacon - Signal light (English)
  • Chand (Ch-ah-nd) - The moon or light (Sanskrit)
  • Chandra (Ch-ah-nd-rah) - Of the moon or radiant (Hindu)
  • Chirag (chi-rahg) - Lightsource or lamp (Hindu)
  • Deepak (dee-puhk) - Light source or lamp (Sanskrit)
  • Epifanio (eh-pee-fa-nyo) - Bringing light (Spanish)
  • Faro (fah-ro) - Lighthouse (Greek)
  • Getsumei (get-soo-may) - Moonlight (Japanese)
  • Jomei (zho-may) - Spread light (Japanese)
  • Kamari (kah-mah-ree) - Moonlight (Swahili)
  • Konane (co-nah-nay) - Lunar glow or glow like the moonlight (Hawaiian)
  • Manar (ma-nar) - Lighthouse or guiding light (Arabic)
  • Maor (m-ah-or) - Light or luminary (Hebrew)
  • Mayar (My-yar) - Lunar glow (Arabic)
  • Meir or Meyer (my-eer) - Bright one (Hebrew)
  • Navdeep (nuhv-deep) - New light (Hindu)
  • Ner (nehr) - Candle or light (Hebrew)
  • Ori (or-ree) - My light (Hebrew)
  • Prabhakara (prahb-hah-kah-rah) - The sun or light maker (Sanskrit)
  • Pradeep (pra-deep) - Light, lantern, or lamp (Hindu)
  • Raiden (ray-den) - Thunder and lightning (Japanese)
  • Samson (sam-sun) - Like the sun (Hebrew)
  • Sheraga (she-rah-gah) - Light (Hebrew)
  • Udup (you-dup) - Born beneath the moon's light (Indian)
Fast Fact

Chandra is short for Ramachandra, one of the avatars of the Hindu God Vishnu. 

Brilliant Boy Names That Mean Bright

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The word bright has many meanings. It can refer to a source of radiant light or a person's high intelligence. Since both of these are shining qualities, boy names that mean bright can be a gleaming choice for your little guy!

  • Akimitsu (a-kyee-mee-tsoo) - Bright light (Japanese)
  • Albert (al-brt) - Bright (German)
  • Albus (al-bus) - Bright or white (Latin)
  • Arjun (uhr-juun) - Bright or shining or light (Hindu)
  • Ayberk (eye-back) - Brightest of the moon (Turkish)
  • Berthold (behrt-hawlt) - Bright strength (German)
  • Berto (Bear-tow) - Bright flame (Spanish)
  • Bertrand (Bur-trund) - Bright (German)
  • Callahan (kah-luh-haan) Bright headed (Irish)
  • Clarence (kleh-ruhns) - Bright or illuminated (Latin)
  • Dayton (day-tun) - Bright town (English)
  • Heller - Bright or brilliant (German)
  • Kōki (ko-kyee) - Bright light (Japanese)
  • Ming (ming) - Bright (Chinese)
  • Mitsuaki (mee-tsoo-a-kyee) - Bright or luminous (Japanese)
  • Myeong (myung) - Light or bright (Korean)
  • Nahir (nah-heer) - Clear and bright (Hebrew)
  • Robert (raw-bert) - Bright fame (German)
  • Robin (raw-bin) - Bright (English)
  • Senna (seh-ah) - Brightness (Arabic)
  • Thanh (tang) - Bright blue or brilliant (Vietnamese)
  • Xavier (ex-zay-vee-er) - Bright or new house (Arabic)
  • Yu (yuu) - Shining brightly (Chinese)
Fast Fact

Albert Einstein is one of the brightest minds in history and his name means bright! Talk about a spectacular name choice! Giving your son a name to live up to can be a great source of inspiration for his future, so any of these titles are worth considering.

Enlightened Boy Names That Mean Light With Religious Meanings

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Many names associated with light have religious connotations, particularly around the idea of the light of god, angels, and divine beings. This makes these boy names that mean light another enlightened epithet choice!

  • Aalok or Alok (ah-lock) - Light of divinity (Sanskrit)
  • Abner (ab-nehr) - Father of light (Hebrew)
  • Barak (bhah-rock) - Blessing and lightning (Hebrew)
  • Bhaskar (bhah-skuhr) - Provider of light (Hindu)
  • Elior (ee-lay-or) - My God is my light (Hebrew)
  • Engelbert - Bright angel (German)
  • Horus (haw-ruhs)- God of light (Egyptian)
  • Jair (zha-eer) - He's enlightened (Hebrew)
  • Jairus (zhar-ee-us) - God enlightens (Hebrew)
  • Lucifer (loo-si-fur) - The morning star or bearer of light (English)
  • Neriah (ni-rie-eh) - Light of Jehovah (Hebrew)
  • Nur (noor) - Divine light (Arabic)
  • Nuriel (Nur-eel) - Light or fire of God (Hebrew)
  • Nurullah (noo-rool-lah) - Light of Allah (Arabic)
  • Orel (ore-el) - Light of god (Hebrew)
  • Osbert (oz-bert) - Divinely bright (English)
  • Uriah (yuw-rie-eh) - My light is Yahweh (Hebrew)
  • Uriel (yuwr-ee-el) - God is my light (Hebrew)
  • Urijah - (yuwr-rye-yah) - God is my light (Hebrew)
  • Yair (yah-ear) - He will enlighten (Hebrew)
  • Zivon (zee-von) - Light of God (Hebrew)

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Choosing a Light or Bright Name Can Inspire Your Son's Future

When choosing a name for your baby boy, titles based on light and radiance can symbolize a bright and hopeful future. These boy names that mean light also work well for religious individuals who consider their new baby a beacon from god or a blessing guided by the hand of the divine. No matter which unique name you choose, they all possess positive meanings that he can live up to in the future. 

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