425+ Hebrew Names and Their Beautiful Meanings

Updated March 13, 2022
Cute newborn baby boy

Hebrew names for boys and girls are commonly passed down through generations. They tend to have biblical origins or special, powerful meanings behind them. They are popular name choices for both Jewish and non-Jewish parents alike. This selection of beautiful Hebrew names and meanings might help you choose the perfect moniker for your little blessing.

Hebrew Names That Mean Joy or Happy

When a baby is born, there is a lot of love, joy, and happiness to go around. Parents feel blessed and grateful for the safe arrival of their precious child. Use your baby's name to reflect how you feel about your infant's birth and this joyous time in your life.

Pretty Hebrew Girls Names Based on Joy

She is as sweet as they come and as pretty as a picture. These darling names capture how happy her arrival has made you.

  • Aliza - joy
  • Eden - delight or place of pleasure
  • Edna - pleasure, delight, rejuvenation
  • Gila - joy, blessed
  • Gilli - eternal happiness
  • Hedva - joy, happiness
  • Marnin/Marnina - rejoice, cause of joy
  • Meiran - happiness of God
  • Sarah - pure, happy
  • Yovela - rejoice

Male Hebrew Names Representing Happiness

He is your precious boy, and his name should represent exactly this. These Hebrew names mean joy, happiness, or pleasure, emotions all new parents can relate to.

  • Adnah - pleasure
  • Anog - pleasured
  • Asher - happiness
  • Eisig - he who laughs
  • Isaac - laughter
  • Itzak - a form of Isaac, laughter
  • Oshry - my happiness
  • Raniel - God is joy

Hebrew Names That Mean Blessing

In the Jewish culture, a baby is considered a blessing from God. Thus, it's no surprise many parents opt to name their baby something that shows how blessed they feel.

Hebrew Baby Girl Names That Mean Blessing

She is a blessing, to be sure! Her name should remind the world that all is better because she exists.

  • Ailsa - devoted to God
  • Bracha - a blessing
  • Chaviva - one who is loved
  • Davina - cherished
  • Naysa - miracle of God
  • Tova - good, favor, kindness
  • Ushria - blessed by Yahweh
  • Vidette - beloved, dearly loved

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blessing in Hebrew

You prayed for this child and your prayers were answered when your son arrived safely into this world. Celebrate the little miracle that this blessed baby boy is with a meaningful name.

Cute little baby boy in diaper
  • Baruch - blessed
  • Brighton - the one who is loved
  • Davan - beloved; derived from David
  • David/Davida - beloved, cherished
  • Jamian - right hand of favor
  • Jebadiah - beloved of the Lord
  • Jedidiah - friend, beloved of God
  • Jeroham - blessed
  • Joram - supreme or high God or elevated
  • Yadid - friend, beloved
  • Yochannah - blessed by God

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning God's Gift

Many parents see children as a gift and blessing from God. Name your baby after this concept to convey how thrilled and grateful you are to be a parent.

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Gift From God

There is nothing you treasure more than this tiny, perfect gift from above. Give your daughter a name that means "gift."

  • Iva - gift from God
  • Ivana - gift from God
  • Ivy - God's gift
  • Jesse (unisex) - gift, one who is
  • Jane - gift from God
  • Janna - gift from God
  • Joan - gift from God
  • Joanne - gift from God
  • Johanna - God's gift
  • Matana - gift
  • Mathea - gift of God
  • Mehetabel - God's favor
  • Moriya - chosen by my God
  • Natanya - gift of God
  • Shaili - my gift
  • Zaneta - gift from God
  • Zevida - gift

Boy Names That Mean Gift of God in Hebrew

In all your remaining days, you will never receive a present as magical as he! These male names all mean "gift" in Hebrew.

Little boy wearing a yarmulke sits in highchair
  • Doron - gift, offering
  • Hananeel - God graciously gave
  • Ian - gift from God
  • Jaen - gift or grace of God
  • Jonathan - God has given
  • Lishai (unisex) - gift
  • Matai - gift of God
  • Mathian - gift of Yahweh
  • Matthew - gift of God
  • Matyiko - gift of Yahweh
  • Mihaly - gift from God
  • Nathaniel - gift from God
  • Natan - a giver, whom God gave
  • Osaze - favored by God
  • Shaaya - shortened form of Yeshayahu
  • Shaiel - combination of gift and Lord
  • Shane - gift from God

Baby Names in Hebrew That Mean Light

Names that mean 'light' or similar are often given to babies born around or during Hanukkah, which is the Festival of Lights in the Jewish calendar.

Female Hebrew Names Meaning Light

The world is brighter because she is here, so allow her name to complement her inner glow.

  • Eleora - my God is my light
  • Meir/Meira - illuminates, gives light
  • Neriah - light of God
  • Ora - light
  • Urit - fire, light
  • Uma - light, peace
  • Zara - light, dawn, princess
  • Zia - light or splendor

Hebrew Boy Names Meaning Light in Hebrew

He is destined to shine, hence a name meaning "light" is a perfect option for your son.

  • Baraq- flashes of lightning
  • Laban - white, shining
  • Uri - my light, my fire
  • Uriah - God is my light or my fire
  • Uriel - light of God
  • Ziv - light, brilliance, glow

Beautiful Hebrew Names for Boys and Girls

These names all have to do with something beautiful, pretty, or pleasant. Sometimes, the baby themselves is considered beautiful, and other times, the baby is named after a beautiful place, circumstance, or feeling.

Beautiful Female Names in Hebrew

There is no mistaking that she is the most magnificent thing this world has ever seen. Her name should help that beauty shine through.

  • Batchen - graceful or beautiful girl
  • Elinoam - pleasantness of my God
  • Naomi - pleasant one; above all, beauty
  • Nama - beautiful
  • Nava - pretty, beautiful
  • Naveh - beautiful, oasis
  • Rebecca - captivating
  • Shaine - beautiful
  • Taya - made in the beautiful land of Israel
  • Thirza - pleasant, delightful; acceptance
  • Yaffa - beautiful, pretty
  • Yakira - precious
  • Zipporah - beauty
  • Zerlinda - beautiful dawn

Beautiful Hebrew Boy Names

Give your baby boy a beautiful name to go with his beautiful spirit.

Happy smiling newborn baby in wrap
  • Aya (unisex) - beautiful land of Israel
  • Hayate - sudden, a perfect Hebrew name for a surprise baby!
  • Lichen - my beauty
  • Lihen - my beauty or grace
  • Linoam (unisex) - my God is pleasant
  • Orchen (unisex) - beauty and grace
  • Yinam (unisex) - it will be pleasant

Hebrew Baby Names That Mean Praise

When you find out you're pregnant, it is common to offer praise to God. These names fit the bill for anyone who wants to be reminded to be praiseful daily.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Praise

Bestow a beautiful name that means praise upon your baby girl so that you always remember to be thankful for her.

  • Hallel - praise
  • Ideh - praise
  • Judith - praised or young
  • Jutkah - He will be praised
  • Odelia - thanks be to God
  • Ydel - praise
  • Zamora - praised

Hebrew Boy Names That Mean Praise

His name will remind you to thank the heavens daily for your perfect little man.

  • Jude - the praised one
  • Judah - to thank; the praise of the lord
  • Mahalalel - praise of God
  • Odel - thanks to God
  • Udeh - praise

Exotic Hebrew Baby Names

Exotic names are perfect for out-of-the-box, creative thinking parents and their kids.

Exotic Hebrew Girl Names

These rare Hebrew names for girls are a little unique and a lot stunning!

  • Magena - a covering, protection
  • Malina - from the tower
  • Nisi - emblem, sign
  • Rayna - pure, clean
  • Sabra - thorny outside but soft inside; patience
  • Samara - under God's rule; protected by God
  • Serafine - burning fire, or angel
  • Shobi - glorious
  • Yesmina - strong right hand
  • Zilah - shadow, shaded place
  • Zisel - sweet

Exotic Hebrew Boy Names

Give your son an exotic Hebrew name that will help him stand out in a crowd.

Father holding newborn daughter
  • Lemuel - by God, or for God
  • Manasseh - cause to forget
  • Oran - pale
  • Raanan - fresh, luxuriant
  • Sachiel - water angel
  • Shelah (unisex) - petition, prayer
  • Sivan (unisex) - the ninth month (of the Jewish calendar)
  • Temani - of Teyman; southerner
  • Yadira - beloved friend
  • Yanai - whom God answers
  • Yaniv - he will speak; or will bear fruit
  • Yehudi - Jewish; a man from Judah
  • Zakai - innocent, or one who is pure

Musical Baby Names From Hebrew

If your family is inclined to be musical, one of these great monikers might be perfect for your new bundle of joy.

Female Hebrew Musical Names

There is no way she won't grow up with a song in her heart should you give her one of these lovely Hebrew names with musical roots.

  • Liron (unisex) - my song or my joy
  • Rani - sing or utter joyful sounds
  • Renana - singing, joyful sounds
  • Rinnah - joyous song
  • Roni - my song or my joy
  • Shira - song, poetry

Baby Boy Names Based on Music

If you hope your boy grows up to be musically gifted, give him a name that means exactly that!

  • Amiron - my nation sings
  • Eliron - God is my song
  • Jaron - singing, to cry out
  • Liran - he sang
  • Renin - to praise, chant, or sing
  • Shir - song
  • Yarin - he will sing joyfully
  • Yaron (unisex) - to shout and sing
  • Zemirah (unisex) - praised, song of joy
  • Zimra - praised, song of praise
  • Zimran - musician

Themes of Justice, Mercy, and Grace

The themes of justice, mercy, and grace run through Israelite history. Pay homage to your Hebrew heritage by giving your baby a gracious, merciful Hebrew name.

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Justice, Mercy, and Grace

These options highlight key virtues of the human experience and are lovely sounding to boot!

  • Adala - just or honest
  • Adley/Adlay (unisex) - judicious, just
  • Anke - grace
  • Annaliese - grace; devoted to God
  • Asenka - grace
  • Bethesda - merciful, or house of mercy
  • Chanah - grace or favor
  • Ellen - light, mercy
  • Hannah/Hana/Hanne - favor or grace
  • Nan - grace
  • Nancy - grace
  • Nanna - grace
  • Ona - graceful
  • Yachne - kind, gracious

Hebrew Baby Boy Names That Mean Justice, Mercy, and Grace

His name reflects honorable traits and qualities you hope he will grow to possess.

Newborn baby boy resting
  • Adiv - kind, gracious and polite
  • Amidan - my people are righteous and just
  • John - the grace or mercy of God
  • Justin/Justine - just, true
  • Rahamin - compassion, pity, mercy
  • Zane - God's grace; gift from God

Comforting and Peaceful Hebrew Baby Names

These baby names evoke thoughts of peace and comfort. In Biblical times, children were often named this way as God comforted the parents. These serene Hebrew names are sure to instill a sense of calm in your child.

Hebrew Baby Girl Names Meaning Comfort and Peace

Here's to hoping these names bring your daughter comfort when she needs it and peace when you do!

  • Adena- delicate, gentle
  • Mahalia - tenderness, barren
  • Saloma - tranquil, peaceful
  • Salome - peaceful, or perfect
  • Shulamith - peaceful

Male Hebrew Names Meaning Comfort and Peace

Perhaps one of these names will cast a spell of serenity over your baby?

  • Axel - peace of the father
  • Damaris - gentle
  • Mendel - comforter; wisdom or scholarly
  • Nachmanke - compassionate one, one who comforts
  • Nehemiah - comforts, or whom Jehovah comforts
  • Noah - peaceful, restful; comfort, console
  • Saloman - peaceful
  • Shalom - peace, wellbeing
  • Solomon - peaceful; one who recompenses

Dark Hebrew Names

These Hebrew names and meanings hint at darkness; however, they still are common names for Hebrew babies.

Dark Female Hebrew Names

While the meanings behind these monikers are anything but bubbly and light, the names themselves are beautiful Hebrew names.

  • Bethany - house of poverty
  • Delilah - delicate, weak
  • Dinah - judgment
  • Jezebel - follower of idols
  • Lilith - monster of the night
  • Miriam - rebellious, obstinate

Dark Hebrew Boy Names

These dark Hebrew names might have ominous meanings to them, but the names are lovely, nonetheless.

  • Amos - bearer of burden, troubled
  • Cain - acquire, possess; spear
  • Gershon - exiled, foreign
  • Gideon - feller or hewer; he that bruises or breaks
  • Ichabod - without glory
  • Jonah - dove, pigeon; he that oppresses
  • Kabos - swindler
  • Lot - covering, veil
  • Menassah - forgetful
  • Micah - humble, poor
  • Mordecai - contrition or bitter; warrior
  • Talman - to injure, or to oppress
  • Yakov - the supplanter; held by the heel
  • Yisrael - wrestles with God; God's prince

Hebrew Names That Mean Persecuted, Weary, and Bitter

These Hebrew names reflect less than desirable circumstances, but they roll off the tongue beautifully.

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Persecution, Weariness, and Bitterness

The meanings of these names might not be roses and sunshine, but the sound of them is quite the opposite.

  • Jobina - persecuted
  • Jacqueline - supplanter, or may God protect
  • Leah/Lia - weary; mistress, ruler
  • Leigh - weary
  • Marah - sorrowful, bitter
  • Mariasha - bitter, full of sorrow; perfect one
  • Maridel - bitter
  • Mariel - bitter
  • Marilyn - bitter
  • Marion - bitter; or wished for child
  • Mary - bitter, or wished for child
  • Minna - love; mother; bitterness

Hebrew Boy Names Meaning Persecution, Weariness, and Bitterness

These male names might have sad meanings, but they are stunning sound-wise.

  • Job - the persecuted; he that weeps
  • Jacob - supplanter; to follow; held by the heel
  • James - supplanter
  • Merari - bitter

Hebrew Baby Names for Leaders

There is no shortage of baby names suitable for the next generation of leaders. Whether you want a name meaning noble, wise, or mighty, these choices are perfect for your little one destined for great things.

Hebrew Girl Names for Leaders-In-Training

Someday she will grow to move mountains, so start her off right with a leadership-inspired name.

  • Adara - noble
  • Arashel - strong; protected hill
  • Ariel/Ariella - lion of god
  • Edria - mighty, powerful
  • Ethel - noble
  • Jada - knowing. wise
  • Malka - queen or king
  • Nediva - noble and generous
  • Sadie - princess
  • Sarai - princess, noble lady
  • Sydelle - princess

Hebrew Boy Names for Future Leaders

Are you raising a future leader? Perhaps you will should you name your baby one of these options.

Little boy learning the Aleph Bet
  • Ahmik - strength of God's flock
  • Armon - warrior
  • Enoch - dedicated, disciplined
  • Ezekiel - strength of God
  • Jared - one who rules
  • Jarlath - a tributary lord
  • Josiah - fire of the Lord
  • Nadav - generous, noble
  • Oz - valor, courage, strength
  • Sagiv - big, great, mighty,
  • Shem - renown, conspicuous position

Names That Have to Do With Adornment

These gorgeous names are fit for royalty. If you are raising a little prince or princess, consider one of these perfectly pretty Hebrew names that speak to jewels, adornment, and all that sparkles!

Pretty Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Adornment

These Hebrew female names sound as pretty as the meanings related to them.

  • Ada - ornament
  • Beryl (unisex) - dazzling jewel
  • Hali - ornament, jewel, necklace, sea
  • Leshem - precious stone
  • Pazia - pure gold, glimmers like gold
  • Penina - pearl, jewel
  • Sapphire - jewel, precious gem
  • Zahavah/Zehava - golden

Dazzling Boy Names Related to Adornment

He is your very own precious jewel, so give your son a name that dazzles just like him!

  • Addai - my ornament
  • Addo - happy; ornament
  • Adie - ornament
  • Ardon - bronze
  • Gabai - delight, adornment
  • Ravid - jewel, ornament
  • Timur - iron

Names That Mean Higher

If your little one is the apple of your eye and takes a prominent place in your family, consider a name that means exalted, high, or lifted up.

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning Higher

Which one of these Hebrew baby names ranks "high" on your list of options?

  • Aaliyah - exalted, to ascend
  • Jeremy - God will uplift
  • Madeline - from the high tower; one who is elevated
  • Magda - from the high tower; one who is elevated
  • Magdalene - from the tower; woman from Magdala

Baby Boy Names Meaning Higher

In your mind and heart, your son sits above all, and these names highlight that notion.

Jewish boy playing with dreidel at home
  • Aram - exalted
  • Aaron - high mountain, or exalted
  • Jael - mountain goat; or he that ascends
  • Joakim- may Jehovah exalt
  • Joram - supreme or high God or elevated
  • Ram - high, tall, exalted
  • Zion - Zion - highest point

Hebrew Names for Nature Lovers

Many baby names across countless cultures have to do with nature. If you love all things in the natural world, try one of these monikers for your future nature lover.

Hebrew Names for Baby Girls With Nature Meanings

Give your daughter a Hebrew name with a meaning rooted in nature.

  • Ahava - water; I shall subsist
  • Dayla - to draw water; branch or bough
  • Dena - valley; vindicated
  • Esther - star
  • Gali - wave, mound
  • Galya - hill of God
  • Geva - hill
  • Odera - plough
  • Sela - a rock
  • Sharon - fertile plain
  • Talia - dew of heaven
  • Tivona - lover of animals

Hebrew Names for Baby Boys With Nature Meanings

These Hebrew names for boys are earthy options for parents seeking something a bit "grounded."

  • Adam - man of earth; human (kind); created by God; red
  • Arnon - rejoicing
  • Dagan - earth, grain, or corn
  • Eben - stone
  • Efrain - fertile
  • Endorah - fountain
  • Ephraim - fruitful, fertile
  • Jordan - descended, down flowing
  • Nirel (unisex) - God's plowed field
  • Raviv - rain
  • Tivon - lover of nature

Baby Names for Animal Lovers

Plenty of darling Hebrew names are derived from animals. If you love your four-legged and feathered friends, your baby's name might just be in this list.

Hebrew Girl Names doe Animal Lovers

She is your little lamb, your tiny bird, or your sweet bunny. Animal names are always cute options for parents to consider.

  • Ayala - doe, female deer, gazelle
  • Daya - a bird of prey
  • Deborah - a bee
  • Kefira - lion cub
  • Tabitha - gazelle, graceful beauty
  • Yoninah - dove

Hebrew Boy Names for Animal Lovers

Hebrew boy names with animal meanings are excellent choices for parents expecting a cuddly bear or a little cub.

  • Caleb - dog, bold
  • Daba - kind words; swarm of bees
  • Dov - bear
  • Label - lion
  • Ophrah - fawn, gazelle
  • Rachel - ewe, female sheep, or purity
  • Seff - wolf
  • Zev - wolf

Botanical Baby Names in Hebrew

If you are a garden aficionado, why not name your little one after a flower, tree, or even something more exotic?

Botanical Baby Girl Names in Hebrew

There are so many beautiful Hebrew names that "stem" from flowers and trees.

  • Astera - flower
  • Atara - a crown or wreath
  • Ayla - oak tree
  • Carmel - a piece of vineyard, or garden
  • Carmen - field of fruit, song
  • Gania - God's garden
  • Hadara - glory; citrus fruits
  • Hadassa - myrtle
  • Ilana - tree
  • Kalanit - anemone, windflower
  • Kayla - crown or laurel
  • Kazia - plant with cinnamon
  • Ketzia - surface; cinnamon-like bark
  • Kezia - cassia, the spice
  • Lilah - lily
  • Netta - a seedling, plant, or shrub
  • Nira - plowed field
  • Nitza - flower bud or blossom
  • Shoshannah - lily or rose
  • Susan - graceful lily
  • Tamar/Tamara - palm tree, date
  • Varda - rose
  • Vered - rose

Botanical Baby Boy Names in Hebrew

These lovely plant-based boy names are awesome earthy options for plant-loving parents.

Sleepy baby yawning
  • Daliya (unisex) - a long branch
  • Ilan - tree
  • Kaniel - stalk, reed
  • Oren - pale; pine tree
  • Raizel - rose

Names That Have to Do With Family

It was common practice to name a child according to their familial relationships, and all of these names have the concept of mother, father, son, or daughter in them. Pay homage to your heritage with one of these unique monikers.

Female Names That Have to Do With Family

These family names are for females who will grow to hold strong familial ties.

  • Basha - daughter of God
  • Bathsheba - daughter of the oath; the seventh daughter
  • Thomasina - twin

Male Names That Have to Do With Family

Keep family at the center of all with one of these male Hebrew names.

  • Abbott - father
  • Ahab - father's brother
  • Barnabas - son of the prophet
  • Barnaby - son of prophecy
  • Bartholomew - son of a farmer; furrow, hill
  • Benjamin - son of the right hand
  • Benson - right-hand son
  • Reuben - behold, a son

Hebrew Names That Mean Life

These life-affirming names might be the perfect choice for your perfect little human.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Life

One look at her, and life takes on a totally different meaning. A Hebrew name meaning "life" only seems fitting.

  • Eva - life
  • Eve - life, the mother of all living; from the Hebrew, Chava
  • Evelina - life
  • Evelyn - life
  • Hava - to breathe or to live
  • Ledah - birth

Baby Boy Names Meaning Life

He is your life, gives you life, and will grow to live a wonderful life. Give him a name that represents all of this.

  • Abel - breath, vapor
  • Chayim- life
  • Etan - enduring, long-lived
  • Hiram - exaltation of life
  • Hyman - life

Biblical Hebrew Names and Meanings About God

Naming your baby after a characteristic of God is a great way to acknowledge your religious roots.

Hebrew Baby Names With Biblical Meanings for Girls

Give honor to a higher power by naming your daughter something in the Lord's honor.

  • Abijah - God is my father
  • Abira - my Father is lofty
  • Avia - God is my father
  • Daniela - God is my judge
  • Eliana - God has answered
  • Elisabeth - my God is my oath, or God is satisfaction
  • Elisha - God is my salvation
  • Elkana - God bought
  • Else - God is my oath; from Elisabeth and Elisheba
  • Fina - He shall add
  • Gabrielle - God is my strength
  • Galina - God shall redeem
  • Jaynie- Jehovah has been gracious
  • Jensine - God has blessed
  • Joelle - Jehovah is the Lord; he that wills or commands -
  • Josephine - (Jehovah) shall grow
  • Liza - oath of God, or God is satisfaction
  • Miykala - who is like God
  • Zuri - my rock

Hebrew Baby Boy Names With Biblical Meaning

Help him grow to live a faith-based life with one of these Hebrew names referencing God.

Father and newborn daughter
  • Abner - my Father is luminous
  • Acacio - the Lord holds
  • Adonai - my Lord
  • Anael - God answers
  • Daniel- he that judges, God is my judge
  • Eilis - God's oath; Jehovah is God
  • Elias - Jehovah is God
  • Elijah - my God is Jehovah
  • Elliott - Jehovah is God
  • Emmanuel - God is with us
  • Gabriel- God is my strength
  • Ilias - Jehovah is God
  • Isaiah - salvation of God
  • Jaden - Jehovah has heard
  • Joel- Jehovah is the Lord; he that wills or commands
  • Joseph- to add, or God will increase
  • Joshua - a savior or deliverer
  • Malachi - my messenger, my angel
  • Manuel - God is with us
  • Miykal - who is like God
  • Palti - God liberates
  • Samuel - God has heard; asked of God
  • Thaddeus - praise be to God
  • Tobias - God is good
  • Uzi - power of Jehovah
  • Yadon - God is my judge
  • Zachary - God has remembered
  • Zechariah - whom Jehovah remembers
  • Zedekiah - the Lord is righteous; justice of the Lord
  • Zuriel - God is my rock

Popular Hebrew Names for Boys and Girls

Try these options out if you're looking for a more mainstream Hebrew name.

Popular Female Hebrew Names

These baby girl names are quite popular, due to their lovely sound and meanings.

  • Abigail/Abi - my father's delight
  • Ayallah - deer
  • Gal - wave
  • Maya - water
  • Odeya - thanking God
  • Ruth - companion or friend

Popular Male Hebrew Names

Whether you want a strong or sentimental name for your boy, these options are popular with parents.

  • Aryeh - lion
  • Chen (unisex) - grace
  • Eitan - strong or enduring
  • Ezra - help, support
  • Itai - with me
  • Lavie (unisex) - lion
  • Levi - joined or attached
  • Noam (unisex) - tenderness
  • Omer - flourishing, long-living

Baby Girl Names That Have to Do With Serving or Helping

These helpful baby names make your little one stand out as someone who is kind, servant-like, and humble.

Hebrew Girl Names Signifying Servitude or Helpfulness

May she grow into a life of helping others with one of these beautiful Hebrew names.

  • Britt - the helpful one
  • Ezriela - God is my help
  • Lexine - helper, and defender of mankind

Hebrew Boy Names Signifying Servitude or Helpfulness

His name will encourage him to give himself to those in need. What parent wouldn't be proud of this trait!

  • Abdiel - servant of God
  • Azareel - God has helped
  • Ebenezer - foundation stone or rock of help
  • Eleazar - Go has helped
  • Ezer - help
  • Jesus - savior, deliverer; God will help
  • Lazarus - God will help
  • Obadiah - servant of God

Choosing a Hebrew Name for Your Baby

Selecting a name for your baby is one of the most magical and special joys in life. Whether you choose from family or cultural traditions, likes and interests, traits and characteristics, or otherwise, this list of names and their meanings can help you find a special name for your baby.

425+ Hebrew Names and Their Beautiful Meanings