100+ Beautiful Hawaiian Names for Your Bundle of Joy

Check out these captivating Hawaiian baby names and their meanings. They are perfect for your keiki kāne or kaikamahine!

Updated January 4, 2024
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Traditional Hawaiian names are unisex in nature, making gender-neutral titles the perfect choice for your little Keiki! A powerful aspect of these names is that Hawaiians highly value the meaning behind the name.

This means that parents who are looking to honor their Hawaiian roots might want to find a title that not only appeals to the ear but also to the heart and their family's specific story. You might also be looking for an island-inspired option with a strong meaning for your bundle of joy. Regardless, if you are looking for a beautiful Hawaiian name, we have plenty for you to discover! 

Traditional Hawaiian Name Customs

"In Hawaiian language tradition, words have power; a name was a person's most precious possession, a force unto itself." Names are often tied to important events, ancestral stories, and even special places in a couple's or family's life.

In other words, these meaningful monikers represent the person as well as the important aspects of their family tree. They also evolve over time and through certain circumstances. However, a person's initial Hawaiian name that is given at birth is typically chosen by following one of these six naming customs:

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  • inoa po - A name received by the new parents or a family member in a dream
  • inoa ho'ailona - A name received in a vision or mystical sign
  • inoa 'ulaleo - A name heard from a mystical voice
  • inoa ho'omanao - A name given to commemorate an event
  • inoa kupuna - A name handed down from an ancestor
  • inoa ewe - A name based on the baby's personality traits

For parents who are looking for some name inspiration, we have quite a collection of unisex Hawaiian names as well as Hawaiian baby names for boys and girls.  

Gender-Neutral Hawaiian Names Inspired by Nature

Hawaiian culture is closely tied to the land, the water, and the life that calls these environments their home. This makes Hawaiian names that are inspired by nature a refreshing choice for your little one. 

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  • Ahe - Soft breeze
  • A'ia'i - Bright like the moon
  • Hali - The sea
  • Hoku - Night of the full moon
  • Kai - Sea or ocean
  • Kaiea - Rising tide
  • Kaiko - Current of the ocean
  • Kaimana - The power of the ocean
  • Kainona - Sea with no restrictions
  • Kalei - Flower wreath
  • Kapueo - Owl
  • Kauai - Garden isle
  • Kawena - Rosy reflection in the sky
  • Kawai - Coming from water
  • Kealani - Clear sky
  • Keani - The breeze or wave
  • Keone - The sand or the homeland
  • Khalei - Floral wreath
  • Konane - Glow like moonlight
  • Ky - Ocean
  • Lihau - Gentle rain
  • Lono - God of agriculture and rainfall
  • Makani - The wind
  • Moani - Scent of the breeze
  • Nalu - Wave or surging surf
  • Nahele - Forest
  • Pika - Rock or stone
  • Pohaku - Stone or rock
  • Oke - Deer lover
  • Wanaao - Dawn
Fast Fact

The name Kawena was made famous by author and scholar Mary Abigail Kawena 'ulaokalaniohi'iakaikapoliopelekawahine'aihonua Pukui, who goes by Mary Kawena Pukui for short. Her full name means "the rosy glow in the sky made by Hi’iaka who was raised in the bosom of Pele, the earth-consuming woman."

Heavenly Hawaiian Baby Names for Your Little Angel

The word 'lani' means 'Heaven' in Hawaiian, meaning parents searching for a more religious moniker for their little one might look for Hawaiian names that incorporate this word into the title. Here are some heavenly gender-neutral names with Hawaiian roots to consider.

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  • Healani - Haze from the heavens
  • Iwalani - Heavenly seagull
  • Kahanuola - Breath of life
  • Kaimi - The seeker
  • Kalani - Royal ones or the heavens
  • Kaleolani - Heavenly sound
  • Kaniela - God is my judge
  • Kaʻuhane - The soul or spirit
  • Kauʻionālani - Heavenly beauty
  • Keahilani - Heavenly fire
  • Kealakekua - Pathway to God
  • Keikilani - Heaven's child
  • Kelani - Heavens
  • Kimokea - Honoring God
  • Koalani - Heavenly path
  • Kulani - Like heaven
  • Malulani - Under heaven's protection
  • Mana - Spiritual powers
  • Momilani - Pearl from heaven
  • Pomaikai - Blessed
  • Wailani - Heavenly water

Strong Hawaiian Baby Names for Your Cute Keiki

Strength, beauty, happiness, and purpose are just a few of the qualities that we all hope that our children possess. Since Hawaiians value the meaning of their children's names, these Hawaiian baby names are another spectacular choice. 

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  • Akela - Noble
  • Ali’ikai - King or queen of the sea
  • Alika - Most beautiful
  • Aloha - Love or compassion
  • Aulani - King's messenger
  • Aumoe - Midnight or time to sleep
  • Hanohano - Glorious
  • Hau'oli - Happiness
  • Huaka - Dazzling
  • Kahoku - Star
  • Kahoni - Kiss
  • Kalāhikiola - Life-giving sun
  • Kalākaua - Day of battle
  • Kanui - The great
  • Kealii - Chief
  • Kealoha - The loved one
  • Kealohapauʻole - Love never-ending
  • Keao - Light of day
  • Kellii - Chief
  • Kūlia - To strive
  • Lanakila - Victory
  • Loe - King
  • Makia - Purposeful or focused
  • Nani - Beautiful or splendor
  • Nohea - Beautiful or lovely
  • Pauahi - The last fire
  • Pōmaikaʻi - Good fortune
  • Pono - Righteous
Fast Fact

The most popular gender-neutral Hawaiian name for 2022 is Kai. It is listed as the third most popular name for boys in the state. 

Beautiful Hawaiian Names That Are Perfect for Your Little One

For many parents, the perfect Hawaiian baby name describes how they feel about their child or their hopes for their future. These are some charming Hawaiian name options for your sweet child.  

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  • Ahuahu - Healthy
  • Akamai - Smart or clever
  • Halia - Remembrance of a loved one or memorial
  • Hanalei - Crescent Bay
  • Hiapo - Firstborn
  • Ipo - Sweetheart
  • Kaipo - Sweetheart
  • Ka Hiwa - Favorite
  • Kahoni - The kiss
  • Kahula - Dancing
  • Kaleialoha - Beloved child
  • Kalua -  Second child
  • Kamea - Precious one or one and only
  • Kaulana - Famous
  • Kanoa - The free one
  • Keimoni - The ocean of uniqueness or knowledge 
  • Keone - The homeland
  • Kona - Leeward
  • Kuʻu Hoaloha ʻOi - Best friend
  • Ku`u Maka - The apple of my eye
  • Mahoe - Twin
  • Punahele - Favorite

Most Popular Hawaiian Names Specific for Boys & Girls

The most popular Hawaiian names in Hawaii are hard to beat! These are the monikers that ranked in the top 100 names for boys and girls as of this writing. Some are gender-specific and others are unisex, but all can be a beautiful epithet for your baby. We detail these Hawaiian names' meanings as well as their rank and the gender that uses them the most. 

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  • Ailani - Chief or spiritual food (Girls at #72)
  • Anela - Messenger or angel (Girls at #34)
  • Halia - Remembrance of a loved one (Girls at #48)
  • Kai - Sea or ocean (Boys at #3)
  • Kaia - Sea (Girls at #9)
  • Kailani - Sea and sky (Girls at #16)
  • Kaimana - The power of the ocean (Boys at #69)
  • Keanu - Cool breeze (Boys at #37)
  • Keilani - Glorious chief (Girls at #79)
  • Kiana - Heavenly or divine (Girls at #92)
  • Koa - Warrior (Boys at #70)
  • Leilani - Heavenly lei (Girls at #26)
  • Lilinoe - Goddess of mist (Girls at #68)
  • Malia - Calm and peaceful (Girls at #21) 
  • Noelani - Heavenly mist (Girls at #93)
Fast Fact

The number one girl's name in the United States and Hawaii is Olivia. The number one boy's name in Hawaii is Noah, followed by Liam. The popularity of these names is reversed for the U.S. as a whole. Note that neither of these titles has Hawaiian roots. This is likely because just over 20% of the state's population is native.

Hawaiian Baby Names Are a Beautiful Choice

Whether you're from Hawaii, looking to connect with your Hawaiian roots, or just love the sound of these beautiful names, there's a Hawaiian name that's perfect for your baby. From nature-inspired options to traditional names, discover the one that fits your little one. 

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100+ Beautiful Hawaiian Names for Your Bundle of Joy