158 Strong Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Little Island Guy

Hawaiian male names can be a distinct choice for your little dude! Discover names with powerful meanings perfect for your baby boy.

Published December 19, 2023
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For parents-to-be with a little warrior on the way, a Hawaiian boy name can be a strong choice for your little koa. Hawaiian names have meanings rooted in nature, historical events, and family. This makes these monikers very meaningful.

If you're hoping to find a name that will truly represent the values that you want your child to possess, we have quite the collection Hawaiian male names to search through! 

Cute Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Little Love

If you're on the hunt for a unique Hawaiian boy name, these are some short and sweet options to consider that have sensational meanings!

  • Aheahe - Gentle Breeze
  • Eneki - Avid or eager
  • Havika - Beloved
  • Kahale - Home
  • Kaholo - Nimble
  • Kahiau - Generous 
  • Kahinu - To anoint
  • Kala'i - The one who dreams of a perfect world
  • Kalino - The brilliant one
  • Kane - Golden or beautiful
  • Kapono - The good one
  • Kauno - Beautiful
  • Kayl - The one who is free
  • Keahi - Flames
  • Kepakiano - God's gift
  • Kilo - Daydreamer or star observer
  • Luano - Enjoyment
  • Maika'i - Good health
  • Mele - One who is happy
  • Nainoa - The namesakes
Need to Know

According to the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, Maunakea is a name rooted in creation stories. He was said to be the first mountain son of Wākea and Papa, the sky father and earth mother of Hawaii, aka the "progenitors of the Hawaiian race. Maunakea is symbolic of the piko (umbilical cord) of the island-child, Hawai'i, and that which connects the land to the heavens."

Powerful & Strong Masculine Hawaiian Names

Did you know that "Anthropologists agree that the ancient Hawaiian was one of the finest physical types in the Pacific, and compared very favorably with the best types from any other part of the world"? The Hawaiians are known for being a powerful people, which means that a name with a meaning rooted in strength is a fantastic choice!

  • Alaka'i - Guide or leader
  • Alani - Fragrant or orange
  • Alapai - Counselor
  • Alekanekeio - Defending man
  • Amosa - Strong
  • Ano - Awe or reverence
  • Haoa - Guardian
  • Haulani - Royal ruler
  • Ikaika - Strong or powerful
  • Ka'eo - Strong, zealous, and full of knowledge
  • Kālakaua - Day of battle
  • Kawikani - The strong one
  • Koi - To urge or implore
  • Lopaka - Shining fame
  • Makaha - Fierce or savage
  • Maka’ala -Watchful or alert
  • Malo - Winner
  • Mikala - One who is like God
  • Oke - Divine strength
  • Pakelika - Nobleman
Fast Fact

King David Kālakaua ruled Hawaii from 1874 to 1891. He was affectionately known as "the Merrie Monarch, so-called for his patronage of Hawaiian music, dance, and culture." 

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Warrior Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Noble Leader

Ancient Hawaii was known for its warriors, which means that you will have no issue finding a wide selection of masculine Hawaiian names that possess the qualities of these champions.

  • Ali'i - Noble
  • Alika - Noble or most beautiful
  • Aloiki - Renowned warrior
  • Kapena - Captain
  • Kaulana - Famous or renowned
  • Kekoa - Warrior or the brave one
  • Keli'i - Chief and noble man
  • Koa - Warrior
  • Koa ikaika - Strong warrior
  • Konala - World ruler
  • Kualii - Famous chief
  • Kupaa - Loyal and steadfast
  • Kupono - Good, honorable, or righteous
  • Lokela - Famous warrior
  • Makoa - Brave man
  • Nakoa - The warriors
  • Pakelika - Nobleman
  • Po'okela - Superior, outstanding, or best
  • Tamatoa - Warrior
  • Uleki - Wrathful
Fast Fact

The second most popular boy name in Hawaii with Hawaiian roots is Makoa! This ranks at number 31 on the most popular name list for Hawaii for 2022.

Unique Hawaiian Male Names With Special Meanings

Many Hawaiian names were chosen to honor a significant event or a mystical sign that came to the mother in a dream. This creates a colorful collection of Hawaiian boy names with unique meanings to consider for your little man.

  • Aka - Shadow
  • Alo - Presence or breath of life
  • Anakoni - Valuable
  • He pohaku - Stone
  • Iolani - Royal hawk
  • Iakopa - Supplanter
  • Kahakuokahale - Marked house of crying out
  • Kahikina - The arrival
  • Kaikeapona - Smooth skin
  • Kainoa - Strength of the sea
  • Kaleo - The voice
  • Kanoa - Free
  • Kaua - Sensitive
  • Kaui - The youthful one
  • Keoki - Earth worker
  • Keola - The life
  • Kukane - Man like
  • Maiele - Elioquent
  • Mauli - Black
  • Palani - Free man

Water-Inspired Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Little Surfer

Hawaii and water go hand in hand. This awe-inspiring archipelago is surrounded by ocean, so a Hawaiian boy name that relates to this powerful natural force is another great option.

  • Aukai - Seafarer or sailor
  • Kahawai - The river
  • Kaiholo - The moving sea
  • Kai-kainalu - Ocean that billows
  • Kaikane - Strong sea
  • Kaikoa - Sea warrior
  • Kaimana - Powerful sea
  • Kainalu - Ocean that billows or surf
  • Kanoe - Morning mountain mist
  • Keimoni - The ocean of uniqueness or knowledge
  • Koukakala - Dark river
  • Makai - Toward the sea
  • Mano - Shark
  • Moanalua - Large expanse of ocean
  • Moke - Drawn from the water
  • Neki - A rush growing beside water
  • Puna - A spring water
  • Punawai - Spring water or fountain
Fast Fact

Kai is the most popular baby boy name in Hawaii with Hawaiian roots. However, this is actually a gender-neutral title. It means "sea" and as you may have noticed from this list, it is a component of a lot of water-inspired boy names!

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Hawaiian Nature Names for Boys to Keep Them Grounded

Hawaiian culture is deeply tied in nature, which makes Hawaiian male names with this theme another spectacular choice. 

  • Ahe - Gentle breeze
  • Akuma - Red earth
  • Anuenue - Rainbow
  • Aouli - Blue sky
  • Hilo - First night after the new moon
  • Keanu - Cool breeze over the mountains
  • Liko - Leaf bud
  • Mahi'ai - Farmer
  • Makan - Wind
  • Makani - Wind
  • Manollo - Shark
  • Mamo - Saffron flower
  • Manu - Bird
  • Maunakea - White mountain
  • Oliwa - Olive tree
  • Pekelo - Stone or rock
  • Pika - Rock or stone
  • Pōhaku - Rock
  • Rangi - Sky
  • Uluwehi - Lush garden
Fast Fact

Award-winning actor Keanu Reeves not only holds a Hawaiian name, but he is also part Native Hawaiian on his father's side.

Heavenly Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Gift From Above

For the parents-to-be who have been praying for a family, a Hawaiian boy name that holds a religious meaning can be a virtuous choice for your little lad. These excellent epithets can be a great way to honor your beliefs and recognize the power or prayer. 

  • Akua - God
  • Apekalmoa - Father of peace
  • Eowyn - God's gracious gift
  • Haikili - Hawaiian God of thunder
  • Haulani - Heavenly ice
  • Hikialani - Look to heaven
  • Ionakana - Gift of God
  • Kalani - Of the heavens
  • Kamalani - Heavenly child or royal child
  • Kana - God is my judge
  • Kanaloa - Hawaiian God of the underworld meaning the hidden one
  • Kealamauloa - Eternal path
  • Kimokea - Honoring God
  • Ku - Hawaiian God of war meaning to stand
  • Lono - God of the fertility and agriculture
  • Māui - Trickster God
  • Pukalani - Heavenly gate
  • Tāne - God of the forests and birds
  • Tangaroa - God of the sea
  • Wakea - Sky father and the heavens
Fast Fact

Disney's Moana introduced many parents to the name Māui. He is a demigod who was gifted a magical fishing hook that allows him to shapeshift.

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Eponym Hawaiian Boy Names That Honor Friends & Family

Inoa kupuna is the practice of giving your child a name that honors his or her ancestors. "Because of the high value placed on intergenerational connections and honoring of ancestors, inoa kupuna (ancestral names) are commonplace throughout Hawai'i." These Hawaiian boy names can be a fantastic way of honoring relatives and friends in a very unique way. Choosing a form of the person's name can ensure that your son still has a one-of-a-kind title while still recognizing his heritage. 

The hope is to give the child a name to live up to, in turn, improving their overall well-being. If you are looking for meaningful monikers, these Hawaiian male names can be a good choice. 

  • Akamu - From the earth (form of Adam)
  • Analu - Manly, light, or bright (form of Andrew)
  • Ekewaka - Wealthy protector (form of Edward)
  • Ikaia - God delivers (form of Isaiah)
  • Iokepa - God will increase (form of Joseph)
  • Iolakana - One who descends (for of Jordan)
  • Kale - Man (form of Charles)
  • Kamuela - God has heard (form of Samuel)
  • Kawika - Beloved (form of David)
  • Keoni - God is gracious (form of John)
  • Kilika - Silk (form of Chris)
  • Kimo - Supplanter (form of James)
  • Lakona - Healer (form of Jason)
  • Likeke - Courageous ruler (form of Richard)
  • Makaio - Gift of Yahweh (form of Matthew)
  • Maleko - Male (form of Mark)
  • Nikolao - Victor of the people (form of Nicholas)
  • Palani - Free man (form of Frank)
  • Peni - Blessed (form of Ben)
  • Walaka - Ruler of the army (form of Walter)

Hawaiian Boy Names Are a Strong Name Choice

Hawaiian boy names can be a wonderful choice for your active and energetic little man. Not only do they have valuable meanings, but they are also one-of-a-kind options for families who do not live in the Aloha state. This can help your sweet baby will stand out amongst his peers and be a memorable person in everyone's lives. 

158 Strong Hawaiian Boy Names for Your Little Island Guy