175+ Sweet, Strong, & Super-Cool Boy Names That Start With S

Give your little fella a name that stands out with one of these S names for boys. Whether you want something cute or courageous, we've got you.

Updated June 6, 2024
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If you want a name that stands out for your sweet baby boy, then one of these boy names starting with S might be perfect for your little dude. From the most popular S names for baby boys to super unique boy names that start with S, there's sure to be an idea here that will be just right. 

10 Popular Boy Names That Start With S

As of 2024, these are the most popular S boy names in the United States. 

  1. Sebastian: Revered (Greek)
  2. Samuel: God has heard (Hebrew)
  3. Santiago: Saint James (Spanish)
  4. Silas: Forest (Latin)
  5. Sawyer: Woodcutter (English)
  6. Stetson: Fighter (English)
  7. Simon: Listen (Hebrew)
  8. Steven: Garland (Greek)
  9. Saint: Holy (Latin)
  10. Sonny: Son (Anglo-Saxon)

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Unique S Names for Baby Boys

We love a unique name that will perfectly suit your little guy while not being so off-the-wall that nobody can pronounce it. These are some of our favorites.

  • Safa: Serenity (Arabic)
  • Santino: Little Saint (Italian)
  • Seppi: Diminutive of Guiseppe (Italian)
  • Selah: Cliff (Hebrew)
  • Semaj: Follower of God's word (Hebrew)
  • Sequoia: Tree (Native American)
  • Serio: Serious (Portuguese)
  • Sevyn: Seven (Hebrew)
  • Shaan: Peaceful (Hebrew)
  • Shai: Gift (Hebrew)
  • Simcha: Joy (Hebrew)
  • Sincere: Sincere (American)
  • Siya: Immortal (Greek)
  • Spark: To scatter (Latin)
  • Sulaiman: Man of peace (English)
  • Swayze: From Switzerland (German)

Traditional Boy Names That Start With S

If you're more of a traditionalist and want your fella to kick it old school, then one of these names could be perfect. 

  • Salvador: Savior (Spanish)
  • Salvatore: Savior (Italian)
  • Sam: God has heard (Hebrew)
  • Saul: Inquired of God (Hebrew)
  • Scott: Person from Scotland (Scotland)
  • Seamus: One who supplants (Hebrew)
  • Sean: God is gracious (Irish)
  • Sebastian: Man from Sebastia (Latin)
  • Sebastien: Man from Sebastia (Latin)
  • Serge: Servant (English)
  • Sergio: Servant (Italian)
  • Seymour: Marshy land near the sea (English)
  • Shalom: Peace, harmony (Hebrew)
  • Shamar: Preserve (Hebrew)
  • Shamus: Supplanter (Irish)
  • Shane: God is gracious (Irish)
  • Shaun: God is gracious (Irish)
  • Shawn: God is gracious (Irish)
  • Sheldon: Town in the valley (English)
  • Sherman: Shearer of woolen garments (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Sherwin: Like a lion, eternal soul (Persian), (Iran)
  • Shimon: To hear (Hebrew)
  • Shlomo: Peaceable (Hebrew)
  • Shmuel: Name is God (Hebrew)
  • Sid: Wide meadow (English)
  • Sidney: Wide meadow (English)
  • Simon: Listen, hearing (Hebrew)
  • Spencer: Steward (English)
  • Stan: Stony field (English)
  • Stanley: Stone wood, clearing (English)
  • Stuart: Household, guardian (Scotland), (France)
  • Sullivan: Black, dark (Irish)
  • Sven: Youth (Swedish)
  • Sylvester: Wild, woodland (Latin)

Cute S Boy Names

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Who's cute? Your baby, that's who! We think every cute baby deserves an equally adorable name. And these names can grow with him, too. 

  • Sage: Herb, prophet (Latin)
  • Sammy: God has heard (Scandinavia)
  • Santi: Peace (Spanish)
  • Schuylar: Scholar (Dutch)
  • Scotty: From Scotland (Scotland)
  • Scottie: From Scotland (Scotland)
  • Scout: First explorer, to listen (French)
  • Seiji: Lawful (Japanese)
  • Shay: Hawk-like, gift (Irish)
  • Shea: Hawk-like, gift (Irish)
  • Shiloh: Peaceful one (Hebrew)
  • Shuji: Study (Japanese)
  • Siro: Graceful (Greek)
  • Skeet: Attendant, servant (Latin)
  • Skip: Sea captain (English)
  • Skipper: Sea captain (English)
  • Skylar: Scholar (English)
  • Skyler: Little warrior (German)
  • Smith: To smite (English)
  • Sterling: Little star (English)
  • Stevie: Diminutive of Steve (Greek)
  • Stryker: Tester (German)

Happy S Boy Names

Bestow a happy name on your baby boy, and perhaps he'll have a sunny disposition all his life. 

  • Saad: Felicity, prosperity (Arabic)
  • Sachie: Joy (Japanese)
  • Said: Happy, patient (Arabic)
  • Samir: Jovial (Arabic)
  • Samson: Sun (Hebrew)
  • Sayid: Happy, patient (Arabic)
  • Shae: Favorable (Gaelic)
  • Sherlock: Bright, fair-haired (English)
  • Shiv: Auspicious, gracious (Sanskrit)
  • Shone: Beautiful (German)
  • Siddharth: One who has achieved all wishes (Sanskrit)
  • Siraj: Light (Arabic)
  • Sol: Sun (Spanish)

Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With S

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Nobody's cooler than your baby, that's for sure. And we know your baby boy can totally rock these cool S names. 

  • Sabin: From the Sabines (Latin)
  • Sagan: Wise one (Slavic)
  • Saintis: All Saint's Day (Spain)
  • Salem: Peaceful, complete (Hebrew)
  • Salman: Safe (Arabic)
  • Samar: Reward, fruit (Arabic)
  • Santana: Follower of St Anna (Spanish)
  • Santos: Holy (Spanish)
  • Savion: Savior (Hebrew)
  • Sayer: Woodworker (Welsh)
  • Seven: Inner wisdom (English)
  • Shafiq: Compassionate (Arabic)
  • Shep: Diminutive of Shepard (English)
  • Shepard, Shepherd: Sheep herdsman or guardian (English)
  • Sirius: Glowing (Greek)
  • Sloan: Little raider (Irish)
  • Steele: Place where one has to climb (English)

Strong Baby Boy Names That Start With S

A strong name with a strong definition might be just the right choice for your son. 

  • Sacha: Defender, protector of mankind (Greek)
  • Sahil: Leader (Hindi)
  • Saif: Sword (Arabic)
  • Saleh: Pious, righteous (Arabic)
  • Samarth: Powerful (Hindi)
  • Sanders: Defender of people (Greek)
  • Sandro: Defender (Greek)
  • Sargent: To serve (English)
  • Sewell: Sea victory (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Shaurya: Bravery (Indian)
  • Shaq: Diminutive of Shaquille (Arabic)
  • Shaquille: Handsome (Arabic)
  • Shawnell: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  • Slater: Slate worker (English)
  • Sigmond: Victorious protector (German)
  • Simeon: God has heard (Greek)
  • Sire: Kingly, regal (English)
  • Stone: Dweller by the stone (English)
  • Soren: Strict, serious (Latin)
  • Stefan: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  • Stefano: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  • Stephan, Stephen, Stephon: Crown (Greek)
  • Steve: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  • Sultan: Sovereign, monarch (Arabic)
  • Syed: Noble one (Arabic)
  • Syrus: Throne (Persian)

Nature-Related Boy Names That Start With S

Honor nature by giving your kiddo a nature-inspired name. 

  • Sampson: Sun child (English)
  • Sanford: Sandy ford (English)
  • Seguaro: Cactus (English)
  • Sevan: Name of a lake (Armenian)
  • Shannon: Wise river (Irish)
  • Sherwood: Shire, bright wood (English), (Hebrew)
  • Sill: Wood (English)
  • Silos: Of the forest (Latin)
  • Sky: Cloud, scholar (Scandinavian), (Norse)
  • Slade: Valley, dale (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Sora: Shell (Japanese)
  • Steed: Stallion (English)
  • Sutton: South enclosure or settlement (English)
  • Sylas: Of the forest (Latin)

Reverent Boy Names That Start With S

If you're looking for a name with a sense of reverence, we think these S boy names are tops. In fact, we revere them!

  • Saadiq: True (Arabic)
  • Sabastian: Revered (Greek)
  • Saige: Wise (Latin)
  • Saleem: Safe, undamaged (Arabic)
  • Sami: Elevated (Arabic)
  • Sanjay: Triumphant (Sanskrit)
  • Selim: Undamaged (Arabic)
  • Seth: Anointed (Hebrew)
  • Shareef: Honored (Arabic)
  • Shia: Followers, sect (Arabic)
  • Sinclair: Taken from the hermit saint, renowned (French, English)
  • Solomon: Man of peace (Hebrew)
  • Stefon: Crowned (Polish)
  • Stellan: Peaceful one (Sweden)

Boy Names That Start With S and Their Meanings

Whether you just like the way it sounds or you fall in love with the meaning behind it, one of these S names can get your little guy off to a great start in life. 

175+ Sweet, Strong, & Super-Cool Boy Names That Start With S