160+ R Boy Names That Roll Right Off the Tongue

Whether you want a name that's cute, traditional, or unique, our list of R boy names with meanings can help you find the perfect name for your son.

Updated March 7, 2024
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We love a name that rolls right off your tongue, and nothing does that better than these R boy names and their meanings. Whether you're looking for something traditional, popular, or totally unique, one of these boy names that start with R could be perfect for your little man. 

10 Popular Baby Boy Names That Start With R

Names come in and out of fashion. But today more than ever, parents are looking for names for their baby boys that just feel right. If you're looking for a name that won't make waves but still feels contemporary, try one of these popular R boy names.

  • Ryan: Illustrious, little king (English)
  • Ryder: Rider of horses (English)
  • Rory: Red haired (Gaelic)
  • Rowan: Rowan tree (English)
  • Roman: Citizen of Roman Empire (Latin)
  • Riley: Valiant (Irish)
  • Reed, Reid: Nickname for ruddy complexed man (English)
  • Richard: Strong and brave leader (German)
  • Robert: Bright, shining (German)
  • Russell: Red-haired, little red one (French)

Unique R Names for Baby Boys

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You might prefer a unique R name for your baby boy. You can be certain your little man has a special name that he can easily grow into.

  • Ra: Sun (Arabic)
  • Radlee: Meadow (English)
  • Raeshon: Smart (American)
  • Raimy: Compassionate (American)
  • Rainer: Wise leader (Norse)
  • Raj: Ruler (Hindi)
  • Rami: Loving (Arabic)
  • Rangi: Sky (Maori)
  • Rayden: God spirit (Japanese)
  • Razi: Secret (American)
  • Reo: River (Spanish)
  • Revel: Rejoice (English)
  • Rey: Wise and courageous, King (French), (Spanish)
  • Reyansh: Ray of light (Hindi)
  • Rhine: Little king (Gaelic)
  • Riaan: Little king (Hindi)
  • Rian: Little king (Hindi)
  • Rockwell: From the rock well (English)
  • Rome: Named by Romulus (Latin)
  • Rook: Chariot (Persian)
  • Roux: Red (French)
  • Rowdy: Loud, boisterous, high spirited (English)
  • Rowen: Red haired (Irish)
  • Royal: Royal (English)
  • Ruger: Famous spearman, complainer (English), (German)
  • Ryatt: Rioter (English)
  • Ryden: Horseman (English)
  • Rafe: Wise wolf (Old Norse)

Traditional Boy Names That Start With R

If you love a baby name with a vintage feel, these baby boy R names have withstood the test of time.  

  • Rafael: God heals (Spanish)
  • Ralph: Counsel, wolf (Norse), (Scottish)
  • Ramon: Counsel protection (Spanish)
  • Ramsey: Wild garlic island (English)
  • Randall: Shield or rim wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Randy: Wolf (Netherlands)
  • Raphael: He has healed (Hebrew)
  • Ray: Regal, royal (English)
  • Raymond: Protector (French)
  • Raul: Wolf counsel (Spanish)
  • Rawli: Meadow (English)
  • Rayce: Counselor (American)
  • Remus: Twin (Latin)
  • Rene: Reborn (French)
  • Reuben, Ruben: Behold, a son (Hebrew)
  • Ricardo: Brave king, great leader (Portuguese), (Spanish)
  • Rich: Wealthy, powerful (French)
  • Ricky: Brave leader (English)
  • Rico: Home ruler (Spanish)
  • Roberto: Bright fame (Italian)
  • Robin: Fame bright (German)
  • Roderick: Glory, ruler (German)
  • Rodrigo: Famous ruler (German)
  • Rocky: Diminutive of Rocco, tough person (English)
  • Rodney: From island in swift river, Hroda's island (English), (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Rodolfo: Rudolph, wolf (Spanish)
  • Rogelio: Variant for Roger (Spanish)
  • Roger: Fame, honor, spear or lance (French), (German)
  • Roland: Fame of the land (English)
  • Rolando: Famous through the land (Spanish)
  • Romeo: From Rome (Latin)
  • Romulus: Citizen of Rom (Latin)
  • Ronald: Advice, decision, ruler (Norse)
  • Ronaldo: Advice, ruler (Spanish)
  • Ronnie: Advice of ruler, power of gods (Norse)
  • Ross: Promontory or headland, steed, horse (Gaelic), (German)
  • Roy: King, red (French), (Scottish)
  • Rudy: Wolf (German)
  • Rusty: Red-haired (English)

Cute R Boy Names

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An adorable boy needs an equally adorable name that will still grow up with them. We love the sound and meanings of these cute R boy names. 

  • Rebel: Rebel (English)
  • Racer: Racer (English)
  • Rafa: God has healed (Spanish)
  • Rafferty: Abundance (Irish)
  • Raffi: Prosperous (Irish)
  • Rafa: Prosperous (Hebrew)
  • Rai: Trust (Japanese) 
  • Raka: Moon (Sanskrit)
  • Rasmus: Desired (Finnish)
  • Ravi: Communication (Hindi)
  • Ravyen: Raven (English)
  • Raz: God's secret (Hebrew)
  • Rego: Channel (Portuguese)
  • Rei: Companion (Hebrew)
  • Remo: Italian version of Remus (Italian)
  • Ren: Lotus (Japanese)
  • Renji: New love (Japanese)
  • Renzo: Wise (Spanish)
  • Riah: God has remembered (Hebrew)
  • Rigby: Ridge (English)
  • Rio: River (Spanish)
  • Rishi: Sage (Sanskrit)
  • Rogan: Red-headed (Gaelic)
  • Rohan: Red haired (Scottish)
  • Ronan, Ronin: Little seal (Irish)
  • Roscoe: Forest (Norse)
  • Rugby: Raven's estate (English)
  • Ruff: Red-haired (Latin)
  • Rui: Ruler (Portuguese)
  • Rumi: Flow (Japanese)
  • Rune: Secret (German)
  • Ry: Little king (Gaelic)
  • Rye: Messenger (British)
  • Rygby: Valley of the ruler (English)
  • Rylan, Rylen, Ryland: Meadow (English)
  • Rylee: Brave (Irish)
  • Ryo: River (Spanish)

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Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With R

What makes a name cool? Maybe it's the meaning or just the way it sounds. But we think these R boy names are super cool. 

  • Raiden: God spirit (Japanese)
  • Rafal: Healed by God (Hebrew)
  • Raif: Compassionate (Arabic)
  • Ralston: Wise counsel (English)
  • Ram: Diety (Hindi)
  • Ramses: Son of Ra (Egyptian)
  • Rand: Wolf (English)
  • Ransom: Deliver, rescue (English)
  • Rashawn: Newly created (American)
  • Rasheed: Advisor (Swahili)
  • Raylan: Wise counsel (French)
  • Reagan: Sovereign king (Gaelic)
  • Reef: Geological feature (English)
  • Reginald: Advisor, counselor, ruler (German)
  • Reign: Rule, sovereign (English)
  • Remi: Remedy, oarsman, nickname for Remigius (French), (Latin)
  • Remington: Raven, settlement (English)
  • Remy: Remedy (French)
  • Renato: Reborn (Latin)
  • Reon: Conversation (Maori)
  • Rex: King (Latin)
  • Rhett: Advice (Dutch)
  • Rhodes: Rose garden (Greek)
  • Rhys: Passionate (Welsh)
  • Rhythm: Rhythm (English)
  • Rico: Noble (Spanish)
  • Ridge: Lives on ridge (English)
  • Riggs: Lives on ridge (Scottish)
  • Ringo: Ring, bell ringer (English)
  • River: Water flows to sea (English)
  • Roan: Red, little redhead (Gaelic)
  • Roth: Red-haired (German)
  • Royal: King (French)
  • Royce: Son of king (English)
  • Rutger: Famous spearman (German)

Strong Baby Boy Names That Begin With R

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Give your baby boy a name with a strong and powerful meaning with these names that mean strength and power. 

  • Radek: Powerful (Slavic)
  • Radko: Powerful Leader (Czech)
  • Rami: Protector (Sanskrit)
  • Ranger: Guardian of the forest (French)
  • Reece, Reese: Passionate, ardent (Welsh)
  • Reino: Power (Finnish)
  • Reko: Watchman (Swedish)
  • Riker: Powerful (German)
  • Roald: Power (Teutonic)
  • Roark: Mighty (Irish)
  • Rocco: Tough (Italian)
  • Rogue: Rogue (American)
  • Rudra: Mightiest of mighty, terror, deity of storm/wind (Sanskrit)
  • Ruslan: Lion (Slavic)
  • Ryker: Strong power, rich (Danish)
  • Ryu: Dragon (Japanese)

Find the Right R Name for Your Baby Boy

Your little man needs the perfect name... one that suits him to a T (or to an R, as the case may be). From rugged to regal and everything in between, we know you'll find a name that suits your kiddo perfectly.

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160+ R Boy Names That Roll Right Off the Tongue