151 British Boy Names for Your Boisterous Little Man

Check out this superb list of British names for boys! These ideas range from modern, popular names to historic and famous ones to give you plenty of options.

Published October 20, 2023
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British boy names are timeless choices that have remained popular for centuries. What this means is that if you choose one of these ever-trending titles for your little guy, you are likely naming him after an array of extraordinary people!

But we also have some more bodacious monikers for the moms and dads who hope to find a more rare name for their main man. No matter what kind of option you are looking for, we have an extensive list of all kinds of British baby boy names to consider.

Unique British Boy Names

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Michael, Alex, and Sam are staples in almost every classroom across America. For parents who want to honor their English heritage, but also give their son a one-of-a-kind epithet, then consider one of these unique British names for boys.

  1. Alistair - Defender of the people (Scottish)
  2. Arlo - Fortified hill (Old English)
  3. Barnaby - Son of prophecy or son of encouragement (Aramaic)
  4. Cedric - Bounty or generosity (Old English)
  5. Dart - Oak (British)
  6. Dashiell - From the chariot or messenger (French)
  7. Euan - God is gracious (Scottish and Gaelic)
  8. Finlay - Fair-haired hero or blond warrior (Scottish)
  9. Gideon - Mighty warrior or feller of trees (Hebrew)
  10. Godric - God ruler (British)
  11. Hamish - Supplanter or he who replaces (Scottish and Gaelic)
  12. Idris - Ardent lord or interpreter (Welsh and Arabic)
  13. Jago - Supplanter or holder of the heel (Cornish)
  14. Kelwin - Friend of ships (Celtic)
  15. Lysander - Liberator of man or freer of mankind (Greek)
  16. Magnus - Great or large (Latin) 
  17. Niall - Champion or cloud (Irish and Scottish)
  18. Octavius - Eighth or eighth-born (Latin)
  19. Peregrine - Traveler or pilgrim (Latin)
  20. Quinlan - Graceful or well-shaped (Irish)
  21. Ronan - Little seal or seal-like (Irish)
  22. Stellan - Calm or peaceful (Swedish)
  23. Thaddeus - Courageous heart or gift of God (Aramaic)
  24. Ulysses - Wrathful or hateful (Greek)
  25. Valerian - Strong or healthy (Latin)
  26. Wilbur - Wild boar or bright and well (Old English)
  27. Xander - Defender of the people (Greek)
  28. Yannick - God is gracious (French)
  29. Zephyr - West wind or gentle breeze (Greek)
Fast Fact

While uncommon compared to other titles, Hamish has gained popularity in recent years. It is a variant of the Irish epithet Séamus. There are actually a handful of Hollywood actors that have this name, including Hamish Linklater.

Traditional British Names for Boys

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Who can resist a classic? These common epithets are always top contenders for parents because they are solid British boy names with interesting meanings.

  1. Albie - White (Latin)
  2. Albert - Noble or bright (German)
  3. Alfie - Elf, wise, or counselor (Old English)
  4. Archer - Bowman (Latin)
  5. Basil - Royal or kingly (Greek)
  6. Bernard - Brave bear or strong as a bear (German)
  7. Booker - Scribe (English)
  8. Carver - Carver of wood (Old English)
  9. Finley - Fair-haired or white (Scottish and Irish)
  10. Hunter - Search (Old English)
  11. Jack - God is gracious (British)
  12. Lawrence - Laurel-crowned (Latin)
  13. Ledger - Spear tribe (English)
  14. Luca - Bringer of light (Latin)
  15. Lucas - Bringer of light (Latin)
  16. Nicholas - Victory of the people or people's triumph (Greek)
  17. Pace - Born at Easter (English and Hebrew)
  18. Pierce - Rock (English)
  19. Preacher - Preacher (English and French)
  20. Reed - Red-haired (Old English)
  21. Simon - He has heard or the listener (Hebrew)
  22. Tailor - Cutter of cloth (English and Irish)
  23. Theo - God's gift (Greek)
Fast Fact

Traditional English and Scottish surnames were originally based on a person's trade or occupation. For instance, a man named John Preacher likely worked in the clergy and John Tailor was someone who made clothing. Fast forward a couple hundred years, and these occupational surnames were upgraded to given names, which is why so many English names are word names.

Popular British Baby Boy Names

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Every year, the Office of National Statistics puts out the top baby names. America and Britain share an affinity for names like Noah, Oliver, and Henry, but otherwise, the names vary drastically. This means that American parents can find a lot of fantastic options on British boy name lists!

  1. Andrew - Manly or warrior (Greek)
  2. Archie - Bold and brave (German) 
  3. Arthur - Bear (Celtic) 
  4. Blake - Dark, black, fair-haired (Old English)
  5. Benjamin - Son of the right hand or favorite son (Hebrew)
  6. Brody - Ditch (Irish)
  7. Christopher - Christ-bearer or follower of Christ (Greek)
  8. Daniel - God is my judge (Hebrew)
  9. Edward - Wealthy guardian or prosperous protector (Old English)
  10. Elis - My God is Yahweh (Hebrew and English)
  11. Henry - Ruler of the household or home ruler (German)
  12. Jacob - Supplanter or holder of the heel (Hebrew)
  13. Joseph - God will increase or he will add (Hebrew)
  14. Kai - Keeper of the keys or sea (Welsh or Hawaiian)
  15. Leo - Lion (Latin)
  16. Liam - Strong-willed warrior (Irish)
  17. Matthew - Gift of God (Hebrew)
  18. Muhammad - Praised (Arabic)
  19. Nathan - He gave (Hebrew)
  20. Noah - Rest and motion (Hebrew)
  21. Oliver - Olive tree or peaceful (French)
  22. Osian - Little deer (Irish and Celtic)
  23. Peter - Rock or stone (Greek)
  24. Robert - Bright fame or famous in counsel (German)
  25. Rupert - Bright fame (German)
  26. Samuel - Heard by God or asked of God (Hebrew)
  27. Tobias - God is good (Hebrew and Greek)
Fast Fact

The most popular British boy names for 2021 are Noah, Oliver, George, Arthur, and Muhammad, respectively.

Classic British Boy Names

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Don't worry! We have even more classic British boy names to browse. You have likely heard of a handful of these titles, but others may surprise and delight you.

  1. Barney - Strong as a bear (British)
  2. Clifford - Ford by a cliff or ford by a slope (British)
  3. Douglas - Dark river or stream (Gaelic)
  4. Doyle - Dark stranger (Irish)
  5. Dylan - Son of the sea (Welsh)
  6. Edgar - Wealthy spear (Old English)
  7. Edwin - Wealthy friend (British)
  8. Fuller - Fuller of cloth (middle English)
  9. Fulton - Town near the field (Old English)
  10. Gordon - Fort (Scottish)
  11. Hamilton - Flat-topped hill (Old English)
  12. Harrison - Son of Harry (British)
  13. Hudson - Son of Hud (English)
  14. Jaxon - Son of Jack (British)
  15. Kent - Edge (Celtic and English)
  16. Kimberly - From the meadow of the royal fortress (Old English)
  17. Kinsey - King's victory (British)
  18. Landon - Long hill (British)
  19. Lawson - Son of Lawrence (Scottish and British)
  20. Miller - One who grinds grain (British)
  21. Norman - Man from the north (British)
  22. Palmer - Pilgrim or palm bearer (English)
  23. Payton - Noble (Irish and Latin)
  24. Preston - Priest's town (British)
  25. Tanner - Leather worker (English)
  26. Thatcher - Roof thatcher (British)
  27. Thomas - Twin (Aramaic)
  28. Trent - The flooder (English)
  29. Truman - Loyal one (Old English)
Fast Fact

According to the Office of National Statistics, "mothers aged over 35 years continued to be more likely to have babies with more traditional names such as Thomas, while younger mothers' babies were more likely to have shortened versions, such as Tommy."

Cool British Baby Boy Names

There is something about the Brits. Maybe it is their accent or their debonair demeanor. Either way, they are downright cool people. If you want a name to match your little man's charm, then consider one of these brilliant British names for boys!

  1. Cooper - Barrel maker (English)
  2. Dean - Valley (Old English)
  3. Duncan - Dark-skinned warrior (Scottish)
  4. Ford - River crossing (Old English)
  5. Holden - Valley (Old English)
  6. James - Supplanter (Hebrew) 
  7. Knox - Round hill (Scottish and Gaelic)
  8. Lincoln - Lake or pool colony (English)
  9. Mace - Heavy staff or club (British)
  10. Nash - By the ash tree (English)
  11. Oakley - Meadow of oak trees (British)
  12. Parker - Park keeper (British)
  13. Raleigh - Deer's meadow (British)
  14. Redford - Red ford (British)
  15. Reginald - Mighty counselor (English)
  16. Remington - From the raven's home (Old English)
  17. Rider - Horseman (Old English)
  18. Slade - Valley (British)
  19. Tripp - Traveler (Old English)
  20. Tye - Pasture (English)
  21. Wesley - Western meadow (British)
  22. Whit - Pale or white (British)
  23. Wyatt  - Strong or brave in war (Old English)
Fast Fact

The quintessential cool British boy name is James. What little guy doesn't want to be like James Bond? Agent 007 is the ultimate bad boy. He is handsome, cunning, smart, and downright dashing. James has been a very popular name in England and Wales for over the past two decades.

Bold Names Inspired by Famous British Men

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Britain has produced an impressive number of scientists, authors, actors, and musicians who have changed the world for the better. If you are looking for more British baby boy names, get inspired by these change makers in history!

  1. Alexander - Defender of the people (Greek). Alexander Graham Bell was the Scottish-born American inventor who created the telephone. 
  2. Benedict - Blessed (Latin). Benedict Cumberbatch is a face that can be found on stage and on both big and small screens. Most recently, he has played the role of Dr. Strange in a string of Marvel movies.
  3. Charles - Freeman or strong (German). Charles Darwin was a naturalist and geologist who changed the way we look at the natural world thanks to his theory of evolution. 
  4. David - Beloved or friend (Hebrew). David Beckham is one of the most famous soccer players in history. 
  5. Elton - From Ella's town (British). Sir Elton John is a music legend who "has sold more than 100,000,000 records. He has also been awarded 23 gold albums and 13 gold single records."
  6. Freddie - Peaceful ruler or prince of peace (German). Freddie Mercury was the powerhouse lead vocalist and pianist of the rock band Queen. His songs remain popular to this day.
  7. Geoffrey - Divine peace (German). Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest English poets of all time. His most recognizable work is The Canterbury Tales.
  8. George - Farmer or earth worker (Greek). George Orwell is a British novelist famous for the works Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  9. Harry - Army ruler (German). Harry Potter is the fictional protagonist in J.K. Rowling's popular book and movie series, Harry Potter
  10. Ian - God is gracious (Scottish and Gaelic). Ian McKellen is another famous face on the big screen best known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings and X-Men.
  11. Isaac - He will laugh or laughter (Hebrew). Issac Newton is the renowned physicist and mathematician who discovered calculus, invented the telescope, and developed the theories of gravitation.
  12. John - God is gracious (Hebrew). John Lennon is another British music icon. He was a singer-songwriter and guitarist for The Beatles.
  13. Kenneth - Handsome or born of fire (Scottish). Kenneth Branagh is a British actor best known for his roles in Wild Wild West, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Murder on the Orient Express.
  14. Lewis - Renowned warrior (German). Lewis Carroll is the English novelist best known for his children's books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
  15. Michael - Who is like God (Hebrew). Michael Faraday was a British scientist who is recognized for his groundbreaking work in electricity.
  16. Oscar - Deer lover or champion warrior (Irish and Gaelic). Oscar Wilde is another famous author best known for The Importance of Being Earnest.
  17. Paul - Small or humble (Latin). Paul McCartney was another one of the iconic voices in the band The Beatles. He and John Lennon were the lead vocalists, but McCartney went on to find the most solo success after the band broke up. 
  18. Richard - Brave ruler or strong ruler (German). While you may not recognize Richard Attenborough's name, his face will certainly bring back memories. He played John Hammond in the ever-popular Jurassic Park and Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street.
  19. Stephen - Crown or garland (Greek). Stephen Hawking is a name most people recognize. He was a brilliant scientist known for his work in theoretical physics. 
  20. William - Resolute protector or strong-willed warrior (German). William Shakespeare is the playwright responsible for Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and Much Ado About Nothing, to name a few works. Many of Shakespeare's quotes are used to this day because he was a whiz with words.

British Names for Boys Will Never Go Out of Style

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British names for boys are classic choices, but the United Kingdom is also home to Welsh, Irish, Celtic, and Scottish people, so don't forget to browse boy names with those roots as well! No matter which of these nationalities you choose, you are sure to find a name that you will love. 

151 British Boy Names for Your Boisterous Little Man